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The hidden power of Social Media -- A presentation for Design Professionals
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The hidden power of Social Media -- A presentation for Design Professionals


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A presentation for a networking event hosted by Kitchen Views and New England Homes Magazine. …

A presentation for a networking event hosted by Kitchen Views and New England Homes Magazine.

Introduction -- 00:46
Part 1: A look at changes on the Web -- 3:33
Part 2: How social media effects your marketing -- 12:25
Part 3: Using the Social Web to build your voice -- 19:42
Part 4: Today's web marketing for a design professional -- 22:04
Part 5: A case study of Social Media Marketing by a design professional -- 24:59
Part 6: Easy steps to get started -- 32:54
Conclusion: -- 43:00

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Presentation at Networking Event
  • 2. Dan McCarthy Chairman/CEO Network Communications, Inc. THE HIDDEN POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA
  • 3. First, a look at some changes on the Internet
  • 4. Almost everything on the web starts with Google.
  • 5. The most influential factor in how Google presents search results is something called “PageRank.” “Pages”…not “People”
  • 6. o Blogs What is Social Media? o Social networks o Video sharing o Photo sharing o Consumer reviews o Micro-blogging o SMS platform
  • 7. Social Media is a series of conversations & connections between people who share interests or experience. In April, the top social media sites had more than 235 million users. MySpace FaceBook Blogger Wordpress Twitter
  • 8. Facebook is the third most trafficked site on the Internet, with 104M visitors in April, up 133% since October 2008.
  • 9. The shift in the web changes how to think about marketing
  • 10. Your traditional marketing toolkit: Things that pull • Print advertising • Direct mail • Web site • Search marketing • E-mail • Events Cost Things that push • Marketing materials • Networking events • Referrals • Local organizations • Chamber of Reach Commerce • Associations
  • 11. Contribute Network Participate Social media supplements your pull marketing – your advertising – and turbo-charges your word of mouth. It takes Internet marketing from Passive to Active at minimal cost.
  • 12. You are successful in social media marketing just by being yourself, consistently & authentically.
  • 13. Can I really be me?
  • 15. When people search on the web for you…
  • 16. Using Social Media Marketing to Build A Large Platform that Presents Your Image AND Voice
  • 17. You need very few tools.
  • 18. Step 1: Set up a blog
  • 19. What do you put on your blog? Whatever is of interest to you will be of interest to people who are interested in you. • What have you seen? • What do you like? • Who have you met? • What have you done? • What do you think?
  • 20. Step 2: Create your social identities Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
  • 21. Things to do to get started • Build your network • Get involved in the conversation • Contribute • Comment • Participate
  • 22. Join groups
  • 23. Become a fan More than 165,000 members identify themselves as interested in design
  • 24. Make a Fan Page for your business Click on “Create a page for my business”
  • 25. Play around on Twitter: Interact with peers Find design discussions Connect with design enthusiasts
  • 26. Directory of members organized by interest 1000+ interior designers
  • 27. Integrate your social • Add “Connect with us on…” to your print advertising identities into all your marketing • Include your social identity links on your direct mail and sales collateral • Add your social identity links to your e- mail signature • Cross-promote each social identity on individual sites Set a realistic content • Plan your content • How many times are you schedule comfortable updating? • Decide how long each update should be • Find things to share with others • Interesting objects • Projects • Web links
  • 28. Have fun… Connect & engage Be interested & interesting Share your expertise Leverage your network
  • 29. To get all the links in this presentation chen-views/ To contact me To contact New England Kyle Hoepner Home 617-938-3991 x710 Betsy Abeles Kravitz 617-938-3991 x704
  • 30. Thank you!