Bertek Systems Inc (2012)


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Bertek Systems Inc (2012)

  1. 1. 2012 Brochure - A single source provider from the ordinary print solution to theextraordinary, for mutual growth and profitability-
  2. 2. About Bertek Systems For over 40 years Bertek Systems has stood for uncompromised quality in fine printing. Working with the finest manufacturers in the world, Bertek Systems produces plastic cards, custom labels and promotional print for such demanding industries as cosmetics, liquors, fine foods, pharmacies, associations, telecommunications, and health care. Bertek Systems Inc. is a leading edge promotional and specialty printing company specializing in the production of innovative printed products such as:• Specialty Labels• Plastic Cards• Promotional Print• Integrated Product Solutions• Digital Print Solutions
  3. 3. Products• BareBack Cards• BareBack Labels• Plastic Cards• Game & Contest Pieces• Idea Grams• Pattern Coated Labels/Forms• Twin Web• MagiCling• Cat-Tabs• Prepaid Phone Cards• Booklet/Coupon Labels• Pattern-coated Produce Wrap Labels• IdeaGram® Loyalty Cards• Digital Labels• Digital Print Solutions• Integrated Product Solutions
  4. 4. IdeaGrams®Features:• One pass printing technology - including variable data and mail sorting• Two plies of material that yield 4 printed panels of text and color graphics• Peel-away die cut cards and/or stickers• Up to 12 color printing• Variable imaging on up to two panels - outgoing addresses, barcodes or text• Combination of both clean release coatings and/or pressure sensitive adhesiveBenefits:• Design Flexibility: one way or two way self-mailers• More Print Real Estate: up to 4 panels as compared to 2• Greater Response: due to built-in action devices (based on DMA study)• Greater Value: variable data concealed within interior panelsApplications:• POP handout• Mailing insert• Direct mail cards• Traffic builders• Customer loyalty programs
  5. 5. MagiCling ®Advertising That Hangs Around!• MagiCling self-attaches to most surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, marble, stucco, brick, or plastic• Cost effective in comparison to magnets• Multiple full-color printing surfaces• Business reply card option• Custom die-cut shapes available• Variable data imaging on both layers (optional)• High impact message placement• Maximum exposure• Diverse marketing purposes• Extended shelf lifeApplications• Direct Mail Pieces• Shared Mail DAL’s or Inserts• Telephone Directory Inserts• Customer Loyalty Programs• Newspaper and Magazine Inserts• Traffic Builders• Dynamic and Creative Promotions...
  6. 6. Plast-X ® - Plastic CardsFeatures• 7 mil to 30 mil plastic cards• Liquid laminated – .7 mil thick UV cured epoxy coating• Film laminated – variety of clear plastic film laminates available• Standard PMS and metallic inks• Silk-screened panels – imaging CF panels, security imprint (VOID and erasure vident)• Silk-screened imprint panels and signature panels• Loose, or Tip-On®• Ink jet imaging – personalization, PIN and control numbers, bar codes• Laser quality variable imaging• UV offset quality printing (HP digital press only)• Laser compatible• Standard CR-80 or custom die cut (rolodex, punch-out, odd size)Benefits• Varying gauges of plastic to meet your specific needs• CF panels provide utilization within self-mailers• Print fidelity guaranteed• Liquid laminate provides scuff and scratch resistant glossy surfaces• Film laminate provides the best scuff and scratch resistance• Flexibility in design of card – imprint panels, signature panels, VOID pantographs, et al.• Tip-On® Cards – affixed to continuous forms or carriers and supplied in cut sheet orContinuous formatApplications• Membership Cards• Preferred Customer Cards• Loyalty Cards• Health Care I.D. Cards• Gift Cards• Door Hangers• Phone Cards
