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EB001 Tag Along SC

  1. 1. Tag AlongIntroIt can feel so nice to make plans with a group of friends. You might gettogether and decide that you‟re all going to go out to dinner together, or goto the movies. You feel included in the group, and like you really belong.Then maybe another friend comes up who wasn‟t part of the original group.He asks if he can join your plan. He wonders, would it be OK if he taggedalong?A tag on a piece of clothing at the store is the piece of paper hanging off theclothing that lists the price. A tag, in general, is hanging off something else.So when you tag along, you‟re joining on to a group. You weren‟t originallypart of the plan, and the group may or may not be happy to have you join.Story Line:Lily, the new intern, has her own set of friends. Find out who wants to tag alongwith her in this hanging out English lesson.DialogueJeff: Thanks for putting in the long hours, Lily. Usually it‟s just me here at the end of the day. It‟s great to have some company.Lily: No prob. I actually stopped working a long time ago. I‟m just killing time until my friends get here. We‟re going clubbing and I didn‟t have time to go home before, so…Jeff: Clubbing? You like dancing?Lily: Uh-huh.Jeff: Cool. Where are you guys going?Lily: Bang.Jeff: Bang. I‟ve heard about that place.Lily: Oh yeah, you know it?Jeff: I‟ve heard some good things about it. Sounds like a fun time.Lily: Their jello shots are good. They also have karaoke.
  2. 2. Jeff: I. Love. Karaoke.Lily: Really?Jeff: Do you guys mind if I tag along?Mason: Because you go out to clubs on weeknights all the time.Lily: You wouldn‟t know any of the friends I‟m going with, so…Jeff: No no no. I love meeting new people! Love it. Not even an issue.Lily: Hello?Mason: Dude, you gotta just leave it alone, bro. If she wanted you to come, she would invite you. Stop trying to invite yourself and tag along, man. It‟s not cool.Lily: OK, guys, see you tomorrow. I guess it‟s alright if you tag along, man.Jeff: Alright!Mason: Hats aren‟t for everyone, bro. I think she‟ll mind you tagging along a little less without this. Knock yourself out, kiddo.DiscussionJeff and Lily are both working late at the office. Actually, it turns out thatLily‟s not working. She‟s just hanging out and killing time until her friendsarrive. They‟re going to go out clubbing together.Jeff has a crush on Lily, so he wants to come out with her and her friends.He wants to come even more when he finds out that the club featureskaraoke. He loves karaoke, and he asks if he can tag along.Mason tells Jeff it‟s not a good idea. Lily has her own friends, and doesn‟tneed Jeff around. But Jeff can‟t leave it alone. He really wants to go out tothe club with Lily and her friends. Finally, she agrees.What do you do if you have plans with some friends and another friend wants totag along?Have you ever felt as if you were tagging along with a group?Grammar PointSecond ConditionalMason says to Jeff that if Lily wanted him to come to the club, she wouldinvite him. He uses the second conditional.The second conditional, (also sometimes called the “present unrealconditional”) is used to talk about a situation that is not real or is unlikely tooccur and has imagined consequences. In the example above, the pointMason is making is that Lily doesn‟t want Jeff to come along, so the situationhe‟s describing is not real.
  3. 3. The second conditional is formed with two clauses. The first clause consistsof If + subject + past tense verb, as in, “If she wanted you to comealong.” The second clause is formed with subject + would + verb, as in,“she would invite you.” So, all together, the sentence looks like this: “If shewanted you to come along, she would invite you.”Which is correct, “If I liked singing karaoke, I would sing „Born to Run,‟” or,“If I like singing karaoke, I would sing „Born to Run‟”?Quiz 1. Why is Lily staying late at the office? She‟s working. She wants to hang out with Jeff. She‟s waiting for her friends. She‟s practicing karaoke. 2. What is Bang? The name of a club. The name of a song. The name of a dance. Jeff‟s nickname. 3. What does Mason mean by “Hats aren‟t for everyone”? Jeff should wear a hat. Jeff shouldn‟t wear a hat. Mason wants Jeff‟s hat. Mason hates hats. 4. Which is NOT correct? Do you want to go out tonight? Do you want to go club tonight? Do you want to go clubbing tonight? Do you want to hang out tonight?
  4. 4. Lesson by English Baby: http://www.rong-chang.com/englishbaby.htmSee full lesson at:http://www.englishbaby.com/member/signup/ad3_20min_header