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Pitch to American Eagle. Collaborator in Group Project

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  • 2005 slide from Wallstreet presentation:
  • American Eagle needs a shift in culture and branding - not a moment-in-time promotion that will soon be forgotten
  • American Eagle’s logo, name, colors, and clothes are all cohesive with this vision; it’s about uniting it all both at an
  • Old Messaging
  • New Messaging – How will we use music to get us there? How can we infuse music and Americana culture into American Eagle?
  • American eagle final

    1. 1. A Look at your MusicCultureMiami UniversityJordan Biagini, Lindsay Brewster, Cat CirinoJoe Lee, Daniella Santisteban, Tyler Taylor
    2. 2. Who AE is TodayOur visit to the storeInternet Research Their facts about how they are not currently reaching their target marketCurrent branding/messaging Casual, relaxed, everyday brand. Fashionable without being edgy. Music Branding: Pop, alternative, indie, folklore Scattered in consumer’s minds
    3. 3. 2005 American Eagle Positioning Graph against Competition AEOS has achieved the value perception, but is struggling with being positioned for the right age. 3
    4. 4. Where do we go from here? A comprehensive look at our ideas and specific clues we pulled to get to the CLASSICSSSSSSS A shift in culture and branding - not a promotion End with “generAEtion” Have slide erase and generAEtion fly in
    5. 5. Initial Primary ResearchSurvey (use pie charts)IDIFocus Group
    6. 6. Initial Secondary Research“Oldies are just for the older crowd” or are they?• Clasic Rock/ Oldies is the most popular genre of music according to a 2002 SPPA survey• 42% of Net generation respondents said they liked Rock/Oldies in 2002 in the SPPA survey• Teens ages 13-17 account for 20% of Pink Floyd and Lez Zepppelin albums from 2002 – 2005• Technology, especially the internet has allowed younger generations to tap into music of the past easily and instantanously.
    7. 7. AgendaGoals and Music’s influenceImplementation ideas Rebranding LaunchSWOTPlan Specifics Timeline Conceptual Budget Measurement Tools
    8. 8. Intro to generAEtionThe heart of Generation is classic rock music fromthe 60s, 70s and 80s, but again, it is not merelythe songs that define this campaign.  Instead, generAEtion is an attitude, a philosophy: recapturing the identities and spirit that theseeras characterize, building them into the AmericanEagle culture, and letting the customers be a partof this movement.
    9. 9. Music’s Influence
    10. 10. Goals of Brand OverhaulIntuitive, inherent integration of music into AE’sidentityShift from fresh/white/non-descript image to anAE with direction and purpose.Draw from various existing branding andmessaging; pull core elements together into acohesive vision rather than a scattered schema.
    11. 11. Store Integration
    12. 12. Store Integration
    13. 13. Website/SocialMedia/Mobile
    14. 14. Website
    15. 15. Pandora / Sample Playlist
    16. 16. Customer Loyalty AE Rewards • About 158 Million Itunes accounts are users age 34 and under•First tear of AE Reward is 15% off. Loss of $6 per average purchase of $42.•Instead, first tear can be 7 song “Sampler” of sponsored artists. Loss of $5.25 per download•Last tear should be option between 40% off and a a $20 giftcard attached to a physical “Sampler” CD.•74.6% of survey respondents liked the idea of a Free Playlist as music promotion •Use a code in randomly selected receipts to use in AE app for free song download. •23.8% of Smartphone users are ages 13-24
    17. 17. Campus Outreach
    18. 18. Campus Outreach (?)
    19. 19. Sweepstakes
    20. 20. Tribute Band
    21. 21. SWOTStrengths  One of the biggest apparel manufacturers in the US High brand equity and awareness with consumers. Composed of everyday essentials and are built to last. Currently already has some current association with music.Weaknesses Not reaching consumer segment of focus Lacking in mobile app usability, social media integration
    22. 22. SWOTOpportunities Social Media Reach Internet radio expansion (Pandora, beginning to use Spotify) International expansionThreats Fashion industry is high risk No barriers to entry Constantly evolving types of music makes accurate trend keeping accurate.
    23. 23. Timelineo Months 1-3 o Establishing minimums for all stores. Design ideals for Flagship stores o Jeans name changes o Work on mobile integration and Itunes partnership   o Months 4-7 o Flagship stores remodeled o Polaroids and Heritage walls introduced into all storeso Month 8 o Official Launch of generAEtion o Album Cover Sweepstakeso Summer Months following o Tribute Band Concert o College Battle of the Bands and Greek concerts announced
    24. 24. Conceptual Budget
    25. 25. Summary/Overview
    26. 26. Concert Picture –either here or ontribute band slide?
    27. 27. gener A E tion
    28. 28. In-StoreChanging the jeans to famous artists – “Jeans threadedwith the genes of legends” “Our music and our jeans fadeat the same rate - never. Grab a fresh pair of StevieSkinnies at 40% off”