Textual research 2 lockout


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Textual research 2 lockout

  1. 1. Textual Research 2 Lockout
  2. 2. Lockout Trailer
  3. 3. They are using this camera shot to set the They are using this shot as high angle to givescene and with low key lighting it makes it a it a better view than just a straight shot, thisbit more interesting and mysterious. It also shot again has low key lighting on it, againfast paced like nearly every scene in this making it interesting.trailer. This shot is an over the shoulder sort of This shot is kind of reaction shot as he is trying shot and is again fast paced as it is a action to get away from them, they use a low angle sequence. The lighting is a bit brighter in shot, making it seem like we are part of this this scene showing clearly that the man group chasing him. closest to the camera is being chased.
  4. 4. This shot again is fast paced and you hardly This is a straight zoomed in shot of a manhave time to focus on what’s going on, this is shooting his gun, as you can see he isa moving camera shot as it moves down the towards the left hand side of the framecorridor. This again is low key lighting and this could be indicating that he is powerful or inis making it seem more violent. command, trying to find the presidents daughter.Again a straight zoomed in shot and has low This is a high angle shot of the man makingkey lighting again could indicate that they are contact with the people back on earth, thisviolent and tough. The way that it is framed shows that he is in command here and in themakes it look like the guy at the front is the position of power. It looks like low keyleader of the criminals. lighting but that might just be because the cameras are focusing on the monitors.
  5. 5. Although the camera is pointing straight at the In this fighting scene here it is well lightpeople here they are still looking up to the guy probably because it is such a fast clip that toon the TV. There is also the framing of the main make sure that you see everyone you need theman at the front could be in charge of this light. Again it is a moving shot, with fast pacedmission. action in it and a fast paced camera shot.When the prisoner picks the man up there is a This shot is totally different to the others as itdiegetic sound of him hitting the metal, it is has high key lighting, showing the prisonersalso a low angle shot showing how high he has reaction to the man on the left, they havelifted him. Again it is a dark scene adding more mixed it up by using a over the shoulder shotmystery to the prisoners. here showing his point of view.
  6. 6. On this shot they have recorded the TV to get a This is a high angle of the earth and thedifferent effect and you can tell it is a high angle spaceship heading towards it, this is fastshot from the way the TV is positioned. At this paced as they are panicking about what theypoint they are again using a diagetic sound of can do.him talking into the camera.This is filled the screen with the date that it is This is showing them having a conversationbeing released, changing the scene and discussing whether this man can do it, again itatmosphere informing everyone. Getting the is a diagetic sound from him and is fast pacedaudience thinking about when to see it. still.
  7. 7. This showing a low angle shot of him walking This is a fast paced shot of a conversationtowards the rocket to go to the spaceship. between the convict about to board theShowing the true size of him compared to space ship and sort things out, this isthe rocket. shown by a over the shoulder shot.This is just a plain straight shot of text that This is rising low angle shot as you see thethey have used to help sell it to the plane is reaching the spaceship, again it isaudience. dark and that is adding a sense of mystery to the spaceship and about what could be on it that he doesnt’t know about.
  8. 8. It then cuts to this shot of inside the ship This shot is an over the shoulder shot of awhere the prisoners are, again with the low conversation, and a shot, reaction-shot as itkey lighting it adds mystery and looks more breaks out into a fight sequence. Thedingy. It is also a High angle shot from an prisoner is at the left of the picture making itangle giving the picture more depth than look like he is in control of the situation.just straight on. Again they are talking to the person that is The text on the screen is big enough to be going onto the spaceship, showing his seen and gives the audience little snippets of reaction to the plan. information at a time.
  9. 9. Again a low light scene and this is working A shot from about of rotators designed toto affect and add a sense of mystery to the stop people crossing, and the metal crushingproduct and with the prop light we get the together at a fast pace makes sure thesense that he is hiding but trying to find audience are gripped, with the low keysomething. Again it is a low angle shot lighting it makes the whole thing look grim.looking up to him.The next inter title is most likely to make the This shot is a high angle/ over the shoulderaudience go to watch this film because of shot of the cannons firing, and the low keythe fact that taken was a good film, and if lighting space makes you wonder what it ispeople liked the producers of that, then they firing at.are more likely to see this as well.
  10. 10. The explosion in the sky lights it up and adds This shot was shot normally but it was by themore depth to the trailer because most films fact that it had low key lighting and thereforehave some sort of explosion in them. it was made more interesting than just well lit. It is also shot when the camera has been lower to the floor and not just head height.The shot of the motorbike is also fast paced The explosion is also most likely to make theand shot at a low angle for better effect of audience jump and therefore grab theirhow fast he is going. There is also the fact attention, it also looks a lot better because it isthat it is shot at night therefore it looks shot in low key lighting.faster.
  11. 11. This is again a fast paced scene and has low Showing the title at the end will make sure key lighting involved, it is also a high angled that the film is remembered by the viewers, shot looking down on him falling, again because if it was at the beginning then they adding to the tension. could have forgotten it when they get home.Then by adding a little bit of comedy at the By showing the date at the end it also meansend it will make the viewers laugh, and are that the viewers if they liked it canmore likely to think that even though it’s a remember it and watch it when it isserious film you can still have a bit of laughter released.in it.
  12. 12. In conclusion to the analysis I believe this to be a good trailer because of the fact thatit is fast paced action and from the trailer it doesnt’t look slow and boring, it keepsthe audience gripped with these fast scenes and uses the inter titles well and informsthe audience well. It evens adds a little bit of humor to it to make them laugh andremember the trailer.
  13. 13. Poster Analysis The next thing would be the slogan as it is again light onThe main thing that you are dark and is quite big as well.drawn to first is the ex-convictin the middle because it is darkon a light background. The background is good as well because it is big enough for people to see and the ship in detail, with the ex-convict on the ship.The next thing that you aredrawn to is the title of the filmbecause of the fact that it is alight colour on a darkbackground and is big as well. The next that people want to know is who is acting in it and this may therefore make them interested in going to watch it.
  14. 14. Magazine AnalysisThe title Empire also standsout because of it being in redon a light background. The main image is the first thing that stands out and will grab the readers attention. The main USP will be the movies that it is on about under the block buster issue, this is what people will also want to read about when buying this issue.The anchorage text alsostands out on thebackground and thereforewill be also read within a fewseconds as well.