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Android APP Marketing and Google Play

  1. 1. Android App Marketing and Google Play WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Learn how to improve Android app discovery, drive more installs, and generate long-term, loyal usage. Mobile App Marketing
  3. 3. WELCOME TO THE WAY APP MARKETING SHOULD BE . Where you get deep insights into the advertising that’s truly driving your business. And more than just insights. But a way to make those insights highly actionable. All in real time… When it matters most. So you can drive more users. Get more from your ad budget. And more for your business. This is the way app marketing should be. With Google Play and Fiksu. 3 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | A+
  4. 4. APP MARKETERS One of the biggest frustrations for app marketers is the lack of visibility into what’s actually working – so we can know how to invest our ad dollars to drive the highest user volume at the lowest cost. NOW HAVE: Marketing attribution to know what’s driving your users Which traffic sources deliver our loyal users? Which campaigns deliver the highest average revenue per user? What are the sources that drive our ROI positive campaigns? Deep insights into where to target your ad spend It’s too much a guessing game. The power to make this intelligence actionable in real time Fiksu and Google Play change all that. + 4 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | =
  5. 5. Now you can have the answers. And the ability to act on those answers. Google Play does its part by providing a framework that ties every one of your app installs back to the source ad network and ad creative. And the Fiksu user acquisition platform takes it to a deeper level by anonymously tracking each user’s post-install actions and tying each distinct action back to the traffic source within each ad network. And Fiksu makes this intelligence actionable by optimizing ad spend in real time to these sources. So you can invest your ad dollars on the advertising that’s truly driving your business. There’s no more guessing. No more risks. Or compromised results. AT LAST! 5 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  6. 6. Google Play and Fiksu offer an innovative marketing approach that can benefit your business in exceptional new ways – ways that are different than what you may be accustomed to with your iOS marketing program. This eBook gives you an overview of the key Google Play differences, and how you can exploit them to improve app discovery, drive more installs, and generate long-term, loyal app usage. This ebook focuses on four key differences: 1. Deeper Marketing Attribution And Optimization 2. Organic Discovery That Is “Search” Driven 3. More Cost-Effective Ad Networks 4. Immediate App Approval Process Let’s explore each in further detail. 6 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  7. 7. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 1. DEEPER MARKETING ATTRIBUTION & OPTIMIZATION 1 Marketing Attribution - Insights Into What’s Working Google Play provides a marketing attribution framework that gives you insights that help you make more informed advertising decisions. A piece of tracking code called an “Android Referrer” anonymously “attributes” each of your app installs back to the ad network and ad creative from which that install originated. This marketing attribution gives you valuable marketing intelligence, while balancing the need for user privacy. But this is just the beginning. Google Play integrates with The Fiksu for Mobile Apps user acquisition platform to: 1) Take these insights to a much deeper level; and 2) Make them actionable in real time Fiksu anonymously tracks each user’s post-install events (launches, purchases, registrations, game levels, conversions, etc.), together with ad-performance variables such as rank, installs, cost, and traffic source, for highly granular market intelligence. So you can have the information you need to make the data-driven marketing decisions that you as a marketer need, and are accustomed to. 7 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  8. 8. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 1. DEEPER MARKETING ATTRIBUTION & OPTIMIZATION Real-Time Optimization - Turn Insights Into Results What are insights without the power to act on them? With Google Play and Fiksu, you have both. The Fiksu platform uses sophisticated, predictive algorithms to convert marketing attribution into marketing action. Based on the marketing attribution data, Fiksu optimizes your advertising to the traffic sources that most cost effectively deliver the users who take the actions you want. So you can spend ad dollars wisely and, most importantly, based on performance. Real-time optimization helps to: · Drive high volumes of loyal users · Achieve lower Cost Per Install (CPI) · Monetize more users and increase ARPU · Realize higher advertising ROI 8 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 1
  9. 9. HERE’S HOW REAL -TIME OPTIMIZATION WORKS ON ANDROID: ?utm_source=ad 1 With a simple URL builder, an advertiser creates a unique ad link consisting of a URL address and the campaign variable to track. 2 The user clicks on the ad and gets directed to Google Play to download the app. Google Play ties the users to the source ad network and ad creative. Fiksu ties back to the actual publisher within the network. 9 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 3 Fiksu identifies key interactions with the app (launches, purchases, registrations, etc.) and ties them back to the original ad source and ad creative. 4 Fiksu uses this data to optimize your ad spend in real time, focusing on the most effective sources.
