Social, digital campaign and agency partnership v2


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Social, digital campaign and agency partnership v2

  1. 1. We are a global brand activationcompany
  2. 2. We are creative collaborators.We are rapidly growing ourdigital and social mediaproduction capabilities on aglobal scale.
  3. 3. We believe in hiring people with real talentand offering an environment inwhich to flourish.Our digital, social media, designand production team boastsyears of experience developingsuccessful, innovative campaignsfor global brands.
  4. 4. We exist 1. to ensure brand consistency2. to leverage technology3. to reduce timescales4. to reduce costs5. to collaborate
  5. 5. We deliver consistentbrand activationeverywhereregardless of media channel,format, device or language.
  6. 6. Who we do it for
  7. 7. Who we do it with
  8. 8. Where we do it London Amsterdam Portland New York Rome Beijing L.A. Abu Dhabi
  9. 9. Social Media Campaigns Here are a number of recentprojects that Splash and ourteam members have deliveredfor leading brand clients.
  10. 10. You Can’t Beat An Old Jamaican The brief: To devise and implement a long term brand strategy to increase brand awareness by 50%
  11. 11. Old Jamaica You Can’t Beat an OldJamaican Having worked with the OldJamaica Ginger Beer brand for over6 years we have helped theirbusiness grow dramatically in theUKThis years campaigns was to be thebiggest yet and we took control of allcommunications from TVcommercials to long term socialmedia engagement ref=ts&fref=ts In three months we have grown thebrands Facebook following fromzero to 25 thousand fans in the UK
  12. 12. Old Jamaica The campaign comprised a numberof game elements including a weeklymultiple choice teaser competitionsto win Old Jamaica product andmerchandise and Flash skill basedcompetitions The core of the social of thecampaign is a generated contentdriven game where Facebook userscould upload their jokes whichwould be judged by other Facebookusers. The joke with the most voteswon with a grand prize of an allexpenses paid trip to Jamaica! Irie fb_source=search&ref=ts&fref=ts
  13. 13. Post Office UK Limited The brief: 1.  Incubate creative digital solutions to meet various Post Office UK Ltd business and communication goals 2.  To centralize creative production and the supply of campaign content to improve speed and reduce costs.
  14. 14. Post Office UK Competition Box We were briefed by the Post Office(UK) - the largest retailer by outletin Europe, to develop a long termcampaign to build their emaildatabaseAre solution was to partner the PostOffice with great brands and offerpremium prizes via a ongoingcompetition mechanic both withinFacebook and as a stand alone siteWe knew reputable prizes andregular chances to gain rewardwould build engagement and throwsocial users into action the numbershave proven us correct
  15. 15. Post Office UK Over the past 9 months we havelaunched over 60 competitionsranging from engaging and addictiveflash games through to straight prizedraws on site and in FacebookCompetition box is now the mostsuccessful competition site in theUK (in terms of traffic) and we areproud to have added nearly 1 millionnew email addresses to the PostOffice database
  16. 16. Cunard Lines: We Are Cunard The brief: 1.  Create a single hub that brings Cunard Lines’ social activity together in one place. 2.  Ensure consistency and brand integrity across all relevant social platforms
  17. 17. Cunard We are Cunard We created a new Social Media hubfor Cunard Lines very active socialfans at www.wearecunard.comIncreased dwell time across socialchannels by over 100% with therelease of compelling content.Connected social fans who werepreviously dispersed acrossnumerous social networksOne content detonation point thatnow distributes to a global audienceof over 100,000 fans
  18. 18. Cunard CunardInitiatives undertaken to reward thefans that engage the most withpreview content and even freeupgrades on their next voyage withCunardWe a currently developing anumber of new campaigns to furtherengage and reward Cunard fansworldwide.
