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Quarterly Social Media Report

  1. 1. NWF Social Media UpdateQ 3 – July - September 2012 UpdateThis report showcases a few examples of how our organization is using social media and howwe’re learning from it.Notable Social Media Mentions:50 Nonprofits Politicians should follow on Twitter by Nonprofit Tech 2.0Pinning Goodness on Pinterest by Wired’s Geek Mom Blog7 Ways to Use Pinterest for Nonprofit Marketing by Business 2 Community3 Companies Rocking Facebook’s Timeline: by Future-Ink3 Trends in Early PInterest Fundraising by Community OrganizerReach:NWF’S National Facebook Page Fans: Increased from 98,454 to 104,470 (up 6%)*about 72 new fans per dayNWF’s National Twitter Page Followers: Increased from 93,808 to 105,683 (up 12.7%)* about 142 new followers a dayView other NWF program and regional pages and like them!Engagement: Top Retweeted NWF Tweets (All Were Promoted this Month via a Twitter Ad): 1. Retweet if you want to spend less money for more miles. #fuel4change 128 RTs 2. Retweet if youre breathing easier w pending fuel efficiency standards that support … 114 RTs 3. .@whitehouse is about to save you money on gas and make our air cleaner 84 RTs Top shared and liked posts on NWF’s Facebook: 1. [PHOTO] Happy Friday! Dance like youre wild this weekend! 5,377 shares and likes 2. [PHOTO] These pups otter brighten your day 5,313 shares and likes 3. [PHOTO] John Muir Quote and Photo 2,340 shares and likes Top watched videos on Youtube 1. Polar Bears and Melting Sea Ice Don’t Add Up 2,100 views 2. Polar Bears and Global Warming 1,756 views 3. NWF Presents What Did Snaky Eat Game App 1,546 views
  2. 2. Top Visited* Content from Social Media:*Visited content means that people actually went to NWF’s website from a social media site.Top Visited Content from Twitter 1. Hike and Seek 200 2. What Is Causing the Climate to Unravel? 172 3. Photo Contest Entrant: Tiger 169Top Visited Content from Facebook 1. National Wildlife Photo Contest Home 5,373 2. Photo Contest Entrant: Orangutan 4,395 3. Tar Sands Wolf Action Alert 2,230Key Accomplishments and Lessons Learned: Hitting over 100,000 users on three networks: This quarter we hit over 100,000 users on three different social networks- Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The numbers continue to grow and our communities continue to develop. National Wildlife Magazine’s Photo Contest: The photo contest drove an impressive number of page views from Facebook this quarter and many of these page views did not come from any NWF page sharing it- so this organic traffic was from the content entrants promoting their entries. This is truly tapping into the value of social media. Our First Paid Twitter Advertisement As part of the Clean Air Coalition effort to announce the new CAFE standards, NWF was able to lend its Twitter handle for our first Twitter advertising experience. Largely because we had the highest number of followers we were able to help promote an important message under the promoted trend “#fuel4change”. The trend alone had an estimated 46.9 million impressions with a 5.75% engagement rate* (this is defined by what percentage of those tweets containing the #fuel4change hashtag were interacted with (clicks/replied to/retweeted) this effort lasted for 24 hours and gave us access to overall Twitter data on our account. If you’re curious about NWF’s Twitter audience- here is the breakdown from Twitter Analytics.
  3. 3. Snapshot of our Twitter Users:Youtube Quarterly Update: We had 32,795 views this quarter estimating about 42,009 minutes ofvideos watched. Our videos got 91 likes, 38 shares and 37 favorites. Our Top 10 videos show that PolarBears, Wild Animal Baby Explorers and Promotional Videos are the most watched and have moreengagement with likes, comments and shares.Trends and Industry News: How to Insure Nonprofit’s Fans See All Your Posts Facebook Brand Posts Get One-Third of Their Reach Within Just 10 Minutes Social Media Stats: Who’s in the lead with numbers? eBay: Mobile-Only Sales Increased More Than 200 Percent In Q3 How Big Brands can Emulate Facebook’s Promoted PostsTip of the Quarter: Are you curious about Google+? Please let me know! We’ve been building out our presence there and here are 10 tips for beginners on Google+.If you’re curious how this compares to the previous quarter please visit the Social Media Sharepoint Site.