Holistic Digital Marketing Manifesto: Why Combine Services?


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Digital Marketing strategy is more than

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Holistic Digital Marketing Manifesto: Why Combine Services?

  1. 1. Why Digital MattersA rationale for holistic Digital Marketing
  2. 2. The Statistics: Digital is Massive2 billion GOOGLE searches per day10.8 million Aussies on Facebook* 90% of Australians research onlinebefore purchasing. This includesreview sites, forums, Social Media* 80% of first brand interactionshappen in the search box. PPC &SEO pushes your brand
  3. 3. New Normal: Local, Social, MobileBusiness as usual has changed. Customersinteract with brands across multiple channels,on multiple screens 24/7. Are you catering tothese segmented audiences? Does the usercome first
  4. 4. Marketing Changed: Niche FirstFrom Broadcasting to NICHE-CASTINGFrom TV Networks to SOCIAL NETWORKsProducts are now SOCIAL OBJECTS. Theymust be "remarkable".
  5. 5. Rethink Digital: Focus on OverlapsDigital Marketing is more than the sum of itsparts. A comprehensive strategy exploits theoverlaps between your digital channels, andexplores their uniqueadvantages. Engageeach stage in the"interest" cycle.Eg. Remarketing
  6. 6. Discover: Demand-based MarketingGone are the days of PUSH marketing.Digital listens to what your customers aredemanding & giving it to them. The "discover"mode captures high-intent search with acombination of SEO and PPC presence
  7. 7. Persuade: leverage social influenceSome customers take time to convert."Persuade" with SEO & Social to ensureomnipresence in the minds of futurecustomers. Help customers "internalise" yourbrand image.
  8. 8. Audiences as ParticipantsListen, interact and engage. Create afeedback loop between your online presence,and your customers. Are they active in yourvertical? Give them a reason to take action,refine your message to prompt conversions.Give customers everything they need to ACTNOW!
  9. 9. SEO is the combination of three main factors:links, your site and words. Your goal is tocreate a seamless experience from thesearch box to the shopping cart. Sync thewords used by customers, in the links youbuild, and in the content on your site.
  10. 10. Links: Varied, Reputable, NaturalNot all links are created equal, nor doesquantity equal quality. A linkbuildingcampaign should attract links that are naturalvaried and from reputable sources.
  11. 11. Site: Content & Calls to ActionContent should be created & curated with theuser in mind. This will usually involve multiplepersonas, of varying informational needs.Make it simple for your customers to find theinformation they need to take action
  12. 12. Words: Relevant & User-DrivenEvery SEO campaign starts first withlanguage: what are your customers searchingwhen they could be finding you. SEOconnects the language people use, with theproducts you sell. Longer search phrases areusually closest to conversion. Think beyondrankings.
  13. 13. Combined SEO: Putting it TogetherWith holistic SEO we see strongsynchronicity has great results:Site + Links = increased AuthorityLinks + Words = higher RankingsWords + Site = greater Relevance
  14. 14. Pay Per Click advertising focuses on usingyour Budget to promote Quality campaignsthat encourage users to Interact. Your Adsshould be visible, match your customersintent and should prompt action (clicks).
  15. 15. Budget: Competitive & SustainableNo matter how great your product or ad copyis, if your competitors outspend you andoutlast you your conversions suffer. Bestrategic, but be realistic, you need a certainspend to play & sometimes ranking lower hasbetter ROI.
  16. 16. Quality: Match Ad, Site & KeywordsYour Ads should have engaging copy thatmatches relevant searches, and deliversusers to pages relevant to their needs.Reduce friction between users taking interestand taking action. Bids become cheaper &quality score & conversions improve.
  17. 17. Interact: Clicks to ConversionsInteraction turns impressions, into clicks, andclicks into conversions whilst improving yourquality score. Engagement is key, read: greatAd copy, rich display network ads, andretargeting. Make your Ads tailored to eachpersona, and give them a reason to act.
  18. 18. PPC Combined: Putting it TogetherSufficient budgets targeting users activelyseeking the products youre trusted for:Budget + Interact = increased AuthorityQuality + Budget = higher RankingsInteract + Quality = greater Relevance
  19. 19. Social Media is an opportunity to help usersbuild narratives about their lives, using yourproducts to solidify their own identity. Nurtureinfluencers & recruit "fans" by listening,sharing with & engaging audiences
  20. 20. Share: Social Media is ReciprocalBrands let people tell a story about who theyare, not who we want them to be. Arm youradvocates with content they love & empowerthose that repurpose your product intosomething more personal. Share the results.Vs
  21. 21. Listen: Put Down the MegaphoneStop: carpet bombing a mass audience.Start: cultivating niches. Imagine having a real-time focus group that uses and promotesyour brand. Stop telling them why to like yourproducts, and start listening to why they do.
  22. 22. Engage: Find, Nurture & GrowSocial Media should be social. It’s interactive,so actively engage with your audience andbuild a community around your brand. Clue:talk to your Fans, RT your followers, theyrepeople not just customers.
  23. 23. Social: Putting it TogetherUsers ruse your brand identity to meet theirown sense of self, done well you increase:Share + Engage = grow InfluenceListen + Share = encourage ElasticityEngage + Listen = build Brand Affinity
  24. 24. Why AWD for Holistic Digital?Transparency: We talk you through the processfrom presale, intake to recurringAccountability: The buck stops with our inhouseteam of design & marketing prosMeasurability: Our reporting actively shows youwhat were doing, and the ROI