  10. 10. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 2. ORGANIC DISCOVERY THAT IS “SEARCH” DRIVEN We all know how important organic discovery is. Organic users seek your app on their own – without paid advertising. These users are not only “free,” but are much more likely to become loyal users than those who install your app after seeing an ad. The good news for Android app marketers is that you have more tools to drive organic users on Google Play than you do in the App Store. This is because Google Play determines app rankings – and therefore organic discovery – in an entirely different way that you can control. Google Play and the App Store use very different methods of determining rank and, therefore, affecting app discovery. In the App Store, rank is the driving force behind organic discovery. The App Store determines rank by the number of installs, and how recent the installs are. Apps that cannot sustain large numbers of installs find that their rank slips quickly. 10 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 2
  11. 11. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 2. ORGANIC DISCOVERY THAT IS “SEARCH” DRIVEN In contrast, Google Play determines rank primarily by a search algorithm and a browse algorithm. Search is the primary means of organic discovery on Google Play. Approximately 75% of organic downloads originate from a search. Of these, about half come from searching for a brand title, and one quarter from a generic search. Data shows that users who find an app through search are 50% more likely to become long-term, loyal app users. Google Play provides a robust search capability, making it easier for users to search for apps of interest no matter what the rank. Rank, while still important, holds much less sway over how an app is discovered on Google Play. A study by Fiksu determined that 75% of users found apps on Google Play through a search. 11 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 2 Organic App Discovery on Google Play Brand search: 50% General search: 25% Browse: 20%
  12. 12. GOOGLE SEARCH RANK ALGORITHM THE GOOGLE PLAY SEARCH ALGORITHM CONSIDERS THREE VARIABLES THAT DETERMINE AN APP’S SEARCH RANK: 1 2 3 Keyword In The App’s Title The most important element for Google Play rank. The proper keyword can increase rank 80 to 100 spots. Keyword Frequency In The App Description When a keyword is used multiple times in the app description, rank is increased, often up to 20 spots. Testing has shown that the impact frequency ends after 5 uses of the keyword. Number Of Net Installs Google’s ranking algorithm is skewed in favor of apps that show user retention. The more “net” installs, the higher the rank. The Google algorithm tracks uninstalls and takes into account only apps that remain installed. 12 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  13. 13. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 2. ORGANIC DISCOVERY THAT IS “SEARCH” DRIVEN Google Play’s search capabilities level the playing field, allowing lesser-known apps and brands additional opportunities to reach prospective users. Google Browse Rank Algorithm Browse rank in the App Store is determined by overall installs, whether the app is retained or not. In Google Play, browse rank is determined by the number of net installs. The more net installs, the higher the browse rank. The Google browse algorithm tracks de-installs and takes into account only apps that remain installed. High volumes of low cost installs will not help with browse rank in Google Play – it’s all about long-term retention. 13 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 2 High volumes of low cost installs will not help with browse rank in Google Play, it’s all about longterm retention.
  14. 14. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 3. MORE COST-EFFECTIVE AD NETWORKS 3 To be successful in today’s competitive market, an app needs to be backed by solid marketing and advertising programs. Just like iOS, the Android ecosystem has dozens of third-party ad networks that perform well to drive user acquisition. Within the Android ad networks, there is a greater supply of ad inventory compared to iOS. A recent analysis of available advertising inventory shows that Android is able to deliver 12% more ad inventory than iOS. This extra inventory has driven down advertising rates substantially. Fiksu estimates the cost of that inventory is 40% lower than for iOS. Android marketers therefore can expect the cost to acquire a user to be much less for Android and iOS. Lower ad costs also give you an opportunity to have an even greater impact on your app rank and organic discovery. The good news for advertisers is that, once improved rank is achieved, the rank does not degrade once an advertiser stops spending. As such, the advertiser continues to enjoy incremental organic downloads beyond those generated during a campaign. 14 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | $
  15. 15. WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT GOOGLE PLAY? 4. IMMEDIATE APP APPROVAL The app market moves fast and is constantly changing. Marketers with the ability to adapt quickly can get a significant competitive edge. Google Play provides the ideal environment for developers and marketers to react quickly to changing market dynamics because Google Play does not have an app approval process that delays apps going live. In contrast, updating an app can take weeks with iOS due to the App Store’s submission and approval process, which frequently takes more than a week. Android developers can quickly iterate on design and test features, promotions or offers that work best. Developers can iterate and test designs quicker on Android, and marketing costs are significantly lower, because you can test and therefore learn the best marketing approaches. 15 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 4
