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WilmingtonEsg Life Sciences



Summary of WilmingtonESG services with an emphasis on our Life Sciences Recruiting Division

Summary of WilmingtonESG services with an emphasis on our Life Sciences Recruiting Division



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WilmingtonEsg Life Sciences WilmingtonEsg Life Sciences Presentation Transcript

  • Updated March 2012
  • Founded in 1996One oft l r execut e seach a r uit fir in t Sout st he agest iv r nd ecr ing ms he heaPat w h a el e gr ofemer gl lor nizaions in t sel ion rner it n it oup ging oba ga t he ecta r uit oft t l w l ide nd ecr ment op aent ordw
  • A ing/ ccountL Science ife Heat r lhcae F nce inaConsumer F & oodPr s/ oduct Bev a er ge Non- ofit Pr A r ppael M nufa ur a ct ing Pa ging cka M chiner a y
  • Goba Ca t Pl cement l l ndidae a sUnit St t ed aes E ope ur India M e E st iddl a A ica fr China M exico Ca da naSout A ica h mer U.K.
  • % ofR enue ev
  • Ra et ined Cont ingency Consuling t No-CostUnt Hir il e Cont a Ser ices r ct vE usiv xcl ePr ectT ine oj imel Knowedge ofY l our Ca t V t ndidae etingA iv &Pa e ct e ssiv Indust y r Houry&Pr ect l ojCa t Seach ndidae r R a epl cement Ba Consuling sed tBeha ior lPr ing v a ofil G r nt uaa ees E oyee L sing mpl eaQ-Score Compl e R ence et efer Pa ol Ser ices yr l vCa t ndidae Checks Shor-l t istE ended G r nt xt uaa ee
  • Kir Seas | Pr k r esidentCE /OFoundera Pr nd esident/CE ofW mingt Goup in 1996, agr duae fr Pur Univ sit a aM O il on r a t om due er y, nd BAfr UNCW M. Seas ha hel engineer a business dev opmentposit w h consumer&ca a om , r r s d ing nd el ions it pit lequipmentma ct ing compa such a Inger l-R nd, Col n Pow mae, a a int naiona nufa ur nies s sol a ema er t nd n er t lDir orofNorh A ica Oper t a Siebe, PLC(Compa /Kelogg -A ica t tincl ect t mer n aions t ir l mer n) ha udedint naiona ma ct ing r er t l nufa ur esponsibil ies in Ca da M it na , exico, a China nd .Da l G don | V Pr niele or ice esidentDa l ha mor t n 16yeas ofexper in r uit a t l a niele s e ha r ience ecr ing nd aent cquisit w kfor pl nning. ion/ or ce aNaional r t ly ecognized a one oft t per mer in t r uit industy, Da l w ks a oss t boad s he op for s he ecr ing r niele or cr he rin t l sciences industy(Phama ica, Biot CR M lDev Da l under a t v a he ife r r ceut l ech, O, edica ice). niele st nds he it lr etl a ol aent cquisit pl ys in t gr t a pr a it ofa or nizaion. She is a exper in t ion a he owh nd ofit bil y n ga t n t heexecut e seach aena speciaizing in Dir ort CE l elpl cement iv r r , l ect o O ev a s.
  •  16yeas exper in t l science/ r ceut lindusty r ience he ife phama ica r Indiv lcontibut up t ough execut e l elseaches idua r or hr iv ev r OurL Science pr ct a ife a ice ccount for54 ofourbusiness s % 60 E usiv R a Seaches, 4 % Cont % xcl e et ined r 0 ingency
  • Practice AreasMarkets  Pr inica (Discov yt ough POC) ecl l er hr Biot ech  Pr ectM na oj a gement  Cl lDev opment inica el Phama ica r ceut l  Biost t ics aist  Ta aiona M r nsl t l edicine CRO  Dr Sa y ug fet  R aor A ir egul t y ffa s M lDev edica ice  E iv M na xecut e a gement  M nufa ur Suppl Cha a ct ing/ y in V ur Ca a ent e pit l  Life- e M na Cycl a gement  Business Dev opment el Pr ae E y iv t quit  Al nce M na lia a gementL /icensing  M lA ir edica ffa s St rup at  Quait ly  Huma Resour n ces
  •   V M nufa ur P a ct ing ChiefM lOfficer edica  V Cl lOper t P inica aions SV ofCl lDev opment P inica el  V A ied Reseach P ppl r V ofTa aiona M P r nsl t l edicine  Dir orofOut ect comes V Staegic Dev opment P rt el  A t M lDir orOncol ssociae edica ect ogy V ofSuppl Cha P y in  R aor M na egul t y a ger V ofStaegic Business Oper t P rt aions  SA /SeniorSA Pr a s S S ogr mmer V ofSaes/ aket P l M r ing  Cl lPr ectM na s, SRCPM Pr a M na s inica oj a ger s, ogr m a ger  Cl lTia M na s inica r l a ger V ofPr ectM na P oj a gement  CRA SRCR s, Lea CR s, Pr l s, A d A incipa V ofCl lOncol P inica ogy CRA (M t e t a ic aea s ulipl her peut r s) V ofCl lInfl mmaion P inica a t  V ofHuma R ces P n esour V M lA ir P edica ffa s V Quait Compl nce &A a P ly ia ssur nce
  • Our20St Seach Pr ep r ocess Dev op a Opporunit el n t y Cl Cola aion ient l bor tPr ect oj Int v Hir A hor ies er iew ing ut it Compl e aNeed A l et naysis Open Cl Diaog ient l St t aement &A ov lofOpporunit St . ppr a t y mtPl nning a F Indiv lInput or idua Pr e (NA ofil PS)Ca t ndidae Ca t R r ndidae eseach • T r Compa aget nies • Quait ly Dev op aShor Listof el t Open Ca te Diaogs ndida lSeach r • Daa se t ba • M iv t ot aion F l s F ClientR iew inaist or ev • Socia Net or l w king • Culur F t e it • R rl efer as • CaeerM t r achCa t ndidae Cl Submita ient t ls Ca t Porfol ndidae t io F ce t F ce a oa R rl eferas Q- e Scor &Ca t J ificaions ndidae ust tE auaion vl t Int v s er iew Ca t Phone ndidae • Debr F om Ca t ief r ndidae • Ca t L els ndidae ev • OfferExtended • Debr F om Cl ief r ient Coor t On- e dinae Sit • Ca te A a ndida ccept nceF l ina Int v Pr & er iew ep. ofInt v s er iew Coor t dinaion • R caibr tion ofQ- e e- l a Scor Int viewSchedul er es • Cl A ient ssessment • Onboading Coor t r dinaionSel ion ect • OfferR iew ev
  • Ca t ndidae • CostofLivingReports &Life Style Reports T s ool • Home M r A l aket naysis • Pur se, R a orT Housing Ser ice cha ent l emp v • M t ge Pr a orga ogr ms • Househol G M ing d oods ov Client Pr hir benefitpr a forca t e- e ogr m ndidaes T s ool Hot A el ccommodaions t Rea E ae Ser ices l st t v Rent l&T Housing Coor t a emp. dinaion M e M na ov a gement Spouse &Fa yA a mil ssist nce
  • Daniele Gor l don (91 0) 338.2738Daniele.gor l don@ wil mingtonesg.com