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Stress Management in the Workplace



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  • 1. Stress Management for Wellness
    Dr. Daniel Crosby
  • 2. Discovering Stress
    First coined by Hans Selye-endocrinologist in the 1930’s
    “Discovered” while injecting mice
    Process was the problem
    Met with intense skepticism
  • 3. Stress vs. Burnout
    Specific response by the body to a stimulus, such as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism.
    Stress is fundamentally about being out of balance.
    Exhaustion of physical or emotional strength usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.
    Burnout is fundamentally about a perpetually high stress level that leads to a loss of functioning.
  • 4. Anatomy of Burnout
  • 5. Stress: Good or Bad?
  • 6. Eustress
    Positive form of stress or stress that increases performance.
  • 7. Distress
    The more commonly discussed form of stress that causes suffering and/or decreases performance.
  • 8. Stress and Performance
  • 9. Barry Bonds
    Hit 10x fewer homeruns in the days leading up to breaking the previous record of 755.
  • 10. First transition to Gagan
  • 11. Stress and Health
    What percentage of visits to a general practitioner are caused or exacerbated by stress?
  • 12. Stress and Health
    Causes us to store visceral fat
    Shown to stunt children’s growth
    Increases risk of CV disease
    Intensifies symptoms of diseases with autoimmune components (e.g., arthritis)
    Root cause of much anxiety and depression
    Implicated in hypertension, ED, infertility, colds, and insomnia
  • 13. What have you seen?
    Stress-related depression is the number one cause of missed work
    10% of GNP or 1.47 trillion dollars
    Stress robs us of creativity by crowding our minds with unnecessary worries
    Lose IQ and EQ points – make dumb decisions in interpersonally uncomfortable ways
    When we need it most we have it least!
    1,470,000,000,000 Reasons to Fight Stress
  • 14. Tips for Balance and Wellness
    Choose your response – Viktor Frankl
    Control – order life and discern what can be controlled
    Social support – want it least when it is most needed
  • 15. Balance and Wellness
    Physical activity – releases stress-battling endorphins
    Recognized Body/Mind Connection
    Behaviors – “I smile therefore…”
    Nutrition – avoid “comfort foods”, drugs, and alchohol
  • 16. Turn time back to Gagan