  19. 19. British Airways Perfect Days The brief: 1.  Create a multi-faceted Facebook application that will grow organically over time with both user generated and seeded content 2.  Inspire users to explore key BA destination cities across the globe
  20. 20. British Airways Perfect Days A Facebook app created for BritishAirways encouraging users to shareitineraries of their ‘Perfect Days’ inkey BA destination cities across theglobeOver 9 months since launch and‘Perfect Days’ has connected BAcustomers, built the brand anddriven sales on the FacebookplatformSo far over 2,000 itineraries havebeen posted with more are beingadded all the time. Thousands of Facebook users have enjoyed sharing other’s Perfect DaysDC
  21. 21. Do Converse Make Boots The brief: 1.  Create a Tumblr site for the ‘Do Converse Make Boots’ campaign 2.  Build a raft of digital advertising components based on an animated GIF style
  22. 22. Converse Do Converse Make Boots We were asked to design and build aTumblr page and some humorousanimated gifs that would be usedacross Tumblr, as banneradvertisements and on digital out ofhome display space.
  23. 23. Converse Some of the GIFs
  24. 24. Pot Noodle GTI Game The brief: Create an enjoyable multi level game to promote the fiery new flavors of Pot Noodle. One of the U.K’s favorite snacks
  25. 25. Pot Noodle Facebook Tab Race Game An online competition in line with the Pot Noodle brands cheeky, funky TV adverts for the same product variant launch. The top 5 racers on the leaderboard won a years supply of Pot Noodles. Quite the incentive. This game gained a cult following and helped make the product launch a huge success. XX
  26. 26. Pot Noodle XX
  27. 27. Digital AdvertisingCampaignProduction Our globally dispersed digitalteams create hundreds ofadvertisements for well knownbrands every month. Here’s asmall selection.
  28. 28. Calvin KleinElle JapanExpandable Rich MediaBannerSplash has been working inpartnership with Calvin Klein’s in-house creative agency, CRK, since2008.We work as an extension of CRK,picking up their creative ideas, oftendelivered to us as a single printexecution and executing them withcreative integrity as multi mediacampaigns across multipleterritories.Calvin Klein utilise OASIS on aglobal scale.
  29. 29. CartierCalibre de Cartier Expandable Rich Banners iAds Recently we have delivered anumber of special Pan-Europeanmoving content iAds for Cartier.
  30. 30. MotorolaXT788 ChinaRich media banner campaign
  31. 31. Splash Workingwith AgencyPartners We have vast experience incollaborating with our client’sadvertising, creative and strategyagency partners.Here are two examples.
  32. 32. Etihad Airwayswith M&C Saatchi The brief: Splash Worldwide were selected by Etihad to partner M&C Saatchi in April 2012 as their global production partner The brief was to set up a dedicated studio for press, print and digital work in Abu Dhabi within 16 days of appointment and to configure a bespoke version our campaign management tool to manage the production process
  33. 33. Etihad Etihad Global AdvertisingProduction To date weve delivered multiplepress, outdoor, digital displayand websites in 12 languagesacross 22 countries..Here is an example of one of ourmost recent projects for Etihad– a HTML5 campaign site whichseamlessly adapts to give anoptimum use experience nomatter how audiences view thecontent.
  34. 34. Etihadwhyetihad.comOn mobile.
  35. 35. EtihadRegionalized Digital DisplaySplash produce over 350 Flash andRich Media banner creatives permonth for Etihad global campaigns,in up to 8 languages, most within a24-48 hour turnaround.
  36. 36. VW China and DMG The brief: Splash Worldwide work symbiotically with VW China’s lead creative agency DMG DMG handle traditional advertising across print and TV. They offer the lead creative ideas and strategy for the VW brand in China while we deliver all digital production required to fulfill campaigns
  37. 37. VW ChinaVolkswagen SagitarProduct Microsite – ChinaOur first major project for VWChina.We created an expansive Flash site.The site, in modern chinese, offersusers the chance to discover moreabout the full 2012 Sagitar range. Itincludes an interactive configurationtool, high resolution imagery, videocontent and a dealer locator.
  38. 38. VW China VW China Etihad From simple intuitive navigationthrough the Sagitars features to theengaging and very fun TV advoiceover interaction which userscould share over Chinese socialnetworks our content rich site offerseverything potential customers needto know about the Sagitar...andmore.
  39. 39. VW China Etihad iPad Configuration toolOur next project for VW China wasto build a detailed iPad and Tabletvehicle configuration app
  40. 40. Thank you