Analysis of seven
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Analysis of seven






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Analysis of seven Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Analyzing the Seven Trailer
  • 2. This shot we are introduced to one of the main This shot has low key lighting and shows the othercharacters, there is an added sense of mystery main characters reaction to the room he is in. thiswith the non-diagetic music and dark location. shot is quite a low angled shot and a close up. AgainThis is quite a long shot showing you part of the this shot is quite slow paced. It has non-diageticlocation he is at. voice over from a different shot as well.This is a fast paced shot as only on the screen for a This shot is an extreme close up and has a non-matter of seconds. And has non-diagetic sound on diagetic voice over on this shot. It looks also to befrom a sound track. from a low angle and fast paced as well.
  • 3. This shot is from mid range and has low key This shot is a close up of what a character islighting in it, with a non-diagetic voice over from doing, There is diagetic sound in this as well asanother scene. This shot also seems to be non-diagetic of the soundtrack. It is quite a slowpanning as well across the room. paced shot.This shot is quite fast and has a voice over in This shot is a medium range shot and shows theit, introducing the character. The shot is from a audience the location of this person, there is non-low angle and a mid close up. diagetic soundtrack and his voice is diagetic. Again the shot is fast paced.
  • 4. This shot is a medium range shot and features quite This is also a mid range panning shot with thehigh key lighting as well as the non-diagetic sound characters coming closer to the camera, and is fasttrack and diagetic of the conversation they are paced as well, in this shot there is again a voicehaving. This shot is panning with the conversation and over and this is helping to tell the quite fast paced.This text fills the entire screen and there is non- This shot is a close up of a characters foot, this isdiagetic sound in the background as well as it being shot in low key lighting and there is still a voicefast paced. over carrying on from a previous scene. This is again fast paced shot.
  • 5. This is a high angle shot of the cupboard that this This shot is very fast paced and panning as‘Killer’ has with tools in. This is a low key lighting well, there is a non-diagetic sound in theshot showing only a part of the cupboard. The background of someone screaming, but has novoice of the conversation from before carrying on. music, as well as no dialogue.There is also another non-diagetic soundtrackcarrying on in the background as well.This is a low angle moving shot of the other This is a low angle shot in a low light area todetective, in this shot there is no dialogue or create more suspense for the audience, there isdiagetic sounds, just another conversation again a diagetic of a conversation, this shot iscarrying over from a previous scene non- fast paced like most of the scenes as well.diagetically.
  • 6. This shot is of a discussion about the killer, this is a This shot is a panning shot and shows a discussionvery slow paced shot not like any other in this diagetically as well, this is a fast paced shot andtrailer, there is the diagetic sound of him talking carries on from the previous screen shot.with little noise in the background.This shot has low key lighting in it and is fast paced Then there is this shot of them having aas well, they also have diagetic sound of the door conversation, from mid range on thecracking open as well as a soundtrack in the camera, this scene is fairly low lit and againbackground. fast paced.
  • 7. This shot is fast paced and at a slightly high This shot is a fast paced shot with diagetic sound from theangle, this shot also features diagetic sound from cars tires screeching, as well as the soundtrack in thethe woman talking. background, this is also a panning shot of the cars stopping.This shot is from behind the person as he goes This is a high angled shot looking down on thistowards the press and has non-diagetic dialogue as person as he goes down the ladder, there is nowell as it being fast paced once more. diagetic sound only the soundtrack that is non- diagetic. It is also very fast paced matching the speed of his decent.
  • 8. This is the shot of the man that was going down This shot is kind of an inter title that has variousthe ladder falling at the end, this is fast paced words on it changing, representing the sevenhence the reason it is blury, with non-diagetic sins, the rate at which these are shown is also fastvoice over in the shot of a conversation again. and is big enough to see from a distance.This is again a very fast paced shot showing This shot is a mid close up and shows thewhat he might look like, as well as this there is actor in character while saying his name non-fast paced music in the background and as a diagetically. And again it is a fast paced shot.conversation from preious shots, both of whichare non-diagetic.
  • 9. It then has these two shots following that one with the actors in character as the non-diagetic voice over isplayed. Both shots have low key lighting and are medium close ups with also non-diagetic soundtrack in thebackground.It then cross fades to this shadow of the killer in a This is a low key lit shot of the two mainpuddle reflection, with the soundtrack still being characters talking diagetically, this shot is a lowplayed. This shot is again fast paced like most of the angle shot as well as being a close up of Morganothers. Freemans character with Brad Pitts in the background.
  • 10. There is then a big sound as this shot is shown to The sound track then strats to fade out as thisgrab the audiences attention, then the non- shot is shown slowly and then fades out itself.diagetic sound of the voice over repeating the There is no dialogue in this shot of the film.Then this is the last shot reveling it is comingsoon, this is again a quite slow paced shotreveling it is coming soon, as the soundtrackfinally fades out, like the shot to black.