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Html tags

  1. 1. HTML TagsThis page lists HTML tags and gives links to where you can findinformation about each HTML tag in this tutorial.Start tag End tag Description<!DOCTYPE> - Document type.<ABBREV> </ABBREV> Denotes an abbreviation.<A> </A> Anchor<APPLET> </APPLET> Anchor<AREA> -Defines areas of an image mapthat the user may click on toestablish a link.<AU> </AU> Author.<B> </B> Bold text<BASE> -Defines the base point fromwhich anchor references aremade.<BASEFONT> -Used to set the default font sizeon the current page.<BGSOUND> -Used to play sounds on a webpage.<BIG> </BIG>Set text size to larger thannormal.<BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE>Indents the text as though itwere a quote.<BR> -Break, starts a new line, butdoesnt put a blank line betweentext.<BODY> </BODY>Defines the body of the HTMLpage.<BUTTON> </BUTTON>Used to define a FORM submit,reset, or push button.<CODE> </CODE>Denotes program code andshould be set in the sameformat as the PRE tag, but doesnot work either with allbrowsers or all HTMLversions.<DIR> </DIR> directory<DD> </DD> Designated definition.
  2. 2. <DEL> </DEL> Denotes deleted text.<DIV> </DIV>Used to offset parts of theHTML document to performassignment of special attributesor controls to that section.<DFN> </DFN>Denotes the definition of aterm.<DL> </DL> Definition list.<DOCTYPE> - Document type.<DT> </DT> Definition term.<EM> </EM>Sets text in italics and denotesemphasis.<FIELDSET> </FIELDSET>Allows grouping of formcontrols.<FONT> </FONT>Sets a section of text with aspecific font.<FORM> </FORM>Displays a form for userinformation.<FRAME> -Specifies a frame to be placedinside a FRAMESET.<FRAMESET> </FRAMESET>Used to divide the browserwindow into separate framesthat can display multipledocuments.<H1> </H1> Defines a level 1 header.<H2> </H2> Defines a level 2 header.<H3> </H3> Defines a level 3 header.<H4> </H4> Defines a level 4 header.<H5> </H5> Defines a level 5 header.<H6> </H6> Defines a level 6 header.<HEAD> </HEAD> Defines the head of document.<HR> -Horizontal rule, starts a newline with horizontal graphic linebetween sections.<HTML> </HTML>Defines an HTML document orpage.<IMG> -Used to embed graphics inHTML pages.<INPUT> </INPUT> An input element for a form.<INS> </INS> Denotes inserted text.
  3. 3. <I> </I> Italics<KBD> </KBD>Text to be typed at thekeyboard, such as a computercommand. The test is displayedin a mono spaced format.<LABEL> <.LABEL>Allows an ability to click on atext label to select a formcontrol<LI> - List item in a list.<MAP> </MAP> Starts a client-side image map.<MENU> </MENU> A menu list (Depreciated).<META> -Meta element defining specialcharacteristics of the document.<NOFRAMES> </NOFRAMES>Used for web browsers thatdont support FRAMESETs.<NOSCRIPT> </NOSCRIPT>Used for web browsers thatdont support script code.<OBJECT> </OBJECT>Object, the replacement forApplets and more.<OL> </OL> Numbered or ordered list.<OPTGROUP> </OPTGROUP>Sets up choices inside aSELECT menu.<OPTION> </OPTION>Used to set items in a list ofselectable items in a form.<P> </P> Paragraph.<PARAM> -Used to set up parameters forthe OBJECT and APPLETelements..<PRE> </PRE>Preformatted text. Textpresented as typed with tabs,spaces and other whitespace.<Q> </Q> Quotation.<SAMP> </SAMP> Denotes sample text.<SCRIPT> </SCRIPT>Used to embed client side scriptin HTML code, usually in theheader.<SELECT> </SELECT>Creates a list of items that canbe selected.<SMALL> </SMALL>Makes text smaller thannormal.<SPAN> </SPAN> Allows text attributes and color
  4. 4. to be modified at any location.<STRIKE> </STRIKE>Draws a line through the text asa "strikeout".<STRONG> </STRONG>Same as bold but denotesstrong emphasis.<STYLE> </STYLE>Used to set the style of the webpage.<SUB> </SUB> Subscript.<SUP> </SUP> Superscript.<TABLE> </TABLE> Table.<TD> </TD> Designates a table data cell.<TEXTAREA> </TEXTAREA>Indicates an element that hasmultiple text lines<TH> </TH> Designates a table header.<TR> </TR> Designates a table row.<TITLE> </TITLE> Document or page title.<TT> </TT> Monospaced typewriter font.<U> </U> Underlined text.<UL> </UL> Unnumbered list.