R.O.I. Paid Search Marketing Information Booklet


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R.O.I. Paid Search Marketing Information Booklet

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R.O.I. Paid Search Marketing Information Booklet

  1. 1. paid search marketing {PPC}
  2. 2. CONTENTS// 01 WHAT IS {PPC}? 02 WHY DO I NEED PAID SEARCH MARKETING? 03 HOW DOES {PPC} WORK? 04 OUTLINE OF {PPC} PROCESS AND STRATEGY 05 MONTHLY account MANAGEMENT 06 account OVERVIEW 07 ADDITIONAL SERVICES 08 about R.O.i. media 09 full service offerings 10 CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES 01 // WHAT IS {PPC)? {PPC} is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is sometimes referred to as ‘pay per click’ {PPC} marketing, because most search ads are sold on a {PPC} basis. {PPC} provides highly effective, instant results which are achieved by isolating and engaging the exact target market of the client. These, already interested, consumers are then re-directed to the client’s site in order to complete their purchase, becoming a conversion. Paired with the long term benefits of a SEO campaign, {PPC} offers a full online marketing service that not only catches users in search engine results pages (SERPs) but also reaches users in Facebook,YouTube, LinkedIn (and other social media sites) plus ensures that conversions flow. {PPC} ads usually come in the form of “sponsored links” which appear on the top and right-hand side of the organic listings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). • {PPC} advertising is 100% measurable. You know exactly what you’re getting for your budget. • {PPC} advertising, such as Google AdWords, is the smart way to advertise your website so that you are able to compete with websites that dominate the organic listings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). • Every time someone clicks on your {PPC} advert you pay the search engine a specific amount of money.
  3. 3. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za *R.O.I. Media is a Google Adwords certified company R.O.I. Media’s main paid search channels are search engines and display networks: • Google: (PC as well as Mobile) • Search Engine • Display Network • YouTube • Microsoft: AdCenter (Yahoo! & MSN) • Facebook • LinkedIn Google {PPC} Ad Space Facebook {PPC} Ad Space
  4. 4. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za • Facebook ads function similarly to Google AdWords ads in that you are charged per click (CPC) or per 1000 impressions (CPM). • Google AdWords and Facebook ads make use of images. This is proven to lead to a higher ‘click- through rate’ (or CTR). • Despite Facebook on average having a far lower CTR it is a great option for powerful brand marketing as well as far more socially engaging brands. Facebook are image ads that display on the right hand side of Facebook newsfeeds. Facebook does not allow us to select our own keywords to target. Instead, it recommends keywords generated from user profiles. It then displays ads on profiles related to the keywords and to the product/service being offered. One of the biggest advantages of Facebook advertising is the ability to target a specific demographic (age, gender, income, location, interests, etc.) There are two main objectives for a Facebook ad account: • Creating brand awareness/brand advertising. • Enticing users to click ads in an effort to get them to your company website or Facebook page. Please note that we are unable to provide you with the keywords beforehand, as an advertising account will need to be created before we can see what facebook recommends. 02 // WHY DO I NEED PAID SEARCH? R.O.I. Media has an extraordinary team of {PPC} professionals and copywriters who specialise in writing highly persuasive {PPC} advertising campaigns. Through their creative input, we are able to increase your conversion rates as we funnel more buyer-orientated browsers towards your website. We also strategically recommend (as well as offer design and development services of) landing pages to specific advertising campaigns so that you are able to take advantage of your website’s “silent-salesman” abilities. Paid search can: • Improve advert conversion and increase sales • Increase the number of targeted traffic and visitors to your site • Increase your conversion rates • Minimise costs and maximise returns • Generate more leads, enquiries and sales • Ensure targeted promotion of a particular product or service • Make specific geographical targeting possible • Test conversions by keywords – help SEO • Promote short term events • Test new products/markets BASIC DISTINCTIONS //
  5. 5. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za 03 // HOW DOES PAID ADVERTISING WORK? {PPC} advertising uses a keyword bidding process, with cost determined by the level of demand on a particular keyword. For example, ‘travel’ is a highly competitive online keyword but ‘cookie jar’ is not. This means if you bid for a position on ‘travel’, you will pay a far higher price for a search engine listing compared to if you tried to get one for ‘cookie jar’. The highest bidder will own the top position on the search engine. When we create or take control of a {PPC} account, our primary goal is to ensure that we set clear objectives, meticulously optimise and continually improve upon results. This translates into an increase in targeted traffic, clicks, higher click through rates (CTR), lower cost per lead and improved conversion rates - ultimately leading to greater profits. 04 // OUTLINE OF {PPC} PROCESS AND STRATEGY NEEDS ANALYSIS & KEYWORD RESEARCH • We begin by doing extensive research and analysis on your target audience, their search behaviour and specific industry. • We then analyse a broad range of high traffic generating keywords to see which will suit your strategy for best results. • Once we have finalised your target audience specifics, we are able to finalise which keywords will have maximum impact. • From this research we determine and advise on which advertising platform (Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.) would best service your need. When it comes to {PPC} management, our only goal is to maximise your online R.O.I. Our unique approach ensures that we utilise and extract as much value from the {PPC} framework as possible, providing you with a cost-effective and rewarding {PPC} advertising account.
