Broadband internet services
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  • 1. Broadband Internet Services Danielle Greene N00103098
  • 2. Broadband  Identify personal experiences with the use of Broadband Internet Services available in Ireland  Broadband ecosystem globally  A prediction of the future benefits  Potential innovations of Broadband Internet on the Arts Business sector
  • 3. What is Broadband? Through mediums such as a phone line, satellite and cable access to broadband can be made with large amounts of information carried at high speed to your computer
  • 4. Fact!! “As things stand, only 2% of internet connections in Europe are currently based on fibre and it has been estimated by analysts in Brussels that the cost of upgrading existing copper networks to achieve speeds of 30Mbps coverage for all by 2020 would range from €38 billion to €58 billion.” (McArdle, 2012)
  • 5. Growth of Broadband over the past years. (Rabbit, 2012)
  • 6. Accessibility of broadband in Ireland over four years. (Rabbit, 2012)
  • 7. Types of Broadband… DSL Broadband:  'Digital subscriber line‟/„originally digital subscriber loop‟.  Family of technologies that provide Internet access by transmitting digital data over the wires of a local telephone network.
  • 8. Types of Broadband… ADSL Broadband:  Most commonly installed DSL technology.  Data communication technology  Faster data transmission over copper telephone lines  Utilizes frequencies that are not used by a voice telephone call.  Information can be downloaded faster and is very useful to business.
  • 9. Types of Broadband… SDSL Broadband:  Runs over one pair of copper wires, with a maximum range of 3,000m.  It cannot co-exist with a conventional voice service on the same pair as it then takes over the entire bandwidth.  Uploads and downloads information at the same time and speed.
  • 10. Types of Broadband… Cable Broadband:  Offers broadband, television and phone services  Can only be offered to homes and business if there the company has cabled the street of use.
  • 11. Types of Broadband… Wireless Broadband:  Utilizes radio waves to carry a signal to your computer  Requires an antenna to be installed to get a connection.
  • 12. Types of Broadband… Satellite Broadband:  Two types of satellite services:  One-way satellite services download information via satellite and upload information via a telephone or IDSN line.  Two-way satellite services download and upload information via satellite.  Delivered through satellite and dish antennaexpensive to install but carries high speed internet.
  • 13. Mobile Broadband “Mobile broadband is provided to customers through mobile phone signals and 3G services. 3G technology is made possible by two complementary technologies; HSDPA and HSUPA- high speed download and upload packet access, respectively. (USwitch, 2012)
  • 14. Networks in my local area  Eircom-  UPC- Fixed line- DSL Cable Broadband  Vodafone Sky- Mobile (and wireless) uSwitch- Cable Broadband  Imagin- Wimax/Wireless
  • 15. Packages- „SKY‟ (Sky, 2013)
  • 16. Packages- „EIRCOM‟ (Eircom, 2013)
  • 17. Packages- „VODAFONE‟ (Vodafone, 2013)
  • 18. Packages- UPC (UPC, 2012)
  • 19. Best Server?
  • 20. Reasons for choosing UPC..       Price- best deal available for what is given. Fast download speeds- suited for company to download files needed Fast upload speeds- important for uploading files/images/videos etc. Unlimited internet calls- for everyday usage within the business; cost effective. Cable/ signal- available in outskirts of Wicklow and not largely populated areas. 100 minutes free calls- the business will need to contact customers and services during peak office hours.
  • 21. Reasons for choosing UPC..  This package is best suited for the business as it provides unlimited internet access with high speed upload and downloading, 100 free minutes at any time and gives the best price. The signal is also available in the small area of Newcastle which is limited with other service providers. Although the sky package refers to better offer the signal for the area in which the business is located serves better to UPC.
  • 22. Ways i connect to the internet The internet can be used for many reasons and has now become a part of everyday life, questioning how we dealt without it. The main reasons I use it for, like most is to keep in contact with friends/family, education, entertainment and gain information on interests. Everyday technology is updated and new devices are being developed in connection with the internet.
  • 23. Devices that I use in order to keep updated and connected:  Iphone 5- On the go with meteor  Laptop- At home, college and work  Computer- College
  • 24. Places I connect to the internet  At home – UPC Wireless broadband  In college – IADT wireless connection  On the go – 3G Usage  Work – 3G Usage
  • 25. Internet Networks  UPC delivers broadband through Cable and is supplied throughout my house hold. Before connecting to UPC my household was supplied by Eircom which was a fair server but price was a problem. When switched to Vodafone the price was reasonable for landline and broadband but the signal service was terrible, disconnecting constantly. Finally when moved to UPC it ticked all the correct boxes and I was able to connect to the Wi-Fi on my laptop and mobile phone with no problems.
  • 26. The use of internet in my everyday life (Application)  The availability of internet has changed my everyday life; I use it at home, college, work and everyday activities. It allows for me to keep up to date, keep in touch with friends and family and for personal entertainment. I connect through wireless and 3G internet. The internet g allows for me to check recent activities and news across the world keeping the world connected.
  • 27. References:      Broadbandguide. (2013). What is Broadband. Eircom. (2013). Eircom Braodband and Home Phone Bundles. Rabbit, P. (2012). Delivering a Connecting Society. A Netional Broadband Plan For Ireland, 1-‐20. UPC. (2013). UPC Bundles. Vodafone. (2013). Choose your broadband and phone plan.