  7. 7. BareBack®-The Intelligent Way To Affix Labels. Our BareBack® process coats your form with a release coating in the spot where the label is to be affixed. We apply the label - any stock, any adhesive, any size, any shape - and it remains affixed until needed. When you’re ready to use the pressure sensitive label, simply lift it from the form, cleanly and effortlessly, and apply it to the surface to be labeledFeatures:• Any kind of pressure sensitive label stock -- paper, plastic film or foil.• Any pressure sensitive adhesive• Any kind of paper for your continuous form-- porous or non-porous, coated or uncoated, vellum finish or calendered• Up to 6 colors on water-based flexo or up to 12 colors on high quality UV rotary letterpress• Laser compatible materials - facestock and adhesives• Variable ink jet imaging available - permanent bar codes and numbersBenefits:• Copy under label remains clear and legible• No liner - means less bulk, lower cost, and better performance through printers• Laser compatible stocks specifically designed for use within harsh laser printer environment• Adhesives that are specifically designed to adhere to specific substrates• Form remains clean and intact — no liner material left behind
  8. 8. Game Pieces GAME PIECESFeatures• Peel-away die cut tabs• Up to 12 color printing• Prize redemption database• One pass printing technology - including variable prize data• Two plies of material that yield 4 printed panels of text and color graphics• Variable imaging on up to two panels - prize level and control number• Combination of both clean release coatings and/or pressure sensitive adhesiveBenefits:• More Print Real Estate: up to 4 panels on our 2-ply card• Data Integrity: in-line processing combined with control number• Prize Verification: through use of Prize Redemption Database• Peace of Mind: secure production facility and production methodApplications:• Traffic Builders• Customer Loyalty Program• Promotional Mailing Insert
  9. 9. Booklet Labels A booklet label is quite simple in its construction - having a pressure sensitive or tag stock base ply with a top ply that has been folded once or twice, and then pasted and sealed to the base ply along two edges or over-laminated completely to seal in the folded booklet portion. Everything is done in-line, in-one pass including printing, varnishing, folding, gluing, and die-cutting. Booklets of 3, 5, 7, or 9 panels can be die-cut into complex shapes and finished roll to roll.Applications• In-Store Coupon Label• Product Warranty Label• Product Information Label• Recipes• Cross-Marketing Applications (variable imaging available)
  10. 10. Coupon Labels The Coupon label is a custom coated, pressure sensitive label that has been coated in such a fashion that allows the top layer of the label construction to be peeled off cleanly and used as a coupon or other bounce-back or leave-behind device. To produce this unique construction, all you need is a roll of plain-coated paper, plastic film or card stock and a roll of pressure sensitive label stock or clear film, coupon-base, pressure sensitive label stock. Once laminated together, the top ply peels off cleanly to be retained or used instantly by the consumer.Applications• IRC (Instant Redeemable Coupon Label)• On-Pack Discount Card• (variable imaging available)
  11. 11. Pattern-coated Produce Wrap LabelsFeatures• 3.8 mil Kimdura® facestock• FDA approved cold-temp, permanent, food-grade adhesive• Adhesive coated in any pattern, any design• Supplied in linerless for hand or linered roll for machine applicationBenefits• Greater design flexibility – place adhesive anywhere• Adhesive holds firmly yet does not tear polybag material• Kimdura® provides exceptional surface for graphics• Lower cost than pre-coated pressure sensitive materialApplications• Snack pack bundle wrapping labels• Produce bag labels• Package labels
  12. 12. BareBack®- The Secure Way To Affix CardsFeatures:• Laser compatible materials from paper board to 10 mil plastic• Actual card stock - paper & plastic• Up to 12 colors• Variable imaging via ink jet• Standard CR-80 configuration, custom sizes availableBenefits• Cards are affixed securely and will not pre-dispense• Easy to remove for post processing• Flexible design and use• More durable than integrated cards• Forms remain clean and intact• printing under card remains clearApplications• Membership Cards• Licenses and Permits• Information Wallet Cards
  13. 13. Pattern-Coated Labels & Label/FormsFeatures• Any pattern, any design up to 13 3/4" wide.• Hot melt permanent adhesives (pattern coated)• Hot melt permanent & removable adhesives (strip-coated)• Supplied in Continuous Fanfold, Cut Sheet or Roll Formats• Laser Compatible Cut Sheets solutions• Thermal Transfer & Thermal Direct Compatible Solutions• Up to two different webs of material - paper or plastic film or both• Variable Ink Jet Imaging Available - Bar Codes and NumbersBenefits• Greater design flexibility - place adhesive anywhere as needed• Enhanced utility - both tag and label applications combined in one• Lower cost - compared to pre-coated pattern adhesive materialApplications• Pick Tickets with Shipping Labels• Label/Tag Combinations• Invoice with Return Shipping Labels• Return Merchandise Label/Forms
