Vitrue Social Media Solutions - Client: American Express


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Vitrue Social Media Solutions - Client: American Express

  1. 1. Vitrue - We Make Brands Social One Grand Central Place 60 E 42nd Street, Suite 813 New York, NY 10017 212.863.9843 Danielle Vitrue 212.863.9843 Vitrue We Make Brands Social Source: Combine a comprehensive social media platform with turnkey products that drives customer acquisition and brand awareness.
  2. 2. AMEX How would you recommend applying Vitruesolutions to enhance and organize the AMEX brand andsub-brands to take us to the next level socially andengage with our customers and fans? Danielle Vitrue I will focus on three key points while addressing this question in my recommendations. Your brand prides itself in: - Exceptional access to products - Insights - Experiences that enrich lives and build business success
  3. 3. So Many Different Cards but which one is for me and my lifestyle? Amex .com = information = one-way dialogue. a community where people can interact, access content (pros, cons and tips) and connect via shared interests = Two-way dialogue.Check out FB these comments… Mary - I just purchased a new Apple laptop using my ZYNC card and earned 5x the points because I purchased online instead of in-store. Victor @Mary - Thanks for the tip, I was thinking about buying a new mac next week. Mary @Victor - Make sure you purchase before February 15th, that’s when the promotion ends. Victor @Mary - Wow how do you know this. Mary @ Victor - Connect with ZYNC on FB for regular updates and on Twitter using #ZyncCard.
  4. 4. Amex CardsUsing Vitrue Tabs you can present all your brands inone place [exceptional access] giving fans a briefoverview and comparison in one location with acustomized application that can live on multiplebrand pages simultaneously. Personal American Express understands each of our customers are unique, which is why we have several different Business programs and cards to suit varying lifestyles. Rollover any of the cards for a brief overview or Click for Lifestyle more details.Create form fields to s ign-up for newsletters andoffers directly from your brand and sub-brand pages. Sign-up f or the Zy nc Card newsletter and receiv e updates and special of f ers.
  5. 5. Amex CardsUpon Click reveal product/project details allowingfans to Like a sub-brand page, Sign up for the card,or Learn More About the Card. Zync Card Personal by American Express Business Lifestyle
  6. 6. Amex CardsVitrue SRM API allows you to easily manage thecontent of each sub-tab independently so you canupdate offers and feed lifestyle events relevant toeach card directly to the FB brand page.Extend this tab to live on multiple sub-brand pagesto keep your messaging consistent and maintain aholistic brand presence. The key is to push fansthrough all FB brand pages before moving to yourwebsite. Fans will be able to understand thestructure of Amex brands, their relationships to eachother and what makes them unique. AmexCards Zync Card Personal by American Express Business Lifestyle
  7. 7. Amex Cards Engage Fans on Twitter by setting up #hashtags and including them on each product’s sub-tab for a wider reach to cross-platform communities. Keep the activity on your FB pages by pulling Twitter Feed directly to your sub-brand pages. Personal Business#ZyncCard Lifestyle Zync has just updated offers available through February 12, 2011. Don’t miss these amazing deals. v
  8. 8. Amex CardsWhat about Foursquare and Mobile?Relationships with your partners and vendors arejust as important as your relationships with yourcustomers and fans.Foursquare (Fsq) has presented a unique and funway to enrich lives and build business success.Entice vendors with partnering programs to set-upFsq initiatives that offer special deals when theircustomers check-in at their venue AND use theirAmex card to make a purchase. Communicate theseoffers on your social networks and have yourvendors do the same through their networks.. OK, We’ve got you! Make any purchase today of $50 or more using your AMEX card and get 15% off. Just show this screen at check-out! If you are the Mayor, get 20% off and a free eco-friendly sac! WOW!
  9. 9. Amex CardsUsing Vitrue Mobile you can push special offers,coupons and discounts related to your offer postsdirectly to iPhone users. ZYNC Offer Give the Gift of Love Source: Give the Gift of Love this Valentine’s Day and earn 3x points on your Zync card when you make a purchase at by February 12, 2011. SHOP NOWFacebook Open Graph API makes it so you can evenpush this special offer to a fans news feed if that fanhas Liked the Red Envelope FB page or any singleobject on their website using meta data andoptimization tactics.
