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Communication in the Family. Modern family

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Modern family

  1. 1. Modern FamilyFamily CollageDanielle Giacobbe
  2. 2. ABC’s sitcom Modern Family is a ‘Mockumentary’based on the diversified families of the 21stCentury.
  3. 3. The plot is based on the lives of threeuniquely different families that areintertwined through kinship.
  4. 4. The Dunphy’s
  5. 5. • The Dunphy‟s are considered a nuclear family or a natural family.• Phil and Claire are the proud parents of the three children.• Claire is a homemaker mother, while Phil is the breadwinner of the family.• Their children are well rounded as Claire and Phil do there very best to instill their children with values and morals.
  6. 6. The Dunphy‟s are an enmeshed family by means that the family is very involved and incorporated in one another‟s daily lives and routines.• The family comes together for meals.• Helps with homework.• Asks questions about the children‟s day.• See‟s the kids off to school and the bus in the mornings.• The children themselves are in tune with their siblings and what takes place in their lives while at school.
  7. 7. Dunphy’s Marital Typology and Conflictstyle• The Dunphy‟s marital typology would be Traditional in that they adopt to the “ideology of traditionalism”.• Their collaborative conflict style is deemed constructive and calls for higher marital satisfaction.• This conflict style evolves from couples who embrace closeness and marital romance.• This type of conflict is considered natural and healthy.
  8. 8. Mitchell and Cameron
  9. 9. • Mitchell and Cam have created their own familial unit in that they are a homosexual couple.• They adopted a Vietnamese baby girl named Lily making them a blended family.• They implement openness in their family to a great extent. The are very open about disclosing their feelings about their relationship, their personal goals and the upbringing of their daughter.
  10. 10. Marital Typology and Conflict Style• Mitchell and Cameron are a lot like the Dunphy‟s in that they use collaborative conflict management styles. Their conflict strategies are constructive in manner.• While they are not your necessarily your „traditional couple‟ they follow many of the same ideologies that men and women do. They are interdependent and attuned to each others needs.• They are an enmeshed couple as they are involved in each other‟s everyday lives.
  11. 11. The Prichett’s
  12. 12. • Previously divorced Jay Pritchett married his much younger Colombian wife Gloria, and is helping her raise her son Manny from a previous relationship.• Their relationship is different from the rest of the cast by means of conflict, marital typology and conflict strategies.
  13. 13. • The Prichett‟s are a blended family as Manny came from a previous relationship of Gloria‟s.• They are a disengaged family in that they are not heavily involved in what is going on in each other‟s lives.• Each member of the family is an independent unit of their own.• Cultural differences are evident in that Jay Prichetts does not always understand the cultural background of his wife. Instead of trying to understand her, he simply sits back and carries on with his own daily routines.
  14. 14. The Prichett’s Conflict Styles and MaritalTypology • Attitudes toward conflict often emerge partially from cultural differences. • Covert conflict and guerilla warfare are often present due to the fact communication strategies are non-existent and messages are unclear. • As a result of this conflict Manny has become very independent and has shaped his own views of life at a very young age.
  15. 15. Modern Family is a coming of age portrayal of everydayfamilies in our society. Each family is uniquely diverseand touch on many aspects of our lives and on modernfamilies of today.