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This training course which I presented to MT Department to improve merchandising in Supermarket for Pigeon & Kaila brand in IMV (Indonesian company) and my position was Merchandising Supervisor in 2009

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  1. 1. MERCHANDISING OF IN SUPERMARKET Presented by: Dang Nghia Trung Merchandising Supervisor Pigeon & Kaila Selling
  2. 2. CONTENTOverview Merchandising situation insupermarket as Big C, Co.opMart, Maximark,LotteMart, An Phu, Saigon.Summarize.
  3. 3. Big C
  4. 4. Big C  With no price card.Big C Go Vap Big C Mien Dong Consumers pay most attention to price card, so price card must be labeled correctly.
  5. 5. Big CBefore – 23.11.09 After – 29.11.09  Make sure all price card must be labeled.
  6. 6. Big C  Price card is not clear. Price card must be clear and clean, it wil otherwise reduce its known and perceived value.Big C Go Vap
  7. 7. Big C  Promotional price card put too low with Golden eyes. Product need to put in about 80cm to 150cm from the ground, that is golden eyes. The consumer pay most attention to the golden eyes area.Big C An Lac
  8. 8. Big CBig C An Lac  Merchandising display is not able to attract consumers from each side of shelf. Merchandising displays are best when they able to attract consumers from each side of store. Like this
  9. 9. Big CBig C Hoang Van Thu After It is important to make sure that sold product are replaced. Before
  10. 10. Big C
  11. 11. CO.OPMART
  12. 12. CO.OPMARTCo.opmart Cong Quynh Before After Make display pretty as picture to get attention of consumers.
  13. 13. CO.OPMARTCo.opmart Ly Thuong Kiet  Display is hard to get attention of consumers. The display vertical of product make each item easier for the consumer to pay attention to it. It creates better focus and significantly increase sell- through.
  14. 14.  The consumer doesnot alwaysnnoticedetails in the productdisplay so we mustdisplay them with thepackge always facingforward.
  15. 15. Facing forward
  16. 16. CO.OPMARTCo.op Ly Thuong Kiet
  17. 17. CO.OPMARTCo.opmart Ly Thuong Kiet  Promotional price card put too low with Golden eyes. Product need to put in about 80cm to 150cm from the ground, that is golden eyes. The consumer pay most attention to the golden eyes area.
  18. 18. CO.OPMARTCo.opmart Nguyen Kiem  Using shop window to display latest or best value product. Shop window is put on the right side of supermarket’s entrance not on the left side.
  19. 19. CO.OPMARTLayout of Co.op Nguyen KiemRed color: PigeonOrange color: Johnson Right Left Left Right
  20. 20. CO.OPMARTStore layout Display on the right side of aisle Right are better than those on the left side because of Left natural customer traffic flow. Left Right Enter
  21. 21. CO.OPMARTCo.opmart Nguyen Kiem
  22. 22. Face each side
  23. 23. MAXIMARK
  24. 24. MAXIMARKMaximark Cong Hoa  No having face each side. No picture on the shelf to attract consumers. Product need be take care. Having face each side to attract consumers and create added attention by picture. Product also need to be rearrange and full.
  25. 25. MAXIMARKBig C Hoang Van Thu Create added attention
  26. 26. LOTTEMART
  27. 27. LOTTE MART  An approximate vertical display. Vertical display and four facings, it depend on how many sku.
  28. 28. LOTTE MART Vertical display combine with four facings
  30. 30. AN PHU  No having face each side. Sold product are not replaced. It’s better to change type of shelf in next times.
  32. 32. SAIGON  Only display similar product in the same area and do not follow face each side, four facings, vertical display, create added attention…Rearrangement
  33. 33. SUMMARIZE1. Clear and Clean.2. Four facings.3. Facing forward.4. Vertical is better horizontal.5. 815 Golden eyes.
  34. 34. SUMMARIZE5. 815 Golden eyes.6. Create added attenntion.7. Aisle display.8. Face each side.
  35. 35. SUMMARIZE CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR - AIDAA: AttentionI: Interest Achieved selling purposeD: DesireA: Action Team: Together Everyone Achieve More
  36. 36. THANK YOU ANDI appreciate all your opinions