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Open web platform talk by daniel hladky at rif 2012 (19 april 2012   moscow)
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Open web platform talk by daniel hladky at rif 2012 (19 april 2012 moscow)


My talk under W3C Russia at the RIF2012 conference in Moscow/Russia.

My talk under W3C Russia at the RIF2012 conference in Moscow/Russia.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Daniel Hladky, HSE/W3C Russia RIF 2012 The Open Semantic Web PlatformApril 19, 2012
  • 2. Agenda• Web Transformation• Role of W3C• HTML5 and the Open Web Platform (OWP)• Momentum• Industry Use of the Open Web Platform• Participation – Working Groups / Business Groups / Communities 2
  • 3. The WORLD WIDE WEB "Thirty years ago, we couldnt know thatsomething called the Internet would lead to an economic revolution." FEBRUARY 2011
  • 4. Actually, we had some ideas about that ...Building Blocks1. Modeling (Taxonomy, Ontology)2. Calculating Knowledge (Inference/ Logic)3. Exchanging Information Web 4.0 (Communication Web 3.0 Ubiquitous Web 2.0 Semantic TCP/IP) Web 1.0 (Read/Write) Machine Proc. Philosophy (Read) Social Computer Science Ca. 1989 ca. 1999 2001 201x 4
  • 5. A NEW WAVE ofTRANSFORMATIONS Just as the Web has transformed everything… …It will transform everything again5
  • 6. World Wide Web Consortium• More than 340 Members (only 2 from Russia)• Web ecosystem: users, developers, browsers, etc.• Staff in US (MIT), France (ERCIM) and Japan (Keio) • W3C Russia Office hosted by HSE• Open Standards, Royalty FreeW3C Core Team (67 people)
  • 7. Broad Reach• Translations of standards to 55+ languages• Liaisons w/ 40+ global standards organizations (UN, ISO, ITU, IETF, OGF, Unicode, ICANN, ETSI, Isoc…)• 55,000+ people subscribed to 800+ mailing lists• Millions of Hits/day on www.w3.org• 220+ Web standards: (HTML, XML, NG/SVG, RDF/OWL/SPARQL, Accessibility….)• 1,800+ participants in 60+ Groups
  • 8. Let’s do some voting
  • 9. Web Trends Affecting Society• Web everywhere• Devices – 85% – Percentage of handsets shipped globally in 2011 that included a web browser – Diversity of device types (eBooks, printers, tablets, televisions, automobiles)• Apps with rich interactions. People want: - Apps in addition to documents - Rich media (video, animations, digital photography, music) - Location-based services - Social 9
  • 10. HTML5: Cornerstone of the Platform"The Web is going through a once-in-a-decade technology transition to HTML5 and CSS3” - Gartner• Reach multiple devices – Desktop, mobile, tablet, TV• Powerful and modular – Documents, multimedia, interactivity• Multi-application – eBooks, user interfaces, games• Standard scheduled 2014 10
  • 11. HTML5New Elements HTML5 MultimediaNew Attributes With HTML5, playing video and audio is easier thanFull CSS3 Support ever.Video and Audio HTML5 <video> HTML5 Graphics2D/3D Graphics HTML5 <audio> With HTML5, drawing graphics is easier than ever:Local Storage Using the <canvas> elementLocal SQL Database Using inline SVGWeb Applications Using CSS3 2D/3D Semantic Elements New elements for headers, footers, HTML5 Applications menues, sections and articles. With HTML5, web application development is easier HTML5 Forms than ever. New form elements, new attributes, new Local data storage input types, automatic validation. Local file access Local SQL database Application cache Javascript workers Possible references: XHTMLHttpRequest 2 http://www.w3schools.com/html5/default.asp http://slides.html5rocks.com/#landing-slide http://www.w3.org/TR/html5-diff/ 11
  • 12. Benefits of W3C Web Standards• Lower cost of cross-platform development• Rapid prototyping• Create apps in the cloud• Broad developer support• Customers one click away• Full control over content 12
  • 13. Web Client 2012 13
  • 14. Rapidly Growing Support Cross-Device, Cross-Platform• Major browsers – IE9+, FF4+, Safari5+, Opera11+, Chrome10+, Blackberry Browser, Silk• Platforms – iOS, Android, ChromeOS, BlackberryOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile 8• Libraries – Webkit (Google, Apple, Nokia, etc.), Gecko (Mozilla), Trident (Microsoft), Presto (Opera) 14
