how to become chrismatic personality

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  • 1. Organizational Behavior How to be a Charismatic Personality By Bilal Aslam Raja 1631-308002-i
  • 2. Personality
    • “ The sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others”
  • 3. Charismatic Personality
    • It’s a Greek Word means “GIFT”….
    • One who is charismatic is said to be capable of using their personal being, rather than just Speech or logic alone, to interface with other human beings in a personal and manner, and effectively communicate an argument or concept to them.
  • 4. Some Charismatic Personality
  • 5. Tips To be A Charismatic Personality
    • Improve your self esteem
    • Be confident
    • Over come Shyness
    • Communicates with people
    • Make connection with people
    • Increase your self respect
    • Improve your Leader ship Skills
    • Be “Center of Attention” when ever you want
    • Take more Control on your life
  • 6. Tips to improve your self Esteem
    • Build up your Esteem
    • Celebrate your journey
    • Set Clear goals before every interaction
    • Be Protective
    • Treat each person you meet as if she or he is truly important.
  • 7. Tips to improve your self Esteem
    • Give a firm handshake; look the other person straight in the eye
    • Listen! Listen! Listen!
    • Visibly respond to the other person
    • Pay more attention to the other person than to yourself.
    • Stay "in the moment." Don't mentally cut off the other person
  • 8. Simple techniques for increasing your confidence
    • Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?
    • In doing something for the first time, imagine that you have already done it in the past.
    • Find someone who is already confident in that area and copy them.
  • 9. Simple techniques for increasing your confidence
    • Remember that you lose out on 100% of the opportunities that you never go for
    • Disarm the nagging, negative internal voice
  • 10. Tips for over coming shyness
    • Practice becoming fascinated by other people
    • Great socializes make other people feel comfortable and interesting
    • Remember that the way to overcome shyness is to focus elsewhere
  • 11. Communication with others
  • 12. Connection With Peoples
  • 13. Increase your Self Respect
    • Don't bring yourself down
    • Build your knowledge base of social, practical, and professional thoughts, sayings, and practices
    • Never condemn or bemoan yourself
    • Focus on learning and doing things to build up who you are, but not at the expense of others.
  • 14. Leadership skills
    • Building Trust
    • Mentoring
    • Team Development
    • Inclusion
  • 15. Reference
    • Book
    • Organizational Behavior
    • By
    • Robbins & Judge
  • 16. That’s All!!!!!!!!!! Thank You…………………………...