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How to Outsource to the Philippines


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Find out the easiest way to outsource to the Philippines.

Find out the easiest way to outsource to the Philippines.

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  • 1. Are you looking for some ways to cut costs for yourcompany?If so, maybe it’s time for you to consider outsourcing yourwork. Philippines is just one of the few countries with cheaplabor costs. Having cheap labor costs doesn’t mean that theequivalent work would be rubbish. In fact, the Philippines is agreat source of various talents. Be it web designing, adminwork, content writing and others; expect to see verycommendable results.
  • 2. To be able to find capable Filipino workers who wouldhelp growing your business, you should use thesefollowing outsourcing services. The following websitesare top sources of quality online Filipinoworkers:,,
  • 3. OnlineJobs.phOnlineJobs is a job board for Filipinos. In this website,you can sign up as an employer and find the right Filipinoemployee for your company. To start, OnlineJobs offers yousix easy ways on how you can find the right person for thejob.Done for you Service – You will just give your jobdescription to the Virtual Staff Finder and they will find themost suitable applicant.
  • 4. Ready to Go Employees – It’s a comprehensive list thatshows the summarized details of applicants including theirworking experience and salary expectation.Employee Search – Use the website’s advanced options offiltering out applicants with specified skills suited for thejob.Specific Jobseeker Search – If you want to search for aparticular name of an employee, you may use this option.
  • 5. Browse Employee Database – This will provide you an ideaon the number of jobseekers at the website.Post a Job Opening – It is the best way to find interestedapplicants for your job.
  • 6. oDesk.comoDesk is now considered as the world’s largest onlineworkplace. If you need an online contractor, you shouldregister as an employer (I need a contractor button).There are already more than half a million Filipinosregistered at oDesk. To find the best contractor for yourjob, oDesk offers you three ways to get it done:
  • 7. Public Post – Post about your job description.Private Invite – You can send an invitation to an oDeskcontractor you find appropriate to your job.Hybrid Post – The public and private way to let thecontractors know that you have a project that needs to bedone.
  • 8. EasyOutsource.comEasyOutsource is another great platform for you to find aFilipino worker. To get started, you only need to sign upas an employer. Posting your job under the right categorywill help you find the right Filipino worker.
  • 9. What you need to do:• Sign up.• Define your job details.• Post your job.• Review your applicants.• Interview the ones you like on Skype or Google Chat.• Subject them in a probationary period or trial task.These are only some of the many outsourcing platformsyou can use if you want to hire a Filipino worker.Filipino workers are smart, good in English, honest andvery dependable.