  14. 14. Integrated Product Solutions One document can do the work of two or more!Integrated Cards:• Laminated Face & Back• Laser Compatible Laminates• Signature Compatible Laminates• Self-Laminating Cards• Impact & Inkjet Compatible LaminatesParking Permit /Window Decal:• Peelable Adhesive• Die cut allows for variable data to be imaged• Can be positioned anywhere on the page• Any shape or size• Full range of colors—both front and backSuitable for: – Parking Permits – Theme Park Passes – Window PermitsIntegrated Labels:• Any Size … Any Shape• Acrylic-Based, Permanent, Removable,Repositionable & Cold-Temp Adhesives
  15. 15. Twin-Web® Label/Form Combinations The original and still the leader...Bertek’s Twin-Web® joins different materials to form a single ply label/form combinations that’s always in exact register. Join tag with paper, bond with pressure-sensitive, any combination can be achieved with Twin-Web®.Features• Supplied in Continuous Fanfold or Cut Sheet• Laser Compatible Cut Sheets (Simplex or Duplex Solutions)• Custom tailored to meet your requirements• Variable ink jet imaging available - permanent bar codes and numbersBenefits• Unlike Integrated Labels, Twin-Web® uses actual high performance pressure-sensitive stocks - paper or plastic facestocks combined with high performance acrylic or rubber-based adhesives.• Laser compatible stocks specifically designed for use within harsh laser printer environment• Adhesives that can be specifically designed to adhere to any type of substrate.Applications• Mail Order• Shipping Forms• Furniture Law Tags• Return Merchandise Forms• Retail Pharmacy Labels• Hospital Lab Label/Forms
  16. 16. Digital Print Solutions• Digital printing technologies are on the rise! Quick turnaround with no compromise on print quality and customization with short-run flexibility are becoming the norm in the print industry. Bertek Systems is responding to this market need by introducing a new addition to their already impressive array of print technologies - the HP Indigo Digital Press. The HP Indigo Press provides freedoms never experienced before in the printing industry:• 1. Freedom from Time Consuming Prepress - no films, plates or chemistry.• 2. Freedom of Customization - the HP Digital Press allows variable data printing enabling regional variations, barcodes, numbers, names, text and even images.• 3. Freedom of Flexibility - the HP Digital Press provides the flexibility to address short to medium run quantities at a cost effect price. No longer will you have to commit to long runs.• 4. Freedom of Print Quality - the HP Digital Press offers perfect registration with vivid 4 color process printing - with offset quality.• Eliminates the need for film, plates, and make-ready.• Unlimited substrate choices - PVC, Paper, Polyester, Label Stocks, Magnet Stocks and many more.• Customized print pieces - every piece can be unique with lIPs personalization software.
  17. 17. Digital LabelsBertek Systems now offers high quality, digitally-printed, 4-color process labels with no platecharges, no die charges, quick turnaround, and instant pricing.Our digitally-printed labels are run on an EFI Jetrion digital press that offers UV cured inks –unlike the more common water-based ink jet or toner based solutions. This means that you willreceive high quality, vibrantly printed labels that offer greater durability than competingtechnologies.Our labels are printed digitally and then finished off-line to add die-cutting, perfs, laminates androll configuration to meet your requirements. All die cutting is accomplished via a revolutionarylaser die cutting system – therefore NO DIE CHARGES. Without tooling charges, you’ll be able toorder small quantities at economical prices. Create multiple versions of a product label with NOPLATE CHANGES. We offer a wide selection of label stock materials from which to choose –papers, synthetics, fluorescents, metallics, tag, environmental, even UL approved!
  18. 18. Contact UsMailing Address:• Bertek Systems, Inc. Arrowhead Industrial Park 133 Bryce Blvd. Georgia, Vermont 05454Phone Number:• 800-367-0210Email• sales@berteksystems.comWebsite•