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Daniel lawlor - cut-e - Irish Recruiters Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Startfolie Recruitment & Assessment  - Innovation & Best Practice Irish recruiters event
  • 2. Contents
    • Who knows cut-e ?
    • Who are cut-e and what we do ?
    • The economic case for online assessment and psychometrics
    • What makes our tools different ?
  • 3. Product Portfolio – our fit in your HR-Talent function
    • a world leader…
      • in the design and implementation of online psychometric and competency based assessment systems in 35 languages... 3 million candidates a year ( aptitude, personality, motives and values assessments) .. Offices in 18 countries
    • Expertise in online recruitment processes, psychometric assessment, assessment centre design. New advances in RJP’s and SJQ’s.
    • Best equipped operation in the Irish market with a full time team of 9 staff based in Loughrea, Co. Galway, Growing in UK & Singapore
    • consulting services provided for…
      • large scale recruitment and selection strategies
      • external and internal talent management
      • organisation development and related diagnostic and support systems
  • 4. Validity Cost Interview € Graphology Assessment Centre Ability Tests Trial Period Application biodata Structured Interview Personality Questionnaires Biograph. Questionnaires The Economic Case For Online Psychometrics based on: Metaanalyse, Mike Smith University of Manchster; IS&T .3 .2 .1 .4 .5 .6
  • 5. Example Clients
  • 6. What makes our ability tools unique and different
    • Cut-e Online Developments
    • Adaptive tests reduce ceiling effects – unlimited items performance scores
    • Logical reasoning, short term memory and adaptive numeric tests work well high logical, quantitative finance and technical group
    • Unique item generators reduce learning impact
    • Negative marking algorithms penalise fast - guessers
    • Limitations Of Normal Measures
    • Traditional online tests have limited number of items in test time. Fine for establishing weaker candidates but not stronger ones – I.E arbitary differentation at high end
    • Strong cultural bias about test taking familiarisation and ‘test taking expertise’. Learning item content and bonus for guessing efficiency toward end as no negative marking
    • Candidates can ‘save and learn’ screens – this is possible with item banks but not with ‘cut-e unique item generator technology’
  • 7. Contempory Design
  • 8. What makes our personality tools unique and different
    • Different versions for different role type – Executive, Professional, Graduate, Expert, Sales, Admin - Competency models and face validity
    • Smart analysis tools for configuring and weighting against client / or Cut-e Competency models
    • Sub 15 minutes to complete to enhance reliability, validity and completion rates
    • Adalloc Adaptive question formats that allow us to give the candidate more freedom in experience and improved fine differentiation and retest reliability
    • Adalloc uses best of normative for candidate control and ipsative for control of candidate manipulation
    • Research on item response time to indicate manipulation and can be used reliably to identify fraudulent behaviour
  • 9. Assessment Centres Based in UK on Tesco V Sainsbury as an Acquisition Target For Carrefour
  • 10. ‘ Uptown Duty Free’ You are part of the marketing and sales team in Uptown Duty Free HQ based in Paris. You have been with the company since its founding and due to past performances have been identified to be part of the task team that has been given the project of identifying why the London store is underperforming. An initial task team has already gathered information regarding sales figures, customer demographics, etc. Your job is come to come up with as many recommendations and solutions as possible to improves the sales performance and customer experience or Uptown Duty Free
  • 11. Online E- Trays
  • 12. Whatever you like
  • 13. Prevention Of Cheating
    • Unique item generation eliminates value gained in saving screens for candidates
    • Impossible for candidates to break or learn off scoring keys
    • Candidate have minimised learning effect for retesting
  • 14. Preventing and mitigating against guessing
    • No Distractor Items
    • Negative Marking Scoring Methods
    • Min time required to see an item – auto guess assumed for less than .3 second on some assessments
    • Cut-e assessments able to establish if you are on the correct data sheet when trying to answer questions or if you are responding when with wrong data
    • Cut-e tools report on accuracy and guessing levels
    • Adaptive personality assessment items reduce this
    • Shapes personality through response patterns can accurately predict manipulation style
  • 15. What Makes Cut-e Commercial Model Unique
    • No cost integration with ATS systems and 100% success rate
    • No charge for corporate identity and branding on systems
    • No set up or licence fee cost for use of product
    • Clients pay a simple per candidate fee and you only pay when assessment data generated
    • No Charge for candidate retesting and result verification under supervised conditions
    • Free customer professional and technical support
    • Free tools to configure bespoke / customised reports
  • 16. Startfolie Cut-e Daniel Lawlor Tel:                  00-353-91-842203 Mob: 00- 353 87 2669848 E-Mail:              [email_address] Web:                www.cut-e.com