9 frame analysis


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9 frame analysis

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analysis Coldplay – Fix you
  2. 2. Shot 1 is an establishing shot and it shows Chris Martin is sitting in a well lit tunnel and he islooking into the distance which we can see that it is dark outside. There is very little colourpalette in this shot which can tie in with the song as it isnt very upbeat song and quite sad.
  3. 3. Shot 2 is a zoom in to a close up of Chris martin which adds dramatic effect to the shot and italso ties in with Andrew Goodwins theory as the it close up of the artist and he is in the middleof shot which shows hes the main attention point which shows they are trying to sell andpromote this band.Also there is slow tracking shot of Chris walking through the tunnel this relates to the slow startof the song and also the mise en scene of Chris’s outfit tie in with the dark start to the song as heis wearing all black.
  4. 4. Shot 3 shows a medium shot Chris swinging what appears to be a light bulb around his headwhich he also does further on into the video while they are performing in the stadium this againcan relate to Andrew Goodwins theory as it is relating to an aspect of their Twisted Logics worldtour which shows they are trying to promote all aspects of the band . This shot is only a cutawayof the tracking shot this can show foreshadowing of what is to come further on in the video.
  5. 5. Shot 4 again uses a close up of Chris Martin which shows he is still the main selling point of thevideo , the location of this shot relates well with the lyrics “lights will guide you home” thislocation is very well lit with lots of lights ,in Chris martins case he maybe following the lights tothe stage which he may count as his home being the performer that he is.
  6. 6. Again in shot 5 Chris is still the main selling point but over his shoulder there is a light displaybeing projected onto buildings and some peculiar shape which is a form of bauletcode, which is similar to the cover of their Album X and Y and also similar to all the singlecovers from the album with Fix you being one, Which again relates to Andrew Goodwinstheory.The message of this Baulet code which is being projected on the building says “ make tradefair” which is relatable to the audience and the band as Coldplay support many charities.
  7. 7. Shot 6 is nearing the end of the song and it starts to pick up speed and tempo as the guitar riffbegins Chris begins to run and there is lots of quick shots of him running at pace and one beinga handheld shot as the camera begins to shake giving a sense of realness to the shot. In thebackground lights can be seen which again ties in with the lyric within the chorus.
  8. 8. Shot 7 is a long shot showing all the members of Coldplay which again is promoting the band, also Chris is in the middle of them which can show that he is the main person within Coldplay.They are all wearing similar clothing which keeps the continuity of the video and also the lights inthe background are red which can be symbolized with pain and anger and sadness which againties in with the song.
  9. 9. The penultimate shot shows a establishing shot showing that the video has moved to a liveperformance at a stadium with a fading transition of Chris singing which shows that he is still themain selling point and also the multiple lights are swaying almost like a signal that could suggestthat the audience’s home is at this Coldplay and the lights are guiding them to where they needto be.
  10. 10. The Last shot is a extreme long shot and in the distance is the band on stage and in between is avast amount of people , they may have used this shot to show the sheer popularity of this bandand it may encourage people to start following this band and buying their music if they are sopopular, once again the use of the lights on the stage keep up with the continuity of theme ofthis song.