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  • 1. The history of European Unionby Izzo Gabriele and Mazzini Filippo
  • 2. Europe at the end of second global warEurope was destroyed and politicaly broken in two blocks because of the second global war The west block was democratic there was a dictatorship in the east block which was under the influence of the Sovietic Unionand under the influence of the United States
  • 3. The Economic Community of Coal and Steel (C.E.C.A.) 1951: Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourgfounded the C.E.C.A. to promote the production and business of coal and steel and to rebuild Europe destroyed because of the war
  • 4. The European Economic CommunityFor the most good results of C.E.C.A. the six foundator states formed the C.E.E. to create a single market where merchandisings, money and people can move on clearly 1957 - six foundator states 1973 – United Kingdom, Irish and Denmark 1981 - Greek 1986 - Spain and Portugal 1995 - Austria, Sweden and Finland 1 - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia,Cyprus and Malta 2007 - Romania and Bulgaria
  • 5. The Treaty of Maastricht With the Treaty of Maastricht, in 1990, born the European citizenshipwhich affords the free circulation in all the countries which belong to the Schengen Space.
  • 6. The Constitution The first european constitution was written in 2004 France and Netherland not approved itSo in 2009 was rewrite the text of the first constitution: the Treaty of Lisbon approved also from France and Netherland
  • 7. 2002: the single currencyThe creation of EURO as a single currency was necessaryto get easy commercial exchages and travels.United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark have preferred topostpone the adoption of the euro
  • 8. The flag •Stars = the Countries of the Union •Circle = cooperation and equality The anthem Ode to joy: composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven as an ode to peace and brotherhood