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  • -yeah yeah-developed by Ward Cunningham to facilitate easier sharing of ideas between programmers. -branched out. -
  • Lars Aronsson, a data systems specialist, summarizes the controversy as follows:Israel article. Wikihow: article called how to stop cutting yourself.
  • -perfect synergy between the wiki and the open-source software companies. -Sidekick has something of a strong following. User mods, third party apps, etc for sidekick enthusiasts.
  • Seems like a really good idea. Appears to be the next evolution of amazons user product comments, which are a large part of Amazons success. This is launched after wikinews. Wikinews is no more defaced than other wikimedia projects. One theory is that supplying a finished editorial to be edited in a wiki didn’t allow room for creative editing and additionsChoose a controversial subject. Interestingly enough wiki news seems to work fairly well.Note the date 2005-2006 wikipedia explosion. Knee jerk reaction where orgs just

Wikis Wikis Presentation Transcript

  • Wikis, Games, Mobile, SMM and Virtual Worlds
    Wikis – Daniel Soloway
  • Today’s Presentation Agenda
    Wikis and SMM – Daniel Soloway
    Virtual Worlds: Second Life - Alison Hoy
    Mobile to Empower– Sophie Kahan
    Mobile Location Based Services - Megan Rose
    Social Marketing: Social Media for Social Change- NerissaKaracic
    Social Gaming - PyiyankaMehrotra
  • Wikis: definition and history
    • A Wiki: is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.
    • First wiki: WikiWikiWeb developed in 1995
    • Found early use in specialized technical forums
    • 2001 English Wikipedia is launched
  • Wiki Criticisms
    Everyone has the same initial reaction:
    “[We] assume that a Web site that can be edited by anybody would soon be rendered useless by destructive input…Still, it seems to work.”
    Articles that have strong biases to them are subject to Editing wars: Editing back and for between versions.
    Provides a forum for unqualified opinions to be aired.
  • Wikis In Marketing.
    Support Wikis as Marketing tools :
    Highly technical Product Wikis
    Niche Product wikis
    User Created Wikis from sites like Wikia.com
    Promote brands but Companies have no administrative or moderator control
  • For Profit Wiki Projects
    Sites using the wiki-model in a for-profit site
    Creators sold the company, now prints hardcopy travel guides.
    Opportunities for 3rd parties to promote hotels/restaurants/bars
    Wikihow: over 80,000 articles and 20 million unique readers
    Advertising revenue model.
  • Abandoned Marketing Wikis
    Amazon’s Product Wikis in 2005
    renamed Amapedia in 2009, removed from Amazon’s site in 2010
    LA Times Launches a ‘Wikitorial’, Summer 2005
    First Editorial 1000 word entry on the war in Iraq
    Wikileaks started as a wiki in 2006 but soon abandoned the model.
  • Conclusion
    The initial wiki infatuation in Marketing has subsided, but there some great applications of the format
    Technology trends often exhibit an initial bubble
    Companies can learn from this in today’s Social Media environment
  • Wikis And SSM