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Learn more about the Liturgical Calendar!

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Liturgical Calendar

  1. 1. Liturgical Calendar
  2. 2. • Refers to the calendar of the church’s liturgical celebrations which shows the salvation history brought about by God to humankind through Jesus Christ.
  3. 3. Liturgy • Public worship • Contains memorial, feast and solemnities of the Saints, Mary and Jesus
  4. 4. Liturgical Colors
  5. 5. The Liturgical Seasons •Comprise the church liturgical Calendar –they are the following:
  6. 6. Advent Season • Begins the church liturgical calendar • The time to wait, to hope and to grow • Celebrates Christ’s two – fold coming – Incarnation – Final judgment (Parousia) • Consists of four weeks
  7. 7. Christmas Season • The celebration of Jesus birth • Celebration of the incarnation – God becoming man • Has two focal points – Christmas day to the solemnity of Mary as Mother of God – Epiphany to baptism of the Lord
  8. 8. Lenten Season • The recalling of the suffering or passion of Jesus • Begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on black Saturday • Includes holy week from Palm Sunday to black Saturday
  9. 9. Easter Season (Most Important Season) • Celebrates Jesus resurrection from the death • Covers 50 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost • On the 40th day, the church celebrates the ascension of Jesus
  10. 10. Ordinary Time • Divided into two group/ parts –Sunday between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday –Sunday between Pentecost and Solemnity of the Christ the King.
  11. 11. Solemnity of the Christ the King • Celebration of the solemnity of the Christ the King • End of the liturgical calendar
  12. 12. Liturgical Calendar Cycle • Cycle A – features the gospel of Matthew for the whole year • Cycle B – features the gospel of Mark for the whole year • Cycle C – features the gospel of Luke for the whole year • Solemnities and special occasions features the gospel of John
  13. 13. Advent • Derived from the Latin word “Adventus” which means coming or arrival, the coming of Christ our savior • It is a time to wait, to hope, and to grow • A season of hope and anticipation
  14. 14. The focus of the Church during Advent Season in Christ’s three fold coming: • Past – We remember the Lord’s humble first coming 2000 years ago. • Present – We give thanks for His presence and continual coming to us through the word and sacraments. • Future – We look forward with the hope and patience to His victorious second coming as judge and king at the end of time.
  15. 15. Signs and Symbols of Advent •  Advent Wreath • A circular evergreen wreath with four candles which symbolizes the four weeks of Advent. –Circular shape • The eternity of God’s love with no beginning and no ending. –Green leaves • Constant and steadfast love of God for us. Hope and renewal –Candle
  16. 16.  Tree of Jesse • Made from branch of any tree or small evergreen • The image of a branch growing out of the root of Jesse to a new King in line of David • It reminds us that our belief grows out of deep roots of thousand years of ancestors in the faith.
  17. 17. •  Bells –Symbol of worship •  Dove –Peace •  Christmas tree –Eternity and endlessness •  Star –Jesus bright and morning star in Bethlehem