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Branding for small businesses

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  • Thanks for allowing me to share my insights and what I am most passionate about. Marketing with a customer centric focus. My goal today is to provide you with some really great insights. I want to provide as much value and I am likely to cover a lot of ground. You have some worksheets that we will get to and some great examples of companies attracting their ideal customers well.
  • Biggest strength is to think like a customer. Show empathy. It is that simple and complex.
  • Your expectations? ask and note them down. If there is one thing you wanted to get out of tonight, what is it that you wanted answered. Am missing a marketing opportunity by not using twitter? Radio Commercials? How do I know that my marketing is working?
  • If you have any thing else you would like to add do it now!
  • Do you know what is working?
  • Do you know what is working?
  • Do you know what is working?
  • How to get the customers they want. Making conscious business decisions about how you attract the ideal customers.This is about being selective, it is about having a business model.
  • It takes long term outlook so say no.
  • It takes long term outlook so say no.
  • T-shirt
  • Big nets: Advertising, google How much do you know about your customers? The narrower your customer focus the more business you will attract. Why? You know them well, what they want, where they are, there hot buttons. It’s a lot easier to market to a target group than to an unfocused group. Problem/Issues/Challenges Why do your ideal clients need this service? What’s not working or could work better? What’s missing? What’s broken? What’s frustrating or what are they struggling with? What are your clients complaining about? What are your competitors not currently delivering? What are the current expectations in your industry? How can you leverage your current level of expertise? What will a complete solution save your clients? What's the current cost of living with the problem? How are most services packaged? What's missing from most service packages?
  • Do you need someone to help you assess these questions objectively? To what degree are you treating your customers like the guy in the movie.
  • Who wants to have a go? One of the most important things you can do in preparing to market is to study the problems of your clients. Why do they need you? What’s frustrating them? What are they struggling with? What’s missing for them? What don’t they have what they want to have? What keeps them awake at night? What is causing them grief?
  • What actual results will your clients be left with when they use your service? What ultimate result will make them happy? Ask, “If they got that result, would that be enough?” Get Attention The major frustration for these business owners is they don’t know how to attract their ideal customers and often result to doing ad-hock marketing at the last minute as they struggle to keep their cashflow consistent.What is the problem that they have? How do you solve this problem?
  • Visit their website
  • Brand your business

    1. 1. Brand your businessPresenter Danielle
    3. 3. Why are you here? Hint: Have you got a burning marketing question to ask? Now is your chance!
    4. 4. Agenda:BrandingBrandingBrand your business - A strong brand starts from the inside out. Itdifferentiates your business and attracts employees and customers. Learnin this seminar:• How a well-defined brand can help grow your business and what this means.• How to craft a strong brand name, logo, and key messaging to support thevisual elements.• How to develop a brand strategy that involves the "how you do what you do"that shows your customers and employees you are valuable.
    5. 5. Whats in it for you?1. Templates to follow2. Resources3. Lots of examples4. Short cuts Tip: See something you want to know more about? Jot it down on the feedback form and we will make sure we get back to you with the good oil.
    6. 6. Why do you need a brandLet’s dispel some myths....• First; A brand is not a logo.• Second; A brand is not an identity.• Finally; A brand is not a product. Tip: It is not what you say it is, it is what your customer says it is.
    7. 7. Why do you need a brand? People have too many choices Most have similar features or qualities We tend to buy on trust Trust = Reliability, and Delight • Price premium • Customer preference • Shorter sales cycles • Customer referral • Recruit the best team
    8. 8. What elements make up a brand? • Brand Strategy - positioning, value to your target market Building a strong identity - Differentiate • Brand Culture - How you do what you do - customer experience your values Building a strong culture - Collaborate • Brand Implementation - your look and feel Communicating the brand - Innovate
    9. 9. Who are you?What do you do? Why does it matter? Tip: set up google alert for your company, name and competitors name
    10. 10. About UsI don’t know who you areI don’t know your companyI don’t know your company’s productI don’t  know what your company stands for.I don’t know your company’s customersI don’t know your company’s recordI don’t know your company’s reputationNow what was it you wanted to sell to me? Tip: People want to know who they are dealing with. Make it easy for them to find out and contact you.
    11. 11. Your business strategy? TARGET MARKET YOUR YOUR SKILLS, EXPERIENCE & BUSINESS THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE VALUE Tip: Are you just grabbing any business that walks in your door? Or are you targeting the market you want to serve and that you are designed to serve?
    12. 12. Your business strategy?
    13. 13. Target ideal customers, not everyone You want your NEWSFLASH: It is not ideal customer about YOU. to say: It is about “That’s for me” THEM.Where do most of us have our focus most of the time?Our problems, issues, challenges, predicaments, worries, andpain are where we are focused.
