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Partner track salon

  1. 1. The City Salon You are an Ambitious Associate, Director Or Consultant You want to make it to Partner You are Ready to Take The Next Step The Partner Track Program
  2. 2. The Salon A 6 month Programme to accelerate Partner potential The City Salon A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held to increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. ABOUT THE Salon The City Salon is a 6 month Programme for ambitious Senior Associates And Directors in Partner firms who would like to accelerate their progress to Partner. This Programme is for lawyers, management consultants and accountants. The economics of law firms and accountancy firms are changing which makes justifying partnership status more limited and competition more fierce. At the same time. Traditional ways of businesses are changing however many larger partner firms have been slow to respond. The Partner Track Salon has been developed to straddle the old world of business with the new. Creating Partner candidates who are more agile in their thinking, resilient to change and recognized for their contribution March 3, 2014 City Performance Ltd
  3. 3. The Salon The City Salon A high trust network of leaders The Salon is a collaborative high trust coaching group open to professionals from law firms, accountancy firms and management consultancy. We encourage a multi-disciplinary group to draw from the best thinking from various industries. Candidates are carefully selected to ensure that they have the right level of excellence, ambition and integrity as well as willingness to be coachable and work with others. Our Mission To create the next generation of successful Partners Key aim of the Programme • • • • • • Q1 2014 Develop an entrepreneurial mindset Develop your commercial acumen Build your personal brand Increase your selling in your natural style Increase your gravitas and presence Expand your network City Performance Ltd
  4. 4. The Process The City Salon Focus on both soft skills and practical skills The Partner Track Programme focuses on building practical skills as well as creating a shift in mindset from professional to business owner. In our experience once this mindset shift has taken place the practical skills are easier to develop Mindset Future proofing Networking MINDSET NETWORKING The biggest shift a potential Partner needs to make is the shift from employee to owner. We focus on developing entrepreneurial thinking, unleashing your natural creativity and increasing your comfort level with revenue generation March 3, 2014 FUTURE PROOFING Business models of the old are slowly shifting and many business are suffering from this impact. At the same time new economies and geographies are opening up providing new opportunities for the future. The quality of your business is determined by the quality of your network. We focus on building up your social capital and personal brand. When this is so selling, becomes far easier. City Performance Ltd
  5. 5. Curriculum The City Salon What we will do The curriculum covers the key elements needed to raise your partnership potential PERSONAL BRANDING How to carve out the time to focus on the critical work you need without becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. RAINMAKING BREAKING THROUGH Learning to bring in clients in a way that fits your personal style. Developing fearlessness in meeting revenue targets Learning to eliminate the internal and external limitations that stop you getting to where you want. TRUSTED NETWORKING AGILE BUSINESS Your net worth equals your network. We focus on expanding and building a network of supporters who will accelerate your success March 3, 2014 SUCCESS WITH BALANCE Establishing your personal brand and working out what makes you the go-to person in your company. The future belongs to the agile. The masters in any field keep abreast of what is happening in other industries and apply it to their industries City Performance Ltd
  6. 6. Format The City Salon How we do it The salon is a group of trusted participants who are ready to embark on the journey to Partner. We emphasize sharing, open communication and collaboration and integrity. The group is a highly select group who meet this criteria. Over the course of the Programme we will have intensive seminar days, weekly conference calls and assignments. SEMINAR DAYS and CONFERENCE CALLS There are three full day workshops over the course of the six months. These will focus on core skills and soft skills. There are three conference calls every month with the group and a coach. The calls are trusted group where participants will receive coaching and feedback COACHING Each month you will have access to virtually unlimited coaching via email and phone. Simply send an email to book a session for whenever you want. This is usually only on offer to Platinum clients. ASSIGNMENTS During the Programme there will be assignments designed to put into practice what you have learned. The assignments are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and develop your brand as a contender for Partner. March 3, 2014 City Performance Ltd
  7. 7. The Host Experience from working in the trenches The City Salon Daniel Browne Selected clients Head Coach Law and insurance As an executive coach Daniel coaches lawyers, bankers, CEOs and accountants and has taught commercial awareness and business awareness for clients including Blake Lapthorn, Charles Russell and Allianz. Daniel Browne started his career in investment banking with Deutsche Bank. Daniel later went on to work in Mergers and Acquisitions for Acris, a boutique corporate finance firm specialisng in European mid market companies. In 2009 Daniel moved into strategy consultancy working with senior management in corporate and start up businesses. Daniel now works as a business coach and consultant to CEOs for startups and small businesses and applies these to his executive coaching clients. March 3, 2014 City Performance Ltd
  8. 8. Testimonials The City Salon Daniel is the author of the WHSmith best selling book The Energy Equation: how to be a top performer without burning yourself out. Daniel has also appeared in Psychologies magazine, Zest Magazine and appeared on BBC radio. He has also written articles for Law and More, the Global Banking review and Personnel matters. Daniel conducted the coaching sessions in a diligent and professional manner; he was very attentive, involving and kept proceedings running to the agreed timeframe. In short, Daniel is a great coach who can deliver results. Steve, Entrpreneur “Daniel is a profound coach… after a 2 hour strategy session with Daniel I found and closed two clients in the space of 24 hours when I didn’t think it was possible.” - Julian, Entrepeneur Best selling book Business book chart WHSmith March 3, 2014 Daniel Browne, is an extraordinary consultant and business coach. He has the ability to make complicated things simple, break down the barriers, explain and create solutions that empower, transform and personally have me light up with excitement and get present, through his guidance to the opportunity that I have created with my business. – Emma, Entrepreneur City Performance Ltd
  9. 9. Get in Touch The City Salon For more information The next salon opens in March. Entry is via application only. . Sign up Places are limited to 6 to ensure everyone has sufficient attention PILOT PRICE: £3,667 PAYMENT PLAN: 3 monthly payments of £1,367 Contact us For more information and to apply EMAIL : PHONE : 020 7193 6035 March 3, 2014 City Performance Ltd