  6. 6. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za PAID ADVERTISING • Setup Account • Paid advertising platform • Insert budget KEYWORDS AND AD GROUPS • Setup key phrases; estimated “pay per click” {PPC} spend and average position per key phrase • Arrange key phrases into more focused and targeted ad groups • Write the ad copy, titles and descriptions for each ad group • Write second/third/fourth ad copy for each ad group • Research the negative key phrases and add to each ad group • Set up daily spend amount per campaign and maximum cost per click per ad group • Installation of the conversion tracking code down to key phrase level PROGRESS TRACKER • Throughout the setup phase we will liaise directly with you to ensure that you are aware of the progress and that we implement our {PPC} strategies in an effective and timely manner. CONSULATION & OPTIMISATION • Confirm and set up daily spend amount per campaign and maximum cost per click per ad group. • Install the conversion tracking code down to key phrase level. We will provide and send this code to your website developers to implement or if we can gain access to your website backend and implement on your behalf. ACCOUNT SETUP // A list of all the elements involved in a {PPC} strategic campaign
  7. 7. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za 05 // MONTHLY Account MANAGEMENT Once your {PPC} campaign has been set up and optimised, we will move into monthly {PPC} campaign management. This includes: ANALYSIS, MONITORING & OPTIMISATION Each month our {PPC} team will dedicate a significant amount of time towards analysing the performance of your account. The aim of our keyword research is to identify keywords that not only increase traffic, but also maximise the percentage of targeted visitors that are converted into paying customers. With R.O.I. Media at the helm of your {PPC} account you can expect an increase in the amount of clicks received, lower cost per lead and improved conversion rates, all of which ultimately lead to greater profits. OUR APPROACH TO MONTHLY {PPC} CAMPAIGNS // • Focus on achieving a higher Quality Score. By increasing Quality Score, your account will see lower first page bids, and you’ll be able to pay less for a better ad positions in Google’s sponsored links. • Improved traffic quality. By continually creating more and more relevant ads and landing pages, while ensuring new keyword opportunities are found and carefully constructed, ad groups will lower your costs by way of pricing incentives from the search engines. The keyword portfolio will get iteratively better targeted with time. • Offer option of creating and testing conversion-optimised landing pages that are relevant to your keywords and ad text at additional cost. • Repeat the process daily.
