Man on a ledge


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Man on a ledge

  1. 1. Analyzing Man on a Ledge
  2. 2. This is the beginning shot of the trailer, it This is a birds eye shot from the mainis a distance shot(establishing shot) building that will be involved in the film, atshowing where the main action will this point there is only non-diagetic soundhappen. This is also a high angle shot. of the soundtrack.This is a medium close up of the main This shot shows the the main charactercharacter in low key lighting making it still who we can see now from a medium shotmysterious to us as who it is. There is still getting out a window, this shot still hasnon-diagetic sound track as well. non-diagetic sound as the sound track.
  3. 3. This shot shows the man from a medium This is again a high angle shot of his feetclose up shot from what he is doing by and how close he is to the edge, and fromgetting out of the window, this is also a he we are getting diagetic sounds as wellhigh angle shot of him. from the street and cars going by.This is again a birds eye shot showing This shot is again medium close uphim on the ledge and the height he is at. featuring non-diagetic and diageticAgain the diagetic sounds carry on as sound, this is a quite a fast paced shotwell as the non-diagetic one. The scenes showing his reaction to being on thisare also quite fast paced as well at this ledge.point.
  4. 4. There is then this reaction shot from a This shot is a medium range shot , showingperson in the public, this is a birds eye shot still the womans reaction to the man andloking down on this person, this is also a wear he is standing. It is also a fast pacedfast paced shot and there is again diagetic shot, and the dialogue is diagetic as well.and non-diagetic sound.The company logo is shown at this stage This is another fast paced shot of policeshowing which company made this getting out of the van, this is a low anglefilm, this may make people watch this shot and there is diagetic sound of the citybecause they could have seen the films as well as non-diagetic of a news reporterbefore. talking .
  5. 5. This is a low angle shot of the news This shot is a low angle shot of thereporter, on this shot there is diagetic helicpter going to have a look, there is stillsound of her talking, this then carries on the non-diagetic sound of the newsfor a few further shots. This is also a fast reporter talking, this is a fast paced scenepaced shot. as well.There is then another birds eye view This shot is a medium close up and shows alooking down on what’s happening person getting out of a looking up to thebelow. ledge where the man is standing.
  6. 6. This is a high angle shot sowing where This next shot is a medium range shotagain he is on the ledge, this shot showing a fight, it is fast paced again andincludes non-diagetic and diagetic has diagetic as well as non-diageticsounds. Again this is a fast paced shot. dialogue in it.This shot is a high angle shot and must This shot is again a extreme close uphave been form a helicopter, the fast showing the face of the man running frompaced action matches the speed of the the police, at this point the only diageticcars. sound is around him but not from him.
  7. 7. This shot has the diagetic sound of the trains On this shot there is diagetic sound fromhorn as well as non-diagetic from the sound here talking to her team as well as non-effects, it is also a low angled shot that is fast diagetic from the soundtracks, it is also apaced. medium close up, again it is fast paced.This shot is a medium close up of the man This is a close up of the diamond that wasthat a diamond was stolen from, the sound stolen from the man in the previousfor this shot was non-diagetic, the sound shot, again the the conversation carries onfrom the woman talking previously. non-diagetically.
  8. 8. This shot is another birds eye view of the It then cuts to the shot of the police turningpeople down below from the height that up and the siren is the only diagetic soundhe is. There is only the non-diagetic in that shot, it is also a medium rangesound of the dialogue. Again the shot is shot, again fast paced.This shot is a high angle shot, but also It then cuts to a distant shot of the crowdmedium close up as well, the diagetic that is gathereing below.You can hear no-sound is him talking and thatis the only diagetic and diagetic sounds here from thesound. It is also a fast paced shot. cowd and the dialogue. Again it is another fast paced shot.
  9. 9. It then has a high angle shot of him still on This is a close up shot of him and his reactionthe ledge, this includes both diagetic and to him team on another building. Again its fastnon-diagetic sounds from the crowd and paced include diagetic of him talking and non-dialogue. It is also quite a long shot as well diagetic of his team fast.This shot is a medium shot showing a This is another birds eye shot of the man onconversation between the man on the the ledge, a high angle shot of him throwingledge and him including diagetic sound of money off the ledge. This is again a fast pacedthe conversation. scene including non-diagetic sound.
  10. 10. This is a reaction shot of the people below This is a long distance shot of the specialgrabbing the money there is diagetic sound of effects of the explosion over on the otherthe crowd cheering as well as the building. This shot is also low angle as well asconversation still going on. This shot is also a fast paced, again both diagetic and non-high angle shot as well. diagetic sounds are in their.In this shot the only diagetic sound is of the He then gets the news that his team arerope and nothing else, there is this low angle in, they show his reaction with a mediumshot/ birds eye shot as well, in this low light close up shot, still at a fast pace.area.
  11. 11. This inter title is the next thing to appear This is a sort of over the shoulder shot of theon the screen, they have used this well conversation she is trying to have, it is alsobecause this might make people want to at a slight low angle as well, thesee this if they have seen Transformers conversation starts diagetic but then goes toetc…. non-diagetic in the following shots.This shot is a panning shot as well as a It then carries on the conversation with thismedium shot, it also begins at an lowish low angle close up shot of him talking backangle as well. The shot is also fast paced to her. The conversation at this point haswith only the sound of the fire extinguisher turned back to it.
  12. 12. After the conversation that he has , it cuts There is then the shot of his teamto this shot, extreme close up of the man mate, it is a medium close up and thehe sees as responsible. Again it is a fast conversation is at this point diagetic, it ispaced shot. also fast paced.At this shot it is medium range and there is After that shot it cross cuts to this closediagetic noise from the computers up, there is diagetic dialogue from thisalarms, there is no dialogue but the man and non-diagetic from thebackground music carries on non- soundtracks.diagetically.
  13. 13. At this point there is again non-diagetic We have it then cutting to this shot of asound from the conversation with the man close up with diagetic text from this shot.on the ledge (Nick), but the shot is low Again they have gone for the fast pacedangle and very fast paced. shot.This is probably the fastest paced shots in This shot is over the negotiator showing athe trailer and includes non-diagetic sound mid range shot and diagetic sound of herfrom command. This shot is really an over talking, again it has very fast pace.the shoulder shot showing the policeabout to abseil.
  14. 14. This shot is a mid range shot of Nicks This is another shot of the ground withteams goal, and there is non-diagetic and all of the people round the building,diagetic sound of him talking to nick and again it is a birds eye view shot, fastfrom the soundtrack. Again fast paced paced with non-diagetic sound fromshot. Nick talking.This is a low angle shot of the helicopter This is a medium shot of Nick trying toat long distance trying to get a view of get a grip on the ledge, the non-diageticNick, it is fast paced as well as the non- music carries on, its fast paced and isdiagetic music also being fast paced at sort of a panning shot.this time as well.
  15. 15. This shot you see the police officers at a Again this is fast paced and the must ismedium close up at the camera , with the still on going with no dialogue in thisnon-diagetic music carries on, this shot is shot, and there is the low angle shot asvery short but fast paced again. he is jumping off the ledge. The music then hits its end note when this appears on screen, grabbing the audiences attention one last time, and then stops. The title is again animated like the Lawless trailer.