  • 15. A Platform for Social Requirements• Privacy – Tracking protection• Security – Security story changes with distributed apps and logic on the client• Identity – New crypto work starting• Accessibility – By people with range of disabilities• Multilingual – Support the world’s languages 15
  • 16. Web is Mobile Platform of the Future “58% Of Mobile Web Users Get Their Content Fix Through Browsers” – TechCrunch “Mobile Web application platforms will generate almost $2.6 billion in service revenue by 2015” – Smith’s Point Analytics• Video and Audio• Voice, Videoconferencing, and real-time communications• Peer-to-peer• Location-based services• Social networking• Advertising• Games 16
  • 17. Web Transports and Enhances TV• Analog-to-digital conversion is nearly complete• User generated content commonplace on Internet• Convergence has started, but where will it lead? - User content and premium content - How much integration of Web content into programming? - Internet, wireless, or conventional distribution - Device: TV, laptop, handheld• Different stakeholders have different perspectives - Traditional broadcast - Telecoms - Content providers - New entrants (youtube, netflix, hulu, pandora, spotify, …) - Device manufacturers 17
  • 18. Social Networking – E.g. Facebook• CTO Bret Taylor in July 2011 – “Over the long term, people in Silicon Valley really view HTML5 as the future platform …that’s where we’re putting a huge amount of our investment …”• Facebook mobile apps built with HTML5 (including native apps)• Facebook promotes HTML5 for Drawing Web storage mobile and social apps Video Web sockets History API CSS Transitions• Nearly 50% of 800 million users Geolocation App Cache access Facebook through mobile. 18
  • 19. Gaming - E.g. Zynga• Zynga mission: social gaming for all – “The company … has 60 million daily active users, who play Zynga games for more than 2 billion minutes every day.”• Open Web Platform advantages – No plugins (mobile users don’t install) – Play quickly without install; one click away – Significant code reuse between Web sockets Touch events desktop, mobile Caching Orientation – User experience-driven live updates; CSS animations HTML5 audio CSS 2d transforms Timing control bug fixes• Zynga leverages Facebook social network by using HTML5 19
  • 20. Financial Times• Financial Times launched popular iPad app• Quickly replicated 80-90% of user experience using Open Web Platform• Faster app launch times improve user experience; customers have switched to Web app• Web app approach more cost-effective, less confusion for users across devices Audio, Video, Touch, CSS, SVG, Flex box, Web SQL, History API, Local storage, App cache 20
  • 21. Amazon and eBooks• Amazon Silk browser supports HTML5, leverages cloud services• Ebook market leveraging HTML5+CSS – Ebooks starting to outsell printed books in some markets – Ebook standard (EPUB) based on W3C standards: HTML, CSS, SVG SVG Video – Extensions also HTML+CSS Fonts Audio (Amazon KF8 on Kindle Fire, Apple Backgrounds Fonts iBook) Borders Media Queries• Document formats are increasingly based on the Open Web Platform 21
  • 22. Digital News and Semantics• Early adopters of RDF(a), SPARQL etc – NYTIMES, BBC, Guardien, AP, RIAN etc. 22
  • 23. Advertising and More 23
  • 24. More Objects, More Information• Retail – Product information, …• Airport logistics - Track suitcases, …• Automotive - Is car ready for trip?, … Use Cases• General logistics Drilling and Exploration - Track production parts Value Chain• Medical care Compliance Information Big Data Analytics - State of medical instruments• Transportation - How to move to…. 24
  • 25. How can you participate?Many ways to make an impact and contribute:• Membership in W3C• Sponsorship of W3C programs• Business Groups• Community Groups• Participation in public Workshops/Working groups• Many other Events, Training
  • 26. Do you like:To Lead the Web to its full potential To Anticipate the Trends To Increase your company value Join W3C http://www.w3.org/Consortium/join Daniel Hladky Deputy Director W3C Office Russia Transforming the Web together Phone: +7-(495)-436 0245 | Mobile: +41-79-3535043 E-m ail: dhladky@w 3c.org.ru | W: w 3c.org.ru Skype: daniel.hladky hosted by