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presentppt presentppt Presentation Transcript

  • Chan Shun Chi 13202243 Fan Wing Sze 13201751 11/25/2013 Business Telepresence Telepresence Ng Tik 13212699 Education 25 November 2013 1
  • Telepresence 1. Promote Telepresence to people 2. Introduce Telepresence , its application and the future trend. 3. Examine people’s understanding on Telepresence and its future through the questionnaires and analysis November 25, 2013 Objectives 2
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Mind map 3
  • What is Telepresence? To let people feel every objects in present even though they are in different location Telepresence To connect geographically separated people via high-quality audio and video streams 11/25/2013 Telepresence 4
  • Telephony A popular application Telepresence Video Telephony Telepresencevideoconferencing 11/25/2013 What is Telepresence?  placement of cameras  colors and the furniture of the room  tables and chairs 5
  • 11/25/2013 Objects(Peo ple) appear life-size with sound and vision. Telepresence Equipment that can deliver high-quality audio , HD video and image 3 At least two locations with dedicated server hardware and software, bandwidth to support the HD throughput 2 1 How Telepresence works? (High- definition cameras feeding to life-size HD displays) 6
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Video 7
  • Telepresence  Save time  Provide speed decision making  Reduce CO2 emissions  Cut travel costs  Provide realistic two-way interactive video conferencing  Improve employee productivity 11/25/2013 Advantages 8
  • Telepresence  Replace normal(face-to-face) interactions  Have disruption or failure over the Internet /technology  Incurs high cost 11/25/2013 Disadvantages 9
  • Current Applications To establish a sense of shared presence or shared space among geographically separated members of a group. Where humans are exposed to hazardous situations are suitable to use Telepresence for avoiding those risk. 11/25/2013 Explain Telepresence Names Students can stay at home to have a class. It is used especially in small diameter pipes which can not be viewed for examination. 10
  • Future trend IllumiShare A desk-lamp shaped projection device that enables local and remote workers to view, share and work with physical or digital objects on any surface. The Beaming Project It is a Telepresence concept that uses visual reality and haptic interfaces to record a remote user’s interactions in one locations and mirror those inputs on a humankind robot 11/25/2013 What is it ? Telepresence Application Segment 11
  • Site • ASap5LdYZKZ Telepresence Information The understanding of Telepresence and its future 11/25/2013 Online Survey 12
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Survey Interface & Questions 13
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Survey Interface & Questions 14
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Survey Interface & Questions 15
  • Survey Result Bachelor's degree or higher 32% Associate Degree or Higher Diploma 30% Others 38% High School Graduate 32% Telepresence 11/25/2013 Education level of interviewers Others 6% 16
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Survey Result 17
  • • Almost 90% respondents know or willing to know Telepresence. It shows that this technology is becoming more popular. Telepresence • More than a half of people know what is Telepresence, and one-third of the respondents had the experience on using Telepresence. 11/25/2013 Result analysis 18
  • ‹#› Telepresence 11/25/2013
  • For disadvantages, nearly 41%of the respondents 87% of the respondents agree that Telepresence think that using can improve employees’ Telepresence is costly. Telepresence For advantages, about 11/25/2013 Result analysis productivity, and 34% of them think that it can cut travel costs. 20
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 Survey Result 21
  • It is believed that new avenues of sharing will emerge with the rapid improvement on Telepresence. Telepresence Although Telepresence systems have certain disadvantages they becomes more popular in both business and academe, and  a number of schools have implemented such systems over the past few years . 11/25/2013 Conclusion 22
  • Job division Chan Shun Chi Slides 2;8-11 Fan Wing Sze Slides 1-7 Ng Tik Slides 12-21 11/25/2013 Jobs Telepresence Name 23
  • Mitchell,B. (2009,March 29). What is Retrieved from Robison,R. (2013, January 27). A future of work trend.Pskf. Retrieved from future-ofwork.html Seven things you should know about Telepresence (2009). Retrieved October 22, 2013 from Telepresence Dev,R. (2012,August 1). An introduction to Telepresence Videoconferencing. Durofy.Retrieved from telepresencevideoconferencing/ 11/25/2013 References 24
  • Telepresence 11/25/2013 The End 25