  10. 10. Amex CardsWith Facebook’s Open Graph API you can allowusers of your website to Like an Amex card right onyour [dot] com even if that product does not have adedicated FB page, enabling you to push relevantinfo and offers directly to their news feed. Integratingyour webpage with FB increases traffic and Amexcard sign-ups.This “Likes hit number” signifies the number ofpeople who have already Liked this individualproduct.You can tie this feature to any unit of content on yoursite including articles and multimedia.
  11. 11. Amex CardsWith Facebook’s Open Graph API users on yourwebsite can see how many FB fans you have andhow many of those fans are friends of theirs vianame links or FB profile thumbnails.This feature gives users insight as to how yourbrand is relevant to them and serves as a friend’srecommendation. You automatically gain a level oftrust simply by association.Your competitor is doing it and they have 285,000fewer fans than you do! As seen at As seen at
  12. 12. Amex CardsUsing Vitrue Publisher announce sub-tab contentupdates right on your wall.All of your fans will automatically receive your post intheir news feed.Push complementing content to your brand’s Twitterfeed. Remember this phrase:“Tweet for extended reach”. Zync has just updated offers available through February 12, 2011. Don’t miss these amazing deals. ZYNC Offer - Give the Gift of Love Source: Give the Gift of Love this Valentine’s Day and earn 3x points on your Zync c ard.
  13. 13. Amex Cards Use the Vitrue Publisher and Insights to invite fans into Amex conversations by asking questions that align with your brand’s future marketing objectives, customer service issues, and product developments. Use A/B posts to address the same issue and track each to measure effectiveness and gather data. American Express How do your determine whichA purchases you will make using your Amex card versus using a competitor’s card? American Express Survey: What would you most likely purchase with your Amex card (A)GroceriesB (B)Gas (C)Electronics (D)Other (E)All of the above? Engage Fans by revealing the results to your questions on your wall and ALWAYS thank them for participating. Next you can ask follow-up questions based on the results for deeper findings.
  14. 14. Amex CardsUsing Vitrue Insights measure the reach of eachpost. Identify and monitor the number of fan shares,likes, comments and click-thrus generated.You can also set up keywords to flag and or filtercomments into buckets of your choice aligning withyour current business objectives. Zync has just updated offers through February 12, 2011. Don’t miss these amazing deals. ZYNC Offer Give the Gift of Love Source: Give the Gift of Love this Valentine’s Day and earn 3x points on your Zync card.
  15. 15. Amex Cards With Vitrue Insights you can also measure the effectiveness of each post. See which platform (Twitter or Facebook) garnered more activity. Measure bounce rates, loyalty and duration. Quantify your conversions: x Likes = y Zync sign-ups. Zync has just updated offersFACEBOOK through February 12, 2011. Don’t miss these amazing deals. ZYNC Offer - Give the Gift of Lovevs.TWITTER Zync has just updated offers available through February 12, 2011. Don’t miss these amazing deals. Vitrue Insights can help you determine how many fans signed up for one of your cards via one of your social networks. With Vitrue Publisher you can assign a custom url to a button or text link in your tabs or on your wall and track results.
  16. 16. Vitrue Apps Using Vitrue Polls you can help fans choose the right Amex card for them with a customized version of our application. Unlike your website application that only addressesCUSTOM POLL APP user’s interests in card benefits, you can include questions that focus on lifestyle and spending habits as well, similar to questionnaires on dating sites used to find a perfect match. Cross referencing m etadata of your fans friends, who have already Liked Amex cards and or connected to Amex brand partners and vendors, can also make this feature more attractive and effective. Using Vitrue Sweepstakes you can customize a tab living across all sub-brands that hosts an exclusive FB sweepstakes for the 2011 Holiday Gift Card designs. Allow for $100, $50, $25 & $15 designs.SWEEPSTAKES APP Unveil the winners from the top 10 designs at an Amex partner’s venue. Get the media involved! Update this tab with the Amex team’s favorite submission of the week and push this content to news feeds. You can even reward the weekly winners with a token of appreciation. Publish all info to your own wall and track activity.
