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Three Music Videos






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Three Music Videos Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Three music video’s
    Rihanna – Disterbia
    Britney Spears – Circus
    Chipmunk – Oopsy Daisy
  • 2. Rihanna-Disturbia
    Disturbia’s genre is dance-pop it is a fast dance groove composed song with 124 beats per minute. The song was originally written by Chris Brown but he decided that it would be more suited using a woman's voice.
    The songs name links extremely well with the visuals in the video. Its extremely disturbing but in a subtle way. Tina Landon who choreographed this music video is well know for her work with Janet Jackson. We see Rihanna in a variety of different costumes through out the video, each making a strong statement.
    The video starts set in a surrealistic torture chamber where we see Rihanna smoking beside a piano. We then see Rihanna encaged wearing lenses covering her eyes, which makes her look as if her eyes have rolled into the back of her head which is spooky enough itself. At the bridge of the song Rihanna includes a thrilleresque dance routine. I really like the way that they over layer rihannas face with the spooky dancers in the background it show true emotion. Through out the video is seems that Rihanna is in control.
  • 4. The music video mainly features Rihanna herself with a lot of close-ups to show emotion and movement in parts of the song for example when the spider is climbing up her shoulder we see her head jolt to the side. There are a lot of jolted movement to go with the beat. Especially with different camera shots n angles it gives an amazing effect, using fast-cut montaging.
    There is little light seeing as it is set in some dark torture chamber. The only light we see is through artificial weak lights, cracks and the fire.
  • 5. ‘Disturbia, its like the darkness is alive.’
    There are parts of the song that go with the lyric but not a great amount...this screen grab goes with the struggling in the lyrics. Mainly the actions and movements speak for them self and also the movements of the dancers and artists body move to the beat, they jolt with it.
    You see Rihanna with objects like stuffed wolves and mannequins, as if they are real and they are part of her world.
    Although these things are a part of her she's also scared and senses with the fire link with the lyrics in wanting to escape. We see her chained to the floor trying to tug away again there are many shots used for this each going to the beat of the music. Also we see the people surrounding her are strange looking men and transvestis.
  • 6. lyrics
    ‘A disease of the mind it can control you, I feel like a monster ohhhhh’
    I wouldn't say that there is a particular process of representation going on in this video due to gender, race or sex. I think each character is being represented in its own way they are all representing a demented character in there own individual way.
    I really like the way the shots have been edited on Rihanna shaking her head, the screen grab to the left of this paragraph shows the dizziness of the shot. I absolutely love this effect I think the relationship between the song and effect work really well.
  • 7. Britney Spears-Circus
    Circus is an electro pop song with 120 beats per minute. Britney delivers some killer dance routines, its cheeky and seductive. Circus is an up-tempo dance song influenced by R&B.
  • 8. The video starts of with Britney putting on her own perfume ( curious). This is advertising within her video, which I think is a good idea it gets fans wanting it.
    The start of the video we get hear a circus themed tune and then it goes into the song. At the very beginning of the video we see Britney's shadow, her in a spot light and with her dancers. She proceeds to dance in slow motion with fireworks behind her, with a ring of fire and with circus lions. Britney has her black circus hat and it all creates an amazing real circus theme. She seems to be the leader as the song says.
  • 9. This video is clearly set indoors and so it uses alot of stage lighting as u can imagine is the same at a real circus, with spot lights, flashes, and fire.
    Also because of the lighting in the arena the flashes of light and fast dance movement shots get blurry.
    There’s alot of dance routines in this video but the camera shots are quick so you don't get a long glimpse at one. The relationship between the lyrics and visual are very tight, she's showing how she is the ring leader everyone revolves round her. She is in the spot light alot. Also when you she talks bout cracking her wipe you her a wipe sound and action.
    ‘ I'm like the ring leader, I call the shots’
    ‘Don’t like the back seat gotta be first’
  • 10. lyrics
    ‘don’t want to hurt you that’s why you got to go’
    Oopsy Daisy-Chipmunk
    The genre of this music video is British hip hop/pop. I chose to analyse this video because I really love the song and its a very up beat but slow video and shows strong emotion and compared to my other two videos there is no dancing or fast movements.
    There are an extreme amount of close-ups in this video for example in the two screen grabs I have done to the right show Chipmunk singing to the camera and the camera zoomed in on the girls lips singing.
  • 11. lyrics
    ‘ Oopsy daisy i hurt you again’
    I really like this effect in the video, its basically him seeing his memories and them burning away. Leaving ash behind I think even though this is in the imagination of the artist it give a real life feeling. You also see the camera close into his eye with a ring of fire in it which then turns into the ring of fire we see him standing in singing.
    ‘destruction like fire all around you’