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Screencasting and Podcasting


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Technology Enhanced Learning Breakfast Cafe on Screencasting and Podcasting.

Technology Enhanced Learning Breakfast Cafe on Screencasting and Podcasting.

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  • A screencast is a screen capture of the actions on a user’s computer screen, typically with accompanying audio.
  • Consider your audience:- What connection speed is the majority of your audience on?- Does your audience have access to audio? Do you need to include captioning?- Will this go to an international audience?- Does your audience have any vision impairments?
  • Planning- Storyboarding is an essential step in the process.- A script helps you produce the best audio by allowing you to avoid mistakes or saying um or uh. - If you do not want a formal presentation, an outline can help reduce some mistakes.Record
  • Demo Camtasia Relay Installed on all teaching machines at YSJUpload videos directly to the YSJ Media Library (can be private)Fuse
  • Helix Media Library –
  • What dimensions will you record at: Full screen or Custom? Will your videos highlight the cursor? Opening/Closing slides? Resolution? Transitions?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Screencasting and Podcasting Daniel Mackley & Phil Vincent Technology Enhanced Learning Advisors,
    • 2. What is a Podcast?
    • 3. Why Podcasts? • Providing feedback to students • Pre-recorded support material • Record interviews with industry/subject specific experts • Clarify instructions
    • 4. Podcasting process • Script • Audience • Purpose • Distribution Plan Record • Audio • Import • Audio • Timeline • Enhancements Edit Produce • Production Presets • Custom Production • Web • Download • Social Media Share
    • 5. Podcasting Software
    • 6. What is a Screencast?
    • 7. Why Screencasts? • Video tutorials for lectures, project and assignments • Pre-recorded support material • Clarify instructions by modelling • Software orientations/demonstrations • Provide answers to frequently asked questions • Providing feedback to students • Student presentations • Marketing or promotional videos • Flipped Classroom approach
    • 8. Things to consider… • Audience • Purpose • Distribution
    • 9. Screencasting Process • Storyboard • Audience • Purpose • Distribution Plan Record • Screen • Audio • PowerPoint • Import • Audio • Timeline • Effects Edit Produce • Production Presets • Custom Production • Web • Download • Social Media Share
    • 10. Screencasting Tools Screenr Jing Screencast-o-matic Time Limit 5 minutes 5 minutes 15 mins, 10 mins for YouTube Inputs Screen, microphone, webcam Screen, microphone Screen, microphone Editing None None Only in a pro account Publishing hosting, publish to YouTube, publish to YouTube YouTube upload (watermarked in free version, not for Pro account users) Sharing Twitter & Facebook integration Twitter & Flickr integration Only in a pro account Download format MP4 SWF MP4, AVI, FLV Pro account cost From $19 a month N/A $15 a year
    • 11. Camtasia Relay
    • 12. Distribution
    • 13. Top Tips! • • • • • Understand the software you’re using Test your microphone and the recording quality Record in a quiet location Create a recording standard Be patient - A one minute video can take two or three minutes to record for an experienced user while a beginner may need longer • Practice makes perfect :)
    • 14. Let’s Play!
    • 15. What is a Vodcast?
    • 16. Any Questions?