  17. 17. Vitrue Apps Use Vitrue Media Upload to complement your sweepstakes and contests allowing for photo and video submissions. This tool can be used for the upload of the Gift Card designs.MEDIA UPLOAD Remember to give your fans a voice by allowing them to vote on their favorite submissions too. By giving fans, and friends of your fans, an opportunity to get involved, messaging about your brand and links to your brand pages will s pread like wild fire through their social webs driving brand awareness and fan acquisition. Vitrue HD Video Player lets you connect your YouTube channel to your FB brand page. Display Amex commercials and allow fans to vote on theirHD VIDEO PLAYER favorites. Host a competition that encourages fans to upload their own videos for an Amex song. Think of Kit Kat’s “Gimme a Break” jingle, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a “Member Since” jingle? Save your marketing budget and let your fans do it for you! And yes, you can track all of this activity as well!Vitrue Apps are here to help you connect, enrich andretain. All you have to do is be willing to open up theconversation.
  18. 18. Vitrue AppsCustomize a Vitrue App to enhance vendor andconsumer financial education and insights.Design Games that are fun yet educational.Publish Tips on how to become financially secure.Remember to keep the demographics of your fans inmind when communicating this information.Recommend Mobile Apps that help smallbusinesses and individuals better manage theirfinances. Feature an app of the week across allplatforms with a trackable custom Vitrue url.Publish links to blogger’s and publisher’s contentthat complement your messaging. This addscredibility to your information. Remember to assign ashort url in the Vitrue Publisher so you can track theactivity of these links without others having access toyour data as they would using or Links to Trend Reports in spending habits.Report what variables are to be considered whenmanaging financial debt and maintenance.Design a Compare and Review App for your brand’sproducts, including competitor data if available(think Nextag, Verizon Wireless, and Best Buy).Survey and Poll your fans about what they want toknow, remember you do not have all the answers.
  19. 19. OverviewDanielle Vitrue Let’s review what we’ve addressed:Activity is useless unless you can quantify how itpertains to your brand, so optimizing each page andtracking its metrics will not only help you understandyour fans, but also help your fans understand thedynamics of the Amex brands.Familiarity with a fans lifestyle allows you to mostaccurately connect with that fan on a personal andpositively emotional level. There’s no such thing asone size fits all.Consistency and relevance will increase fan loyaltywhile transparency and open discussion on yourwall contributes to brand credibility. Remember toadd links to content generated outside of yourproperties for added credibility and optimization.Connecting each of your sub-brands, via tab appsand posts from Vitrue Publisher, contributes to ascalable experience. Represent all brands in yourfavorite pages [exceptional access to all products].Connect, extend and strengthen threads between allsocial and mobile networks.Never publish a post without a picture or,secondarily, a video. These posts gain the mostmomentum and produce the best results.
  20. 20. Overview Always allow for two-way dialogue, you must be willing to hear what others have to say to and about your brands no matter how scary the thought of it is. You cannot have a conversation if you are the only one talking. Respond to fan questions and comments as well. Like all relationships, it’s give and take. Consistently offer content that enriches the lives of your customers and your partners, not just your own. Connect back-end corporate activities to your social networks. Post content about careers and corporate social responsibility initiatives; add a Contact Us link. Optimize and measure all activity ALWAYS. Become intimate with your fans, customers and vendors. If you understand their lifestyles, activity and social objects, you will be on a healthier road to understanding their true spending habits. Learn to trust them! You should not make a move on any front until you are clear in your objectives and inviting of the results.Vitrue is here to help you keep your brand “solid,useful and attractive”, remember we are fans too!!
  21. 21. Next StepsDanielle Vitrue Communicating next steps…- Prioritize Needs and Objectives- Author Scopes of Work, should be more than one- Allocate Budgets- Design Timelines- Identify Milestones- Execute- Evaluate and Report- Repeat, this cycle should never end- Have Fun!! Let’s Get Started.Danielle Vitrue Amex has just released the firstever gaming app by a credit card company. Virtualspending is rewarded and penalized just as it isin the real world. Android, iPhone and iPad userscan play against themselves or against others todefine their virtual credit worthiness. AMEX Gaming App - Get it Today Source: Who said financial education isn’t a game?