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Published on

Daniela Verona …

Daniela Verona
graphic / web / type / photo

Published in: Design, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Global Forum onFood Security and Nutrition online forum on Food Security brand identity
  • 2. Right to FoodEconomic and Social Department, FAO publication’s layout promotional materials multimedia CD layout + HTML/CSS
  • 3. Right to Food Forum 2008 FAO Headquarter event identity
  • 4. AIDOS publicationsagainst female genital mutilations publication’s layout promotional materials
  • 5. IED Factory 2009/2010series of lectures on communication realized by IED Communication Rome brand identity
  • 6. Globulizzazionesocial non conventional campaign to promote blood’s donation in Lazio, Italy smart identity
  • 7. Globulizzazione / EMAticons social non conventional campaign to promote blood’s donation in Lazio, Italyidentity + communication strategy + flashmob
  • 8. IALS identityproject realized for the first degree’s thesis titled “project the identity - smart identity“ identity + signage
  • 9. Luglio Luglio Ago G no Giug gos Se e Ma M ttem O Ot to mb ggi ttto ob Ap Ap brr re r o N rriille No v e Ma e vem rzo bre Dicemb Febb bre raio Gennaio Gennaio Dicem No vem O bre tto Se bre br tte e mb Ago re sto Luglio Giugno o ggi Ma ile pr raio Gennaio A rzo Calendars Febb Madesign + photos + prototype
  • 10. Flamenco Lunares’ logo flamenco dance company brand identity
  • 11. Festival del Futuro’s logo future’s festival brand identity
  • 12. Global Forum onFood Security and Nutrition online forum on Food Security website’s restyling CMS implementation: TYPO3 newsletter layout
  • 13. Right to FoodEconomic and Social Department, FAO website’s restyling CMS implementation: TYPO3
  • 14. ASVI websiteSchool for Management & Social Change website’s restyling CMS implementation: Wordpress
  • 15. Debora Serracchiani’s websitepolitical website for the European Election 2010 website layout + CSS / HTML vectorial illustrations
  • 16. Rossini restaurant’s website luxury restaurant in Florence, Italy website layout + CSS / HTML
  • 17. IED Factory 2009/2010series of lectures on communication realized by IED Communication Rome website layout + CSS / HTML
  • 18. QWERTYUIOP QWERTYUIOP ASDFGHJKL ASDFGHJKL ZXCVBNM ZXCVBNM abcdefghijkl abcdefghijkl mnopqrstuvw mnopqrstuv xyz#&@$€% wxyz#&@$€% font: MELA tipo / tondofont realized during the high professional course 1234567890 1234567890 in type design, Milan 2010 realized with FontLab MELA+TIPO MELA+TONDO
  • 19. font: IALS smallcapstype created for the smart identity IALS
  • 20. font: DROP smallcaps type project
  • 21.
  • 22. L’attesa di un bacio
  • 23. WIFI ART photo exhibition Ascoltate la musica con l’anima. Non sentite un essere interiore che vi si risveglia dentro? Circolo degli Artisti, Roma È per lui che la testa vi si drizza, che le braccia si sollevano, che camminate lentamente verso la luce. Isadora Duncan
  • 24. DANIELA VERONA e mail EXPERIENCE phone +39 06 40 60213 from 2009 • Graphic and Web designer for the Right to Food Team and the Global Forum on mobile +39 334 8863895 Food Security and Nutrition • FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations from 2008 • Teacher of Basic Design and Lettering • IED Communication Rome from 2007 • Freelance work for: superdany86 AIDOS Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo ASVI Fondazione per lo Sviluppo del Non Profit Debora Serracchiani European election candidate IED Communication Rome Rossini restaurant Florence and more EDUCATION 009 - 2011 • Specialistic degree on Design, Visual and2 Multimedia Communication • La Sapienza Rome SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE 2009 • High professional course on Type Design languages • English • Spanish • French Milan technical • Operating system: Mac OS X • MS Windows 008 - 2009 • Master in Web Media Design • IED Rome2 Graphic suite: Illustrator • Indesign • Photoshop • Quark XPress • Font Lab Studio • 005 - 2009 • Degree in Graphic Design • 110 cum laude/1102 Dreamweaver • Flash • Final Cut • Adobe Premiere • ... RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) Rome Coding: XHTML • CSS • PHP • Javascript • JQuery • CMS: Worpress, Typo3 2005 • Artistic high school qualifications • 100/100 Rome Photography: film • digital