Does Ethical SEO Exist?


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Find out whether ethical SEo still exist or not.

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Does Ethical SEO Exist?

  1. 1. Is There Such a Thing As Ethical SEO?As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO)consultant, I’m often appalled when I learnwhat other SEO consultants and SEO companiesare charging their clients and more importantlythe level of services they are delivering.
  2. 2. Charging premium prices for premium services is awell accepted way to market your business if you area premium provider, but what if a company chargespremium pricing but only delivers mediocre levels ofservice or worse?The thing about SEO, is that the average marketingmanager, general manager or business owner wouldnot have a clue as how to determine if theservices, such as generating back links or articlemarketing, are actually taking place.
  3. 3. If they are taking place, then to what benefit?It seems as if the term “SEO” is now only equatedwith back linking, which is certainly contributing tothe current unethical situation.
  4. 4. Google tells us that sites need to be relevant to beindexed highly, and one way to be relevant is to havea lot of other sites linking to them, so all the SEOcompanies jumped on this bandwagon and startedrunning around selling 12 month back linkingcontracts to anyone who will buy one.I can tell you that I have gotten a site rankedon page one of Google with no back links toit….
  5. 5. Yes, in very competitive markets, back links certainlydo count, but what is even more important there isthe “relevance” of the back links. You need back linksfrom sites which compliment yours, or better yet fromsites ranked even higher than yours!But worse yet, I’ve now confirmed that there are SEOcompanies providing sub-standard back linkingstructures, which do match the contractualrequirement, but don’t actually contribute to therelevance of their client’s sites.
  6. 6. In fact, I’ve found certain companiesconducting activities which might actually becausing their client’s sites to be downgradedby the search engines; and their clients don’teven know it…This is the scary thing!There are companies paying out millions of dollarsper year without having a clue as to whether theirmoney is being invested or simply diverted to SEO“management fees”.
  7. 7. Yes there is such a thing as ethical SEO if youwork with Quantum SEO Solutions!I pride myself and my company on my word, myhonor, and my client’s search and click throughstatistics.
  8. 8. If you’re sick of monthly reports which you can’tunderstand and questioning the value of yourSEO provider, then please content Quantum SEOSolutions to conduct an audit of your currentSEO strategy.You might be surprised at what I find…Get Your Business Found Faster!