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Social Media Introduction to NWF Staff
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Social Media Introduction to NWF Staff


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An introduction to how National Wildlife Federation uses social media.

An introduction to how National Wildlife Federation uses social media.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. An Overview of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Yammer
    By Danielle Brigida
    Manager of Social Media
  • 2. There are more than 100,000 non-profit Pages on Facebook
  • 3. An average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
  • 4. NWF on Facebook
  • 5. Page, Group, Profile
  • 6. Facebook Page
    Must have an official rep as an admin
    Communicates broadly (comments, posts)
    Posts and pages are available to everyone
    Anyone can “Like” your page
    Admins post under the page name
    Tabs and Insights are available
  • 7. Facebook Group
    Closed space for small groups
    Offer more privacy settings and options
    Members must be approved or added by other members
    They are notified by default
    Collaborate through chats, photo albums, docs and group events
    No insights or tabs available
  • 8. New Facebook Groups:
  • 9. Facebook Profile?
    Violates Terms of Service
    No analytics
    Can’t test
    They may not want to friend you
  • 10. Understanding Terminology
    Status – Update your friends with links, photos, or info
    Admin – person who runs a page or group.
    Wall – Public messaging on your profile
    News Feed – Where you can view friend/page updates
    Insights – Facebook page analytics
    Tagging – Type the "@" symbol. Select the friend, page, event, group or app you want to tag from the drop-down menu.
  • 11. Use Custom Audiences
  • 12. Use Powerful Imagery and Ask Questions
  • 13. Engagement Tips
    • Ask questions they can answer
    • 14. Use @_name to mention other pages/people
    • 15. Post colorful/interesting photos
    • 16. Create a landing tab (using iframes)
    • 17. Comment again after other comments have been made
  • Make Sharing Easy
  • 18. Pay Attention to Audiences
    National Wildlife Federation
    Forest Justice Campaign
    Certified Wildlife Habitat Page
  • 19. Be Yourself
  • 20. Introduction to Twitter
  • 21. Your Twitter Profile*What Others See*
  • 22. Your Twitter Home
  • 23. What is a Mention?
  • 24. What is a Retweet?
  • 25. What Does NWF Tweet?
  • What is a Hashtag?
  • 33. Use
  • Use Twitter Lists To Find New People
  • 38. Example of a Twitter List!/NWF/nwfstaff
  • 39. Search Twitter Bios
  • 40. @wildlifeaction
  • 41. Wildlife Watch on Twitter
  • 42. Making the most out of LinkedIn
  • 43. Ways Nonprofits Use LinkedIn
  • 44. Join Your Company Page
  • 45. Explore NWF’s Page
  • 46. Check Out NWF’s Analytics
  • 47. Add Your Events
  • 48. Join Many GroupsThey Increase Your Network
  • 49. Keep Track of
    Former Staff
    Volunteersand Supporters
  • 50. Tips for Maintaining a Group
    Don’t over post
    Be relevant
    Answer and ask questions
    Moderate comments and spam
  • 51. Use Applications
  • 52. Build Out Your Personal Profile
    Add a picture
    Update your work section
    Upload your existing contacts
    Personalize your LinkedIn URL
    Use keywords that accurately describe you
    Let others find you
    Add and recommend people you meet
    Post your skills
  • 53. What is Yammer?
    Yammer serves as an internal network for NWF staff.
    Yammer is used at NWF to share:
    Share info on campaigns, programs, events, etc.
    Share interesting articles about topics staff may like
    Ask questions that staff may be able to answer
    Share social media posts others may like
  • 54. Yammer
  • 55. The Benefits of Yammer
    Less formal than email
    You communicate with people you wouldn’t normally
    Organizes us on the backend
    Improves internal communication
  • 56. Receive Yammer Updates
    Email Digest
    Desktop Client
    Smart Phone
    Gchat, Sharepoint, Twitter integration, etc.
  • 57. Read About Our Work
  • 58. Questions?
    By Danielle Brigida
    @starfocus on Twitter