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002 quiz unilingua fundamentals b
002 quiz unilingua fundamentals b
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002 quiz unilingua fundamentals b


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  • 1. UNIVERSIDAD DEL CAUCA UNILINGUA QUIZ OO2Name: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________ 1. Write the simple past form of the verbs: a) They (be) ________ at home last night. b) My mother (not/do) ____________ exercise this morning c) She and her brother (see) __________ a movie two days ago. d) _____ he (read)___________ the book last week? e) I (take a shower) ____________ at 7:00 am. 2. Answer the questions: a) What time did you wake up this morning? ___________________________ b) What did you have for lunch yesterday? ___________________________ c) Who was your favorite singer two years ago? ____________________________ d) Did you drink coffee this morning? ____________________________ e) Did you go to the beach last vacations? ____________________________ 3. Write a paragraph of 5 lines, describing what you did yesterday.(Don’t forget to use the simple past tense) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Suggest a remedy: a) “I have a terrible stomachache.” ________________________________ b) “My father has a bad cough” ________________________________ c) “I feel terrible. I have a sore throat” ________________________________ d) “Oh, my mouth! What a toothache” ________________________________ 5. Choose the correct response: 1. What ____ you do last week? a) Did b) do c) does c) don’t 2. Karla: Can you fix a car? John:_________________, but I can fix computers. a) No, I can b) Yes, I can c) No, I should d) I couldn’t 3. We ____ the dishes two days ago. a) Wash b) washed c) woshed d) washed 4. I can’t buy those shoes, they’re ____ expensive. a) Nicely b) busy d) too d) very 5. Could you please ___________ the lights?
  • 2. a) Turn off b) open d) turn d) close6. Write a conversation related to the picture: LISTENING:1. Complete the Lyrics: Who Knew. (PINK)You ______ my ______, I wish I ______ still call you _________You __________ me how Id give anything______ promised me youd be around _____ someone said count your blessings nowThats right, I _______ your words For __________ long goneAnd _____ believed, In everything I guess I just didnt know _____You _______ to me I ______ all wrongThats right hey ________ better Still _______ said foreverIf someone said ____ ________ from now And everYoud be long gone _______ ________Id stand up and punch them upCause ____________all wrong_____ know betterCause ________ said foreverAnd everWho knewRemember ______ we ________ such foolsAnd so convinced and just ______ coolOh no no noI wish I ______ touch ____ again