  16. 16. TIPS FOR ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS TIP:1 Exploit the Marketing Attribution Capabilities of Google Play and Fiksu To get the best return from your ad spend, take full advantage of the Google Play and Fiksu marketing attribution capabilities. This will allow you or your agency to conduct closed-loop analysis of your advertising, and base ongoing advertising decisions on known performance. As you acquire users, continually track and measure the traffic sources that generate these users, as well as key post-download user events. Use this data to steer your marketing toward the sources that generate your most desired users, and at the best cost. Measure ad performance: rank, downloads, source, cost; and measure the post-install events important to your business: launches, purchases, registrations, usage, game levels, conversions, etc., in real-time. 16 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  17. 17. TIPS FOR ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS TIP:2 OPTIMIZE ADVERTISING IN REAL-TIME With the insights gained from marketing attribution, optimize your advertising in real-time toward traffic sources that are delivering the best results. You can leverage the Fiksu platform to target the types of users your business needs, in high volumes, and for the most efficient cost possible. If you want users who make in-app purchases, Fiksu can optimize your advertising to the sources that have generated these users in the highest volumes. If you monetize your app by selling ads, Fiksu can optimize your advertising to the sources that generate loyal users who use your app repeatedly. A Fiksu optimization specialist manages the Fiksu platform on your behalf, so there is no software to install or learn, or additional staff required on your part. With the combination of marketing attribution and real-time optimization, you are virtually guaranteed a better return on your marketing investment, and the ability to build a long-term app business. 17 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  18. 18. TIPS FOR ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS TIP:3 OPTIMIZE YOUR APP FOR SEARCH In Google Play, search is the primary means of organic discovery. You can greatly influence search rank, and therefore app discovery, by following these tips. Keyword in the App Title A keyword in your app title is the most important element that impacts search rank. The right keyword in your title can affect rank position 80 to 100 spots. Identify your most successful keyword and include it in the title. But don’t use the keyword in the title more than once—this makes no difference. Keywords in the App Description and Promo Text Within the app description, frequency of keywords increases search rank. Try to use a keyword up to five times. This can impact rank position 10 to 20 spots. Don’t use a keyword more than five times as this does not add further benefit. Also, include the app name in the body of the app description. Unlike iOS, the body description is searched under Google Play. Since updating your submission is easy and quick, you should consider experimenting with different keywords and combinations to see which yield better results. 18 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  19. 19. 10 STEPS TO IMPROVE ORGANIC DISCOVERY ON GOOGLE PLAY 1 2 3 4 5 Define keywords that are relevant to your app (Use Google AdWords Traffic Estimator to help you prioritize) Include top keywords in the app title (and consider removing your app name from the title, in order to make room for these) Include app name and all other keywords 5 times in description Make developer and bundle name relevant to the app (these also contribute to search) Make app logo descriptive of app name 19 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | 6 7 8 9 10 Consider using competitor keywords & app name Use city and country names if the description of geographies are relevant to your app Measure search rank for all your keywords Measure traffic from search on keywords over the period of a week Incentivize users to rate your app because user ratings can raise an app’s rank in Google Play.
  20. 20. TIPS FOR ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS TIP:4 CONDUCT LONGER-TERM AD CAMPAIGNS WITH SEVERAL NETWORKS Google Play’s ranking algorithm rewards long-term user acquisition - apps that acquire and retain users are rewarded with higher ranks. Therefore, advertising campaigns should be run over a longer term and sustained over several months, as opposed to the short bursts of activity often seen in the iOS market. The best strategy is to try to work with as many traffic sources as possible. This will enable you to reach your largest potential audience, realize the lowest-possible cost per acquisition, and also protect your app from audience saturation. Fiksu works with all the major ad networks, real-time bidding platforms, and incentivized download programs. This gives you access to all the major traffic sources with just one lightweight SDK and one reporting dashboard. Work with Many Traffic Sources to: • Identify the best-performing sources • Drive installs from more loyal users • Insulate your app from audience saturation • Keep your costs down 20 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  21. 21. TIPS FOR ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS TIP:5 TEST YOUR APP PRESENTATION ON GOOGLE PLAY Take advantage of the fact that you can update your app immediately on Google Play by continually testing the way your app is presented. Try different app titles, meta tags and test the app name in the logo. Continually explore new ways to describe your app, and look for new keywords. You can apply these learnings to your iOS versions and reduce your costs and risks. 21 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  22. 22. TIPS FOR ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS TIP:6 TARGET LOYAL USERS – NOT JUST INSTALLS To build a thriving app business, you need installs by loyal users. It is loyal users who use your app repeatedly, make purchases, register, or take other actions that tie back to an ROI. An install, or even an app launch, does not mean that you have a loyal user. In fact, studies show that many users who install an app never even use it, or abandon it after a single use. It is loyal users on which you ultimately build your app business. Loyal user acquisition also benefits your rank on Google Play, since Google Play’s rank algorithm rewards retention. Try to optimize your Android marketing efforts on traffic sources that are delivering your loyal users. Use the Google Play and Fiksu attribution capabilities to help you understand the traffic sources driving your loyal users, and Fiksu’s optimization capabilities to go get them. 22 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series |
  23. 23. ANDROID MARKETING SUCCESS STARTS HERE Are you planning an Android ad campaign? Or do you believe your current Android campaign can perform better? Speak with an Android Marketing Expert About Ways To: Contact Fiksu today to get started on the path to success. · Drive high install volumes A Fiksu Android marketing expert is ready to speak with you about ways to achieve the results your business needs. · Acquire loyal users dedicated to your app Many of the world’s leading app developers turn to Fiksu for Android marketing success. Join our community of successful app marketers. · Monetize more users and drive more revenue · Achieve ROI-positive ad campaigns Contact Fiksu today: Phone: 1.855.463.4578 Email: Website: 23 | Fiksu | Mobile App Marketing eBook Series | · Gain high-value insights into ad performance and key business drivers
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