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Zotero præsentation


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Zotero is the free easy to use reference management tool that I recommend to students and researchers at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

Zotero is the free easy to use reference management tool that I recommend to students and researchers at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Agenda• What is Zotero?• How does Zotero work?• Adding posts to Zotero• – installation and register• Managing your library• Zotero – extra features• Zotero and word/open office
  • 2. What is it?• Firefox add-ons• Standalone• Developed by Center for History and New Media, George Mason University• Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.
  • 3. Firefox Add-on
  • 4. Works with:And many more…
  • 5. Adding posts Next to the URL you will find an icon ifZotero is recognizing the type of material.
  • 6. Import The yellow folder means that Zotero is recognizing several different posts at the webpage Click on the yellow folder and this window appears.Choose the posts you wouldlike to import to your library.
  • 7. IconsThere are three other icons which can appear at a webpage Article Book Blogpost
  • 8. StructureThe Icon structure is used in thesaved post in your library
  • 9. Manually add a new ItemA new post can bemanually inserted Zotero has a long listinto the collection of different templates depending on the type of material that you will like to add to your collection.
  • 10. LibraryMy library - Saved posts The bibliographical folders In chosen folder post
  • 11. Create account
  • 12. Web account view
  • 13. Installation• First install Firefox• Go to www.• Click on• Create an account• Remember to install PDF-indexing, Word plug-in• Also Sync your account in preferences.
  • 14. Your turn!
  • 15. Collection New New group collection collection Share collections with other Zotero users Personal collectionsDuplicate items Unfiled items Trash
  • 16. Menu Create new item AdvancedPreferences from current page search New note New Item New child attachment Add item by identifier
  • 17. Actions Import or Export bibliographical data to other software as RefWorks, Mendeley, EndNote etc. Preferences and settings to your personal Zotero account.Link to Zotero help andsupport, will open up in new window
  • 18. Preferences Sync and Searchare the ones you shouldget set from the start toget the most out of your Zotero account.
  • 19. SyncFill in your account information on allcomputers you areusing for automatic Zotero sync. This will also enable you toaccess your Zotero Web Account withfully updated library
  • 20. Search Installing PDF indexing enables Zotero to makesearches in full-text documents asarticles, reports etc.This is not activated by default but has to be installed by each user.
  • 21. Other FunctionsA new post imported directly from You can add independent notes as well the current website you are as notes attached to a specific posts. visiting You can manually attach useful information to a post.
  • 22. Search in Zotero Quick Search, Searches all fields & tags by default, but has a few alternatives as well. Advanced search with more search options. It is possible to save asearch, and set it up so that Zotero creates afolder with material that matches your criteria
  • 23. Features Sync with Zotero server. Connect and update your account if you are working on several computers. Close zotero window. Zotero is always open when Firefox is running Toggle tab mode. Full screen zotero View, show and Lookup functions.Shows the file in different versions ormatches it to defined search engines and databases.
  • 24. Deleting materialMark the post and rightclick on your mouse to enter the menu.You can either delete a post from a specificfolder, keeping the post in the library Or completely deletethe post from the library
  • 25. Word and open officeTo be able to use Zotero as a tool in Word or Open office,a plug-in has to be installed. You can download it and find more information here: installed correctly, itshould look likethis in the Cite menu, in Preferences
  • 26. Word Set Doc When the plug-in is Preferences, i.e.installed, this menu- Citation Stylebar should be visible Insert in Word bibliography Remove codes Insert citation Refresh Edit citation Edit bibliography
  • 27. Citation styleThe first time you choose Insert Citation,this window appearsChoose the preferred Citation Style for thedocument you are working withEndnotes or Footnotes can also be chosenYou can later on change and tryother styles in the Set doc pref.
  • 28. Quick format citation box Next time when you chooose insert citation, the Quick Format Citation Box will appearWhen you start to type in the box,Zotero searches in your library
  • 29. Insert citation When you have chosen reference you can click on the box and insert page numbers.Then press enter and the citation will appear in the text inthe preferred style.
  • 30. Create Bibliography When you have finished your document, Zotero will automatically generate a Bibliographyin the chosen Citation Style
  • 31. Install Citationstyle Find your preferred style, view the style before installing. Click on the chosen style and it will instantly be installed to your account
  • 32. Change Citationstyle Click on this icon and the Document Preferences will open. You can see the stylesavailable, and the new styles that you have added. When clicking OK yourdocument update to the new style.
  • 33. Good Luck!If you have any questions or problems,Please contact me:Daniel GunnarssonMail: daniel.gunnarsson@kadk.dkTelefon: 3268 6817