Music video analysis of alt j breezeblocks


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Music video analysis of alt j breezeblocks

  1. 1. Music Video Analysis of Alt-J Breezeblocks Daniel Rayson
  2. 2. Scene 1 (bathroom) This shot is a mid of one of the main characters in the storyline of this music video, showing her obviously dead submerged in water.The next shot in this scene is a closeup of the other counter part maincharacter in the music video showinghim portraying emotion.
  3. 3. Here an extreme close up is used showing the man has a wedding ring on his finger which is a significant point in pushing the narrative forward.The next shot is another example of aclose up showing the woman in thebath is not wearing a wedding ringtherefore cannot be the main malecharacters wife, this throws questionsto the audience making them want tocarry on watching. Here a mid shot of the whole bathroom through the perspective of the doorway showing the two main characters having a fight.
  4. 4. Scene 2 (hallway) Here is the use of another mid shot showing the two main characters in the hallway, she is running away from him again throwing questions to the audience.Here is the use of a mid/long shotshowing the two main characters inthe hallway, she is struggling andrunning away again.
  5. 5. This is an establishing shot of thesecond scene showing the hallway,the different thing about this musicvideo is that it is played in reverse sothe establishing shot is at the end ofthe scene.
  6. 6. Scene 3 (kitchen) Here in the third scene in the video we are presented with a mid shot, this shows the main female character looking frightened.A close up shot is used here showingthe two characters fighting whilstholding a breezeblock which relatesto the name of the song‘breezeblocks’.
  7. 7. Here another close up is used to show the main male character grabbing the breezeblock which again pushes the narrative forward.Here is a mid shot of a wall present inthe kitchen in which you can see abottle that has just been thrown bythe main female character. Use of another mid shot here to show the main female character grabbing the bottle which pushes the narrative forward, but due to this video being in reverse you see this after she has thrown the bottle.
  8. 8. Here is a mid shot showing the main female character struggling on the floor, continuing the on-going battle between the characters.Here is a mid shot/ close up showingthe main male character struggling onthe floor, continuing the on-goingbattle between the characters. Here is a long shot showing the two characters brawling and falling over the counter into the kitchen.
  9. 9. Scene 4 (lounge) Here a mid shot is used to open the fourth scene again showing the continuous battle between the two characters.Here a close up of the main femalecharacter hitting the bookcase withforce is shown to show the brutalityof the characters fight.
  10. 10. Here a close up has been used to introduce a third character who looks scared and upset.This is a shot showing a knifeindicating to the audience the fight isviolent, also this pushes the narrativeforward. Here is an extreme close up shot of the third characters hand showing that she too has a wedding ring, this throws questions to the audience ‘is she the male characters wife?’.
  11. 11. This is the use of another close up showing the fight getting worse between the characters.Here is a mid shot being used showingthe third character hiding within thewardrobe watching the fight lookingscared, again giving questions to theaudience. This is the use of a mid shot showing the first female character looking down upon the male character and the other female character with despise.
  12. 12. A mid shot shown to allow the audience to see the male character trying to protect/comfort the new female character. Questions to the audience, ‘why is she tied up?’.Another mid shot showing her withtape over her face and him taking itoff. Someone has tied her up and he’sgoing to save her.
  13. 13. Scene 5 (entrance/door) A mid shot of the main male character coming in the door looking worried and leaving the door open.Close up of him throwing his keysdown indicating to the audience thatit is his flat.
  14. 14. Extreme close up of the main male character turning the light switch on in the flat, again showing the audience that the flat belongs to him.The music video ends with the manclosing the door into a lighted hallwayletting the video end nicely into black.
  15. 15. Throughout this music video the main shot types are close ups and mid shots,this is to emphasise to the audience the intensity of the video as it basedupon a fight between a man and woman which eventually leads to a murder. Ichose to do a technical analysis of this video due to it being related to themusic video I plan to be shooting consisting of a male and female character.Also I think it is a clever music video as it is played in reverse to how it wasshot e.g. water goes back up the tap instead of coming out. Overall thisreversed effect adds a interesting twist on the whole video which is actually arather violent set of imagery.Alt-J whom do not actually personally appear in the music video have createda powerful and interesting piece showing emotion and also a horrific murdercrime which has taken place. I think it is effective of working with the song asmany words said in the song are actually mirrored into imagery on the screen,notably the murder weapon used is a breezeblock which is the actual name ofthe song.This exercise has, especially within this music video highlighted how a maleand female character can interact within a music video to create a powerfuland emotional piece and also the relevance of props which push on thenarrative of the storyline and complete the music video.