Quantum Computing in a Nutshell: Grover's Search and the World of Quantum Computing Part 1


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[Slides from NoSQL Now! 2013 Lightning Talks]
Ever wonder about quantum computing? With the recent announcement of the first commercial deployment off a quantum computing device, we’ve now crossed the barrier between theory and practice. This just-for-fun talk will provide some insight into quantum computing and related topics.

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  • Quantum physics was developed in the 1930's, as a result of a bet between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, to see who could come up with the most ridiculous theory and still have it published. Most people agree that Bohr won hands down.
  • Quantum Computing in a Nutshell: Grover's Search and the World of Quantum Computing Part 1

    1. 1. Quantum Computing In a Nutshell Grover‟s Search and the World of Quantum Computing, Part I Daniel Austin PayPal, Inc. NoSQL Now! 2013 August 20, 2013 V1.4
    2. 2. Quantum Computing 101 • Describes quantum logical processes analogous to classical computing • Multivariate Logic – Bits: yes|| no – Qubits: yes||no||maybe – Probabilistic results instead of hard answers • Quantum “Weirdness” – Teleportation, superdense coding, non-causal computations, multiversal parallelism, entanglement, cryptography, superpos ition R. P. Feynman, “Quantum mechanical computers”, Optics News, February 1985, 11, p. 11
    3. 3. Quantum Logic Gates • Like classical logic circuits, but additional quantum logic gates • Hadamard, Pi/8 (phase), CNOT, many others Images courtesy Wikipedia.com
    4. 4. A Quantum Circuit 8/20/2013 Image courtesy L. K. Grover
    5. 5. Quantum Teleportation • Only Information, not objects • No-cloning theorem: original must be destroyed • Current best record 143 Km in 2012 8/20/2013
    6. 6. Current State of Quantum Computational Play • We can now read and write 512 qubits • Teleportation Record:~ 143 KM (or 50 cm) (2012,2013) • IBM demonstrates true entanglement 2006 • RSA algorithm Cracked 2008 • Yale demonstrates 1st quantum chip 2009 • D-Wave Announces the first commercially available „quantum computer‟ May 2011 • Lockheed Puts 1st Quantum Computer into production 2013! – (But does it really work??)
    7. 7. Summing Up • Quantum Computing is real and coming soon to a computer near you • QC algorithms are based on gates and circuits that define operators acting on the state of qubits • QC algorithms are qualitatively different and can perform non-classical feats of computation • Rapid progress in the field right now – 1st commercial implementations – Quantum cryptography, teleportation, spintronics all featured in Nature this month!
    8. 8. Quantum Advice I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics. ... Do not keep saying to yourself, if you can possibly avoid it, 'But how can it be like that?' because you will get 'down the drain', into a blind alley from which nobody has yet escaped. Nobody knows how it can be like that. Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law Daniel Austin PayPal, Inc. daaustin@PayPal.com @daniel_b_austin