- 633 days -
The yesterday of tomorrow is today / as is the future of yesterday / if you follow me / and I often
wonder wh...
not careful / they’ll trade in your right to breath for a pimped out Humvee / Pray for families who
value each other witho...
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633 Days


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My Design Management experience in 633 days

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633 Days

  1. 1. - 633 days - The yesterday of tomorrow is today / as is the future of yesterday / if you follow me / and I often wonder why the present blinds us / You see / if hindsight is 20/20 and our foresight illustrates endless possibilities / why do we not make the choices today that will make a difference tomorrow by learning from yesterday / They do not teach us this in school / Instead we are left at the mercy of life as we wonder what tomorrow holds and where the hell yesterday went / The answer is in right now / underscored with phenomenal opportunities colored by imagination and wisdom / crutched by the faith that things can change / the freedom to change them / and family to help you along the way / The meaning of life is wrapped up in a verse that took me all of 20 seconds to write / and yet I’m scared to death / Not for you / and not for me / but for our children / and that guys children over there / Like a vicious whirlwind mindless to its wrath of destruction of beautifully blooming fields over soils rich in irreplaceable resources with the power to nurture life / we too are out of control / The Miseducation of American children / religious corruption / welfare / divorce / irresponsible corporations / and a legal system that says it’s all ok / Tell me Lord God, why does the blood running through my veins say it’s not / I detect they do not get it / but why / Do they not live in the same world as I / Are their children not getting sick from hormones and pollutants / Do they not need food and water / If so then can I be a super hero too / I would like to fly / and read peoples thoughts / and while you’re at it can you fix my knees / so they do not continue to cripple me / Oh yeah and one more thing, can I have my mother’s eyes instead / (Pause and slightly chuckle) / I figured you might say that / You see I can live with who I am / what I look like / and even the inevitable knee replacement / but tell me this / and I beg you / may I have the power to help everyone else / If I ruled the world / I would call up Bellen and tell them I know future monarch’s / a group of sexy DM’ers / who have a kick as sustainability index / that will help FIX the problems of tomorrow / I’ve got a plan / and a bus with / 25-30 seats / plenty of room for all of me and all of you / Yes that includes my closet too / where I’m sure that Biji Bling and Eco’couture can help build a more sustainable wardrobe / But more seriously Sherida / I too have a dream, that one day, this country tis of creativity / A liberty not to be crucified with a prescription for A.D.D / That one day our children will be judged not by the scores of their SAT’s / but by their ability to create awareness, transformation, and innovation / Let’s prove Einstein right / not that E=MC2 / my PDA can do that / but that it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge / end quote / I pledge allegiance to the children of the emerging global economy / and to the future for which it stands / a universal objective / undeniable / with justice / and sustainability for all / sounds cheesy I know / but it won’t be so / when there’s no cheese left to feed the ignorance that helps us live today like there is no tomorrow / one day the rockets’ red glare / and bombs bursting in air may be the very reason why our flag’s no longer there / and our children may never get the chance / to learn what rights are worth fighting for / because they are too busy fighting for their lives before they even get here / Will someone please help me Apple F Photo Shops to illustrate within designs that Flash Keynotes of triple bottom line / knowledge worth the effort of commanding C to paste into the education curriculum / Leave the multiple choices but make room for multiple answers / One of them may not be suitable to solve the problem / so leave a blank and let our children tell us why / Let’s replace Friday with Simmerday / and repurpose it for constructive criticism and open dialogue / The less push back there is the more people will share / the more people listen the more they learn to hear / when people feel respected they learn to love themselves / thus nurturing the ability to appreciate and love outside of themselves / Honor thy mother and father, respect thy neighbor, preserve thy planet, and protect thy children / A motto worth submitting to the U.S. Mint / Imagine pushing divorce rates down and satisfaction levels up / moving Democrats to the right / Republicans to the left / and voting California for president / since they’re the only one’s who tell it straight / a force to be reckoned from sea to shining sea / Eliminating sweat shops, and refugee camps / Preserving the ice caps and minimizing catastrophic events / all worth paying attention to on even the calmest of days / because if you’re
  2. 2. not careful / they’ll trade in your right to breath for a pimped out Humvee / Pray for families who value each other without more than a dollar to their names / but even more so for those with millions who do not know the true value of a family name / We will all come together and meet at the holy grounds for forward innovation exchange / But I’m asking all of you now / during our final days together / help me help those who do not know any better / we will need lots of faith / we will need wealth and good health / we will need to believe in fairies / and maybe even some elfs / and of course we will bring the knowledge / gained from these 633 days / that taught us the importance of a single key phrase / identifying and allocating creative resources to create a sustainable strategic advantage / as they say / 633 days that armed us with the entrepreneurial courage to negotiate business strategies that demand leadership and team building / while traversing terrains of financial ventures for the development of sustainable strategic technologies / designed for the welfare of international environments to continuously design the 21st century’s future / As the wheels on the bus go round and round / we will compose new songs sung by generations to come / I’m gonna bring Casey’s smile cuz it has the power to light up a room / and Ashley’s got the cohonays to tell people “you suck” / Tiffany’s overarching explanations and ability to articulate are not sheer luck / no one can touch Mijung when it comes to being a sophisticate / and Adisorn’s quick to the point jokes / really crack me up / Benny’s heart is tender and true / and made from platinum gold / and all the digital know-how you’ll need is at JasonArmstrong.com / Vince has an impressive ability to keep a straight face / and Tal beneath that fierce shell / your silver lining is a beautiful place / Jiyhun I love your dedication and God fearing nature / and Nayun’s ability to sneak from behind to really just / WOW AMAZIN’ / Maren you tell it like it is and are equipped with resources to back it up / Sherri has pizzazz and an energizing grace / but watch yourself / come correct / or she’ll get in your face / Cindy’s like a chameleon who juggles numerous talents / and Julia will have you spinning on your head while drafting interior layouts / Benjamin Black’s got ins at the UN / so you know he’s gotta come / and Ika / well she’s always been there / and she always will / Jasmina’s coming along cuz she still owes me a year / the heck with Hillary / the heck with Obama / vote for Khary in November / Janice just gets it and translates for the rest to hear / Rashida’s smart and sexy ways will always defeat their judge mental fears / Pei-I just can’t help it / a classy international entrepreneur / Apple you’re one of my favorites and a precious powerful leader / and of course there’s Maya / who I don’t just need to drive / you have become my bestest bestest and because of you I survived / All of you are assets identified for the betterment / of my life / my mind / my body / my soul / From now on class of 2008 we are one / we are whole / Thanks to 633 days filled with power points and struggles / we will have a lifetime together of creative meaningful chuckles / Please do not let go of my message / honor mom / dad / neighbor / planet / and child / We now have the strength / the ability / and the support / needed to tackle America’s Wild / divorce rates / sweat shops / and catastrophic events / if I only contribute to minimize one / it will be worth giving my last breath / Thank you for being my friends / thank you for your audaciousness / and I thank God I have been blessed with life / liberty / and all of you as family / in the pursuit of our children’s future happiness.