ScaleSafe - Hard Water Scale Elimination and Prevention


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85% of the country deals with hard water and the problems that it creates but many use old methods of dealing with it such as water softeners or other methods that really don't work. ScaleSafe eliminates existing scale and prevents further build up regardless of the size of system. 1/4" of Scale on hot water heater heating elements increases heating costs by 55%. Units are made for things as small as individual machines up to large buildings with very large volumes of water. Used by Fortune 500 companies in their food service, it is now available both commercially and for the residential market.
A fraction of the cost of other softener systems and much more convenient, ScaleSafe is about to take the home market by storm. No more need for expensive units and monthly upkeep, install a small unit and replace the small cartridge once a year and it's done!
View this presentation for more information and our site at (coming November 2013) to see more. Contact Dan or 352-262-9347 to discuss.

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ScaleSafe - Hard Water Scale Elimination and Prevention

  1. 1. Presented by Dan Garard National Sales Manager Hydro Magic, LLC
  2. 2. 85% of the U.S. is affected by hard water in very negative ways including: Increased energy costs Destruction of water heaters appliances and fixtures Poor water pressure Mineral build up on surfaces
  3. 3. When water undergoes pressure or temperature changes, minerals in the water precipitate (become hard) causing scale build up in dish washers, shower heads and pipes. This is all happening whether you realize it or not. Other symptoms of hard water scale include the need for more soap and causing spots on dishes. ScaleSafe will eliminate existing scale in your system.
  4. 4. The U.S. Bureau of Standards concludes that ¼” of scale buildup on heating elements requires 55% more energy to attain the same temperature as a scale-free heating element, which in turn increases energy costs 55%. Therefore, an inefficient water heater continuously wastes real dollars while simultaneously damaging all appliances and equipment. =
  5. 5. ScaleSafe:  Removes and prevents scale build up  Is less costly than all other water softener systems  Will save more time and money than all other water softener systems  Is environmentally friendly and totally safe for drinking  Removes the need to struggle with awkward bags of salt every month or
  6. 6. Soft (Salt) Water Systems vs ScaleSafe -Unit Cost Average $1300 1st yr-$199/$155 after -Installation $$$ Can be self installed or installed for minimal $ -Monthly Cost 4 bags a month @$6 each=$24 a month No Monthly Cost -Doesn’t remove existing scale Removes Existing Scale -1st Yr Cost $1588 + install -$$$ $199 + install -$
  7. 7.  The average household uses 1000 gallons of hot water per month.  It costs $15 for a gas heater and $24 for an electric water heater to heat that 1000 gallons.  With ¼” of scale, energy costs are 55% higher ($15 becomes $23.25 and $24 becomes $37.20).
  8. 8.  In a year’s time, the energy savings alone are $99 for gas and $158.40 for electric water heaters for households using ScaleSafe.  When you factor in that the ScaleSafe Refill is $155, that leaves a positive $3.40 in your pocket!  So, it actually does PAY to condition your water! Used in consumer food service for decades by numerous Fortune 500 companies – Protect your home with the same product that protects the equipment in the largest corporations in the U.S.
  9. 9. If you would like to know how hard your water is, visit our site at and request a FREE Water Test Kit. This will tell you how hard your water is and the potential damage that it is causing to your water heater and system. If you already know you have a hard water problem and would like ScaleSafe to protect your home or business, visit our site at and see which unit best fits your needs.