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The Art Of Video Storytelling


Published on

Created for Stanford GSB's 2010 "Power of Social Technology" class. …

Created for Stanford GSB's 2010 "Power of Social Technology" class.

By Dan Greenberg.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. ry tel ling deo Sto Vi g y hnolo of c ial Te eA rt Pow er of Soc Th Stanfo rd GS B 358: Dan Greenberg CEO, Sharethrough make your media social
    • 2. k or ew Goal am Fr Audience ing ell yt Persuasion Strategy or St eo Story d Vi
    • 3. Activision // Tony Hawk Ride hise. nergize a dying franc nic conversations to re-e pstart fun and orga GOAL: Jum
    • 4. GOAL: Jumpstart fun and organic conversations to re-energize a dying franchise. TARGET AUDIENCE: Casual gamers, boys 10-18, beyond the core skater demographic. PERSUASION STRATEGY: Surprise, imagination & curiosity. STORY ELEMENTS: Provide fun and entertaining glimpse into the world of Tony Hawk fans. Use Tillman’s “skateboarding dog” fame to provide backstory and context. Showcase ease of use of the product. Beg the question, “Is it real?”
    • 5. Behavior Change Goal Make yourself choose ONE goal. (It’ll force you to focus on the most important one.) ๏ Spread awareness about an issue or idea ๏ Generate fans and followers online ๏ Get press, online and offline ๏ Solidify relationships with existing advocates ๏ Drive product sales
    • 6. Behavior Change Goal Every aspect of your plan should contribute towards your goal
    • 7. Target Audience Define a single audience archetype. ๏ Moms with babies ๏ Twitter influencers ๏ Technology entrepreneurs ๏ Casual gamers ๏ Enterprising students
    • 8. Target Audience It’s OK to have multiple audience targets, as long as you can speak to each one effectively.
    • 9. Persuasion Strategy Understand the emotions that matter to you, and how you will appeal to them. ๏ Pleasure / Pain ๏ Hope / Fear ๏ Belonging / Rejection * BJ Fogg
    • 10. Story Tell a good story and people will listen. ๏ Flash-mobs ent Trends ๏ “Is it real?” Rec ๏ Short films from brands ๏ Unexpected art ๏ Timely parodies ๏ Rare skills ๏ Scare tactics ๏ Delight people and record reactions
    • 11. Story What kind of story are you telling? ๏ interesting ๏ educational ๏ empowering ๏ eye catching ๏ sexy ๏ mind boggling ๏ surprising ๏ funny ๏ romantic ๏ shocking ๏ outrageous ๏ charming ๏ unexpected ๏ uplifting ๏ intelligent ๏ cute ๏ amusing ๏ depressing ๏ scary ๏ embarassing ๏ alienating ๏ challenging ๏ horrifying
    • 12. MoveOn // “McCain-Free White House” i c voters De mocrat lection. ce young ut the e Convin e nts abo GOAL: heir par to talk to t
    • 13. LEGO // “Cl!ck” w ith former al connection s tablish an emotion ro f creativity. G OAL: Re-e h the wonde LEGO lo vers throug
    • 14. Montana Meth nt tio n to ceme , vi sceral reac . ut- wrenching ow er of meth GOAL: Create a g gly addictive p ov erwhelmin in v iewers the
    • 15. Verisign // Cart Whisperer any, is a quirky, fun comp ech w orld that Verisign GOAL: Show the t aba ndonment produ ct. th eir shopping cart and drive PR for
    • 16. Grasshopper // Entrepreneurs ne re neur’s pho as the “entrep Gr asshopper G OAL: Introduce drive sales . tely system” and ultima
    • 17. Viewing Experience Think about how users will engage. Know the limitations ๏ Watching during class no sound ๏ Watching on your phone very small ๏ Watching at work unfocused attention And consider the opportunities ๏ Watching with friends collective, shared experience ๏ Immediately actionable clickthrough after watching ๏ Easily shareable sharethrough after watching
    • 18. Viewing Experience
    • 19. Key Insights ✓ Understand your behavior change goal before you pick up a camera. ✓ Treat your viewers as audience, not consumers. No one has to watch your video if they don’t want to. ✓ “Cool” is non-descriptive. Think about the true emotions that matter, given your goal and target audience. ✓ As with any engagement medium, tell a unique and compelling story. ✓ Just because people watched a video doesn't mean it was successful.
    • 20. k or ew Goal am Fr Audience ing ell yt Persuasion Strategy or St eo Story d Vi
    • 21. Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Email me. Dan Greenberg