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Daniel Rowles Google Analytics Webinar for the Chartered Institute of marketing

Daniel Rowles Google Analytics Webinar for the Chartered Institute of marketing

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  • Lots of packages available. Here are some of the most popular.Examples in this section based on Google Analytics but the same features will be available in most packages.Logfile analysis allows interpretation of historical data but can be less accurate due to caching.Tagging relies on Javascript which isn’t supported by all browsers but allows for more detailed reporting from the users browser i.e. location, screen size etc.
  • On a basic level analytics are used to answer 4 main questions about visitors (traffic) to a website, which are…
  • High bounce rate shows an advertising campaign is providing poor quality trafficAlso used to measure landing page efficiency- if advertisers complain of high bounce rates first tell them to adjust their landing pages.
  • Can be a good or bad stat depending on goal of siteOften a long time on site indicates an interested visitor and high chance of conversionCan also mean they’re getting lost and can’t convert- may need clearer calls to actionLonger time on site reduces chance of impulse purchase


  • 1. Google Analytics Webinar Daniel Rowles
  • 2. Presentation title #practicalinsights Who Am I? • Daniel Rowles • CIM Course Director • 15 Years experience in digital marketing – Both client and agency side – Mercedes, British Council, Sony, L’Oreal, Dupont, Aviva, John Lewis, Vodafone, Warner Bros, O2, Samsung • @danielrowles • #practicalinsights
  • 3. Presentation title #practicalinsights • Analytics in Perspective • Actionable Insights • Core Reports • The Importance of Goals • Step by Step Analytics Plan What I’ll Cover
  • 4. Presentation title #practicalinsights Conversion Marketing in PerspectiveAcquisition SEO PPC Social Media Display Conversion Analytics Usability Retention Email Blogs Podcasts Twitter Content
  • 5. Presentation title #practicalinsights The Path to ROI Custom Dashboard SEO Email Display CRMPPC Social Media Affiliates
  • 6. Presentation title #practicalinsights Actionable Data
  • 7. Presentation title #practicalinsights Analytics packages • Key approach to analytics – Page tagging. • Common features and terminology shared by most web analytics packages. • Focus today on Google Analytics.
  • 8. Presentation title #practicalinsights Page Tagging
  • 9. Presentation title #practicalinsights Dashboard
  • 10. Presentation title #practicalinsights Google Analytics • Its free! Why is it free? • No account management. • No Service Level Agreements • 25 month data storage • Analytics Premium
  • 11. Presentation title #practicalinsights Key Measurements • Audience. – Visitors, unique visitors, page views, devices • Traffic Sources. – Search engine, email campaign, direct. • Content – Pages, page flow, speed, in- page, experiments. • Goal conversion of traffic. – Sales, enquiries, advert clicks, sign-ups.
  • 12. Presentation title #practicalinsights Visitor Flow
  • 13. Presentation title #practicalinsights Improving Visitor Flow
  • 14. Presentation title #practicalinsights Mobile Visitors
  • 15. Presentation title #practicalinsights Search Traffic
  • 16. Presentation title #practicalinsights Social Traffic
  • 17. Presentation title #practicalinsights In-Page Analytics
  • 18. Presentation title #practicalinsights Bounce rate • Bounce = visitors who enter and exit site on same page. • Example: Visitor clicks on banner advert Visitor enters on landing page Visitor leaves site without visiting another page
  • 19. Presentation title #practicalinsights Time on site • Long time spent on site/ high average page views per visitor. • Positive? – Engaging content. – Interested visitor. • Negative? – Difficult to navigate. – Unclear conversion path.
  • 20. Presentation title #practicalinsights
  • 21. Presentation title #practicalinsights
  • 22. Presentation title #practicalinsights Setting goals
  • 23. Presentation title #practicalinsights Content Experiments Conversion A B
  • 24. Presentation title #practicalinsights The Dangers of Last Click Email Search Conversion Search Conversion
  • 25. Presentation title #practicalinsights Multi-Channel Funnels
  • 26. Presentation title #practicalinsights Rule for Magnificent Web Success • For every $10 spent on analytics data. • Spend $90 on people to tell you what it means. Avinash Kaushik - Google
  • 27. Presentation title #practicalinsights Great Analytics Resources •
  • 28. Presentation title #practicalinsights Great Analytics Resources •
  • 29. Presentation title #practicalinsights Conclusions • Identify clear objectives • Align measurement with objectives • Set analytics goals • Understand user journey • Interpret, Plan, Implement, Test
  • 30. Presentation title #practicalinsights Questions: • @DanielRowles • • The recording of this Practical Insights webinar will be available on Marketing Expert within the next 48 hours. To access Marketing Expert visit the CIM website Log-in and click on Resources/Marketing Expert. The Practical insights button will be displayed on the right hand side of the Marketing expert homepage.