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Powerpoint for History 140

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Group e powerpoint

  1. 1. Hello my name is Twyla Gollery
  2. 2. ● Im from Anza, CA ● Im interested in getting my AA degree in● Ive been to Biology at palomar. Baja, Kauai, Arizona, Ut ah, Oregon, and ● I like to hike, play Montana sports, take pictures, and hang out with● Id like to travel to Africa friends someday
  3. 3. Dan and his Thomfoolery I was born and raised in Richland, WA I enjoy 4wheeling in the desert and snowboarding in the winter. I am working on finishing my AA degree for Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement.
  4. 4. More of Dan’s Shenanigans I am currently a  Ive visited every police officer for state on the west San Diego Police coast and also New Dept. and have been Mexico and Texas. I working there for was stationed in 4yrs. Maryland for Before that I was several months in the Marines while in the stationed at Camp Marines. Pendleton.
  5. 5. Breanna WiseI like I will be cooking, reading, p transferring back to hotography, yoga, f my previous school ishing and hunting in Texas after this semesterIam a Social Work major
  6. 6. Where I have been.. Born in California Lived in Colorado for 11 years Traveled to Brazil, India and Nepal
  7. 7. I am Kevin Gallagher I am a chemistry major, andattempting to transfer before the end of the year
  8. 8. About MeI enjoy reading, illustration, science, and games of all types I work, currently, as a courier for refurbished medical equipment I have had this beard for 3 years straight now. I do love it so I have not traveled as much as I wish I had, and that troubles me slightly.
  9. 9. 1985 Shuttle Challenger explodes Dan was born on Jan 22, 1985 in WashingtonChina’s Tainanmen Square massacre 1989 Kevin was born in March 1989Hubble Space Telescope is launched 1990 Breanna was born Rodney King LA riots Breanna moves to 1993 Colorado Clinton impeached Twyla was born Jan 30, 1993 9/11 Attack Kevin traveled to 1999 Baja, CA US attacks Afghanistan Anthrax attacks in US Breanna moves back to CA US invades Iraq 2003 Dan was a marine in San Diego Mad Cow disease scare Twyla goes to Hawaii 04 Hurricane Katrina Dan got married in 2007 April 2006 Pluto not a planet Dan became a Police Officer Barack Obama elected president Breanna goes to Brazil Michael Jackson dies Breanna goes to India and 2009 Nepal Haiti Tsunami Breanna becomes an aunt in 08 Twyla travels to Montana 09 2011 Twyla Graduates high school