    14. 14. Why should they care?
    15. 15. Step into your customers’ shoes What is their problem, issue or challenge? Set your mindset to think "What is in if for me FM? Tip: set up online survey, and ask customers about your service, how they found you etc
    16. 16. What your prospect is thinking1. Do you work with people like me?2. Do you understand my problems, issues and challenges?3. Do you have solutions and results that actually work for people like me?4. Do you have some free information that can help me immediately? I don’t want to pay for anything yet! Tip: Look at your web and ask yourself how well do we answer these questions for our customers?
    17. 17. Worksheet 1 Summarising your core marketing message Target market / ideal client (demographics + psychographics) Problem/Issue/challenge Where is the pain? Where does it hurt? Solution/Outcome Success story
    18. 18. Worksheet 2Marketing MessageMarketing MessageWhat do you say when someone asks you what you do?The formula is:What do you do?We work with ________________(This Target Market)Who ___________________(Have this Problem or Challenge)How do you do that?We help them get __________________(Ultimate Outcome)Tell me more...A good example is __________________(Success Story)
    19. 19. What is your elevator pitch?Focus on the story “ I’m a groomer that specialises in grooming small dogs and come into my clients home so that the dog is more relaxed” “We groom dogs and only use environmentally approved products.” “We help pet owners who have let their pet hair get out of control and now they dog or cat resists getting groomed.” “ I take my time grooming elderly dogs and ensure that they remain comfortable during the grooming process.”
    20. 20. Why should they care?Expert Problem they solveGrooming small dogs We specialise in small dog grooming needs with special equipmentGrooming - Environmental Provide an alternative to pets with allergies to some shampoos and products" We work with these kind of people, with this kind ofproblem, who want this kind of outcome or solution."
    21. 21. Who wants to share their elevator pitch?" We work with these kind of people, with this kind ofproblem, who want this kind of outcome or solution." Tip: Remember there are prizes! Those that share often get the benefit the most ! Be brave.
    22. 22. Word of Mouth Testimonials Case StudiesDoes this service really work? Solution / Outcome - Trust
    23. 23. Branding - Consistency and ReliabilityLogo There are three components to the logo:Style Guide 1. Words – The words in your business name and the words inValue proposition your taglineValues 2. Icon – The picture part of your logo. 3. Colour – The primary and secondary colour you choose for your logo. Brand Personality Gregarious - Fun-loving - Empathetic - Gracious - Generous - Easy-going - Professional - Intense - Eccentric - Bubbly
    24. 24. Branding - Consistency and Reliability
    25. 25. Branding - Consistency and Reliability Tell a Friend Offer Special Treat
    26. 26. BrandingWhere do you put it?VanBusiness cardWebsiteEmail footerAframeAdsT-shirtsMagnets
    27. 27. Branding - Experience How do you create a valuable customer experience?
    28. 28. Branding - Experience How do you create a valuable customer experience?Your Promises describe the result of your unique customer experience.Your Promise is what differentiates you from your competition.Your Promise is the intersection where your vision, your marketing intelligence, and your Client Fulfillmentmeet.
    29. 29. Branding - Experience INFORMATION UNAWARE AWARE ATTENTION EXPERIENCE SIGN UP/SALE REFERRAL GATHERING The customer is happy to refer you They want more They want more At this stage, they The lead becomes Becomes familiar after experiencingDont know information and information and may be ready for a a customer when with you. great service andanything about you are ready to are ready to "taste" or an they sign the Association wants to tell youror your company explore working explore working "EXPERIENCE" agreement and referral, meet you story and REFER with you with you prior to purchase pay. you to their network Ideal Target Customer then Build a Connection Prospect Lead Qualified Lead Advocate Market ClientPublish Lead capture - Targeted Invitation to find Give them a taste Sign an agreement Write up a autoresponder information that out more or a bite size or quotation testimonial or solves their sample for free, success story problem download, survey results, free callReferral Conversation - Clarify their issues collect detailsDirect Mail, Call to action An offer thatpostcard, mail appeals to themAdvertising Call to action A call to action that gets thier attentionMedia - PR Lead capture - Subject matter that autoresponder is important to themNetworking Conversation - Events they would collect details attendSpeaking Call to action and Events they would lead capture attendOnline SEO, Lead capture - Words they wouldGoogle, viral, autoresponder use and onlinevideo and social toolsmediaGetting found in Call to action and Directories they
    30. 30. Branding
    31. 31. Want help...? www.daniellemacinnis.comOver 80 Small Business Marketing Apps
    32. 32. Thank you