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  • 1. Advertise HereHome 3D (2) Actionscripting (66) Animation (101) Audio (4) Drawing (7) Full flash sites (4) Getting Started (15) Navigation (25) Special Effects (54) Text Effects (38)Flash tutorials - AnimationHigh-tech city animation13Like4.3.2007, 0:32 Total views: 158879Page: 1 2 3This detailed lessonmade for Flash 8 willteach you how tocreate a really cooland advanced lightcity animation. Youwill also learn:- How to design acity using the LineTool.- How to use Flash 8filters.- How to design alittle military aircraft and animate it- How to design city lights- How to design a clouds and animate it.- How to create thunder and more....Step 1Open a new Flash document. Select Modify > Document (shortcut key: Ctrl+J ). Setthe width of your to 250 pixels and the height to 300 pixels. Select#A0A0A0 as background color. Set your Flash frame rate to 28 fps.HomeFlashvault blogFlash booksAdvertise on FlashVault.netTop tutorials1. Advanced full flash site -Part 1Total views: 2304242. Water effectTotal views: 1735923. Photo slide showTotal views: 1620514. High-tech city animationTotal views: 1588805. Special Picture EffectTotal views: 151126Related linksFree desktop wallpapersIzrada web stranicaRobert Pattinson Fan SiteFree Magazine SubscriptionsMegan FoxTaylor LautnerAds by Google Flash Tutorials Flash Effects Blur Effect Image Effects Flash Ads by GoogledocumentmoviesPage 1 of 5Flash - High-tech city animation - Animation - FlashValue.net10/27/2010
  • 2. Step 2Take the Line Tool and draw the city outlines like it is shown on the picture below.Step 3While the city outilines is still selected, change the Stroke Color in black.Step 4Take the Paint Bucket Tool (K), for Fill Color choose black and paint the city. See thepicture below.Now we have designed the city. Simple and effective.Step 5Double click on layer 1 to rename its name in city.Step 6Create a new layer above layer city and name it clouds.Step 7Take the Oval Tool (O). In the Colors portion of the Tool panel, block the Stroke colorby clicking on the little pencil icon and then on the small square with the red diagonalline. For Fill color choose #313131, and draw a "cloud" like it is shown on the picturebelow.Ads by GoogleCDMA TutorialText AnimationAfter TutorialAnimated TutorialProgramming TutorialPage 2 of 5Flash - High-tech city animation - Animation - FlashValue.net10/27/2010
  • 3. Step 8Take the Selection Tool (V) and click once on the "cloud" to select it. Then, press F8key (Convert to Symbol) to convert this "cloud" into a Movie .Step 9While the new made Movie Clip is still selected, go to the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3)below the stage.On the left side, You will find the Instance name input field there.Callthis Movie Clip cloud. See the picture below.Step 10While the "cloud" is still selected, duplicate it, by pressing Ctrl+D key few times.Step 11After that, change the size of "clouds" and place it on the position wherever you like.See the picture below.Step 12Take the (V) and select any "cloud". Then, open the Action Script Panel(F9) and enter the following action script code inside the panel:onClipEvent(load){flagX=random(800)+50;flagY=random(60)+10;a=random(3)+1;this._x=flagX;this._y=fleagY;ClipSelection ToolactionsPage 3 of 5Flash - High-tech city animation - Animation - FlashValue.net10/27/2010
  • 4. speed=random(2)+0.5;}onClipEvent(enterFrame){if(this._x>0){this._x=this._x-speed;} else{this._x= 880;}}Step 13Repeat step 11 for every other "cloud".Step 14Using the "drag and drop" technique, move the clouds layer below the city layer. Seethe picture below.Step 15Create a new layer above layer clouds and name it light city. See the picture below.Step 16Select light city layer and take the Rectangle Too (R). In the Colors portion of the Toolpanel, block the Stroke color by clicking on the little pencil icon and then on the smallsquare with the red diagonal line. For Fill color choose white and draw a rectangle(that will represent light) about 13x215px. See the picture below.Then, take again Selection Tool (V), and do like the picture below shows you.Page 4 of 5Flash - High-tech city animation - Animation - FlashValue.net10/27/2010
  • 5. Now we have designed a "light".Next: part 2Have questions about this ?Visit our friendly Community Forums!Copyright (c) 2006 - Privacy Policy - Advertise - Contact ustutorialPage 5 of 5Flash - High-tech city animation - Animation - FlashValue.net10/27/2010