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W3C Event Digital Publishing by Publiwide
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W3C Event Digital Publishing by Publiwide


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W3C Event in May 22, 2014 in Fribourg. Sebastien and Maurizio by Publiwide giving a talk about digital publishing

W3C Event in May 22, 2014 in Fribourg. Sebastien and Maurizio by Publiwide giving a talk about digital publishing

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Publishing in the era of the Open Web Platform W3C conference in Fribourg 22.05.2014
  • 2. }  Reading on screen for the last 25 years }  Distributing content over the web }  Secured distribution, download }  Streaming }  Paywall distribution }  Subscriptions }  New interactive experiences }  Multimedia streams 2 Publishing in the web era: what is it
  • 3. 3 Most recent trends and habits have transformed reading and publishing }  Internet everywhere }  Mobility }  Social }  Collaboration }  Customization }  Cloud }  Broadband }  Multi-function devices
  • 4. 4 Traditional Publishing is challenged by the web trends
  • 5. }  Book publishers }  Magazine publishers }  Industry }  Teachers/ Professors }  Non Governing Organization }  Administration }  Service companies Publishing is Critical for Many Industries 5 Publishing is critical to many communication channels
  • 6. }  The Publishing industry has leveraged the Web for 20 years. Part of the industry have been early adopters. 6 And today Publishing = Web
  • 7. }  Web pages are more attractive, interactive and intelligent }  HTML5, SVG, or CSS provides cross-browser and cross- device interoperability }  Video, audio, etc., are a first-class citizens }  Data integration has been simplified }  It has tools for social networking (privacy, security, identity) }  Is the most interoperable platform in the industry 7 Why the Web is Boosting Publishing The Web has become an Open Web Platform
  • 8. 8 And eBooks have Picked up the Technology Big Time: EPUB 3 }  EPUB3 is the standard for Digital Books: it’s a portable HTML 5 }  Defined by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) }  These days virtually all digital books (except for Amazon’s) rely on EPUB
  • 9. 9 Empowering publishers to build new experiences … the eBook An EPUB eBook is «just» a packaged Web site
  • 10. eBook: Fixed Layout VS Reflowable
  • 11. 11 Consumed/ Experienced in Specific Environment … the Reader An EPUB reader is «just» a very specialized browser
  • 12. OPS Folder Look inside an ePUB file CSS (Style sheets) IMAGES mimetype META-INF Container.xml TEXT (in HTML5) Video Audio Fonts Proprietary SVG MathML JavaScript
  • 13. EPUB, a Portable Website! }  Website Delivery }  Ebook Delivery Browser Local cache eReader The ePub Store
  • 14. Distribution }  eBook distribution and delivery is enabled by power houses }  Amazon }  iBooks }  ADE (Adobe Digital Edition) }  Kobo }  Other }  Adobe and Sony have slowed down the creativity and enhanced reading experiences by sticking to an early version of EPUB and not adopting EPUB 3 }  Nowadays Readium is offering broader distribution alternatives
  • 15. 15 So What is the Nature and the Scale of the Tasks for W3C
  • 16. Purpose of the Open web standard/ W3C }  Since 2013,W3C collaborates directly with IDPF (amongst other) }  Digital Publishing Interest Group }  The aim is to reduce the gap between the publishing industry’s requirements and the promises of HTML 5: }  Layout }  Reading order and content streams }  Advanced typesetting rules }  Accessibility }  Dynamic pagination
  • 17. 17 From users of Web technologies to players The specific needs and priorities of the publishing industry may not be reflected in the evolution of the Web! Technical Challenges Match current publishing practices More than a text file on the screen Various business models Address diverse communities
  • 18. 18 Complex Layout: Reading Order
  • 19. 19 Complex Layout: Linked Content
  • 20. 20 Hyphenation and Controlled Hyphenation
  • 21. 21 CSS and encoding features
  • 22. 22 Formulas In frame or in between Inline
  • 23. 23 Interactive Experiences
  • 24. 24 Vertical Writing
  • 25. }  Building Readers }  Managing existing formats (PDF, InDD, Docx, XML) }  Re-structuring data and analysis of complex data (footnotes, tables, formulas,TOC) }  Converting in EPUB 3 Fixed Layout }  Transforming in EPUB 3 reflowable }  Streamlining publishing workflow around Open web standards }  Enhancing text content with multimedia }  Editing interactive content 25 Experiencing the W3C challenges on a daily basis
  • 26. }  Ivan Hermann,W3C Digital Publishing Activity Lead who influenced this presentation! } Thanks + References 26
  • 27. Publiwide Ltd Passage du Cardinal 1 1700 Fribourg 026 401 2950 26/05/14 27