  8. 8. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za 06 // MONTHLY Account MANAGEMENT MONTHLY REPORTING Within {PPC} are six primary key performance indicators (KPIs) used to track the progress and performance of your paid advertising account. Each month you will receive a comprehensive Paid Advertising Campaign Report, illustrating the positive movements across these KPIs. The Paid Advertising Account Report will also provide information on the management and optimisation work that was carried out over the current month, as well as strategy and work planned for the following month. R.O.I. Media uses many proprietary and in-house tools to: • Implement • Monitor • Manage • Optimise and • Report daily, weekly & monthly to deliver results The most crucial metric that assists us in running an effective {PPC} account is the measurement of conversion rates through goal tracking.This shows us how powerful each advertisement of your {PPC} account is as a lead acquisition tool. Our refined method shows us which {PPC} ads are working better than others. This is achieved by measuring which {PPC} ads are leading to browsers taking positive action on your site (making enquiries) and which ads are ineffective in delivering measurable results. • Analysis, tweaking and refinement = improved return on investment. • KPIs measured
  9. 9. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za .......................... .......................................... ....................................... .............................................. .......................... TOP 7 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS {KPIS} // We measure and report these 7 KPIs as a measure of success: SPEND TRAFFIC CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR) COST PER CLICK (CPC) CONVERSIONS COST PER CONVERSION Total monthly spend vs. budget Clicks Impressions Clicks ÷ Impressions = CTR Cost ÷ number of Clicks = CPC Sales / leads / enquiries. Specific page views sign ups downloads Cost ÷ conversions = CPA Total monthly spend vs. budget Clicks Social Clicks Impressions Social Impressions Clicks ÷ Impressions = CTR Cost ÷ number of Clicks = CPC Fanpage “Likes” Cost ÷ c onversions = CPA ......................................................................................................... ............................................................................................................................... ......................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................ ...... CONVERSION RATE Number of Conversions ÷ Number of Clicks = Conversion Rate Number of Conversions ÷ Number of Clicks = Conversion Rate
  10. 10. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za 07 // account OVERVIEW setup PREPARATION • Gathering customer and industry information • Customer search and keyword research • R.O.I. Media paid advertising customer audit questionnaire and welcome pack • Account setup meeting / call SETUP • Define strategy and targets • Create account in Google AdWords / Facebook • Insert credit card details • Industry, keyword and competitor research and recommendations • Account population • Campaign code tracking implementation • Customer liaison and consultation • Account goes live MONTHLY MONTHLY SERVICES • Complete monthly analysis and detailed reporting • Recommendations on bid price changes and bid position maintenance • Progress reporting and strategy assessment • Real-time campaign adjustment and optimisation PAID ADVERTISING SERVICES Details of the fee structure can be provided by R.O.I. Media by request: • Set up fee (once-off) • Monthly management fee (monthly) • Monthly traffic spend (paid directly to Google or Facebook via your credit card)
  12. 12. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za 08 // ADDITIONAL SERVICES • Once-off setup services • Full campaign management services • Account audit services (detailed report, analysis and recommendations for existing {PPC} campaigns) • Landing page identification and optimisation recommendations • Landing page design and development • {PPC} training services • Creative development of image ads
  13. 13. 09 // about R.O.I. Media is a full service international digital marketing agency specialising in SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Marketing Conversion and Design & Development. Our head office is based in Cape Town, South Africa with business partners located in New York, Ireland, London and Australasia. At R.O.I. we custom develop online strategies in a results orientated manner so as to ensure unquestionable online success for our clients. www.roimedia.co.za/about-us SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Boost visibility, gain credibility and increase your search engine rankings with our innovative SEO solutions. STRATEGY Integrated holistic digital and online strategy is critical for your business success. DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT Insure you have eye-catching visual mastery and flawless functionality combined to represent your brand with our design and development solutions. CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION Improve usability and the customer journey of your website and convert your casual visitors into paying / converting customers with our conversion rate optimisation. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Monitor, manage and safeguard your business reputation online. CONTENT Relevant, original, well written content is critical to your website’s authority and attractiviness for customer and search engine ranking. PAID ADVERTISING Increased traffic and conversions are just a click away - check out our strategic approach to paid advertising. MOBILE Ensure your business is reachable and services the mobile masses. SOCIAL MEDIA Harness the power of communication and the popularity of social networks. Connect and engage with your customers and potential customers with our cutting edge social media solutions. 10 // full service offerings
  14. 14. Paid Search Marketing {PPC} www.roimedia.co.za 12 // CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES For more client success stories & case studies, visit www.roimedia.co.za/our-work www.roimedia.co.za/our-clients
  15. 15. www.roimedia.co.za © R.O.I. Media 2012 All Rights Reserved