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California Insurance Broker providing fast and easy quotes for Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Business Insurance. San Francisco Insurance Agency.

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Business insurance

  1. 1. Business InsurancePlumbers InsuranceCommercial Auto InsuranceErrors and Omissions InsuranceHomeowner Association InsuranceWorkers CompensationGeneral Contractor InsuranceNon-Profit InsuranceRestaurant Insurance
  2. 2. With all types of restaurants from fast food to fine dining, we are able toinsure all aspects of the restaurant business.With our array of carriers offering coverage for Restaurants, we will beable to find the best fitting company for your business.Restaurant Insurance SF packages consist of the following types ofcoverage options: Liability, Business, Personal Property Insurance CA,Tenant Improvements, Employee Dishonesty, Valet Exposure, Money andSecurities, Accounts Receivable, Glass, Sign, Loss of Income, WorkersCompensation Insurance, Group Health Insurance and EmploymentPractices Liability Insurance.
  3. 3. Express Service Insurance Agency provides California Plumbersinsurance with affordable commercial insurance for the following typesof policies: General Liability Insurance Workers Compensation Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance Property (inland marine) Insurance State License Bond
  4. 4.  is a versatile and comprehensive websiteserving the Insurance industry.As a customer oriented firm we strive hard to serve you in the bestpossible way and help you find efficient insurance packages that meets all ofyour insurance requirements.Commercial Auto insurance is very important for commercial businessfirms and their vehicles.It is mandatory as per Government laws and traffic rules for yourcommercial vehicles to be insured. And finding a commercial insurance program is quite daunting and weunderstand the issue pretty well.
  5. 5. Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage is a must for new businesses thathave designed and manufactured a product for consumers.Also, professionals that offer advice or services that can cause harm to theirclients if something goes wrong. Without covering mistakes, you are exposing a large part of your business tolawsuits.Its is a misconception that general liability insurance is all that a business needs.GL does not cover mistakes or errors.
  6. 6. Homeowner Association Insurance CA are required to purchased HOAinsurance to cover the building and common areas.This policy also includes important liability coverage to insure the boardmembers and the association.It is important to note that all individual unit owners should stillpurchase their own condo insurance policy to cover their personal liabilityas well as their personal property insurance inside the unit.HOA insurance works like regular homeowners insurance, where thebuilding will indemnified to the same size and quality as it was before aftersustaining a covered loss.Our HOA policies are on a special coverage form that covers all perils
  7. 7. Workers Compensation Insurance covers work-related injuries.Essentially this is health insurance for employees while on the job. A business is required by law to have this insurance if you have anemployee.Regardless if the employee is part-time or full-time, workers compensationis a must. Out-of-state employees are also required to be covered by workerscompensation.If a business is found without workers compensation insurance, the finecould be up to $10,000 per employee or up to $100,000 total fine
  8. 8. We have great options for General Contractors or any other type ofcontractor looking for General Liability insurance.With our premier commercial insurance companies, we are able to getyou the most competitive insurance rates with AM Best A rated companies.General contractors have many factors that can potentially lead to aclaim. Its important that we help tailor a broad policy that covers all of yourpotential risks.Our knowledgeable agents at Express Service Insurance will help youcover all necessary insurance policies your business will need.
  9. 9. Philadelphia Insurance Companies’ Non-profit Insurance Package is uniquelydesigned to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for the Non-profit sectoras defined under IRS Code 501 (c)3.Each policy is custom tailored to address each non-profits unique exposures.Philadelphia offers separate limits for General Liability, Professional Liability andAbuse & Molestation (if eligible).In addition, Philadelphia Insurance offers a separate Directors & Officers Liabilitypolicy.
  10. 10. With all types of restaurants from fast food to fine dining, we are able toinsure all aspects of the restaurant business. With our array of carriers offeringcoverage for Restaurants, we will be able to find the best fitting company foryour business. Restaurant Insurance SF packages consist of the following types of coverageoptions: Liability, Business, Personal Property Insurance CA, TenantImprovements, Employee Dishonesty, Valet Exposure, Money and Securities,Accounts Receivable, Glass, Sign, Loss of Income, Workers CompensationInsurance, Group Health Insurance and Employment Practices LiabilityInsurance.