NPR : Examples of COPE


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This presentation shows the same NPR story displayed in a wide range of platforms. The content, through the principles of COPE, is pushed out to all of these destinations through the NPR API. Each destination, meanwhile, uses the appropriate content for that presentation layer.

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NPR : Examples of COPE

  1. 1. NPR Digital Media Examples of COPE By Daniel Jacobson
  2. 2. The following slides are just some of the different displays of the NPR story, “Pooh Faithful Return To The Hundred Acre Wood”. These different displays are all supported by the NPR API and its underlying philosophy COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere).
  3. 3. NPR’s CMS * * Data entry for stories for all presentation layers
  4. 4. NPR’s API * * The foundation for NPR’s display and distribution of content
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Player
  7. 7. NPR News iPhone App
  8. 8. NPR Mobile Web Site
  9. 9. NPR Addict iPhone App * * Produced by a public user, based entirely on the NPR API
  10. 10. NPR on the Public Radio Player
  11. 11. NPR on WBUR
  12. 12. NPR on Minnesota Public Radio
  13. 13. NPR in iTunes
  14. 14. NPR on iGoogle