YMCA Six Sigma DMADV Storyboard


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Storyboard of a Project to implement a webpage allowing people needing partnership to get healthy to find that link, and people desiring to sponsor a person to get healty to engage in that sponsorship.

Dan Fullerton wrote storyboard, Betsy Lenahan championed project, YMCA employs Betsy, Nathan Amick teacher and programmer, David Amick programmer, David Cobb visionary, Lee Campe Lean Six Sigma Trainer and Black Belt consultant,
God author of salvation.

At this writing, it is unknown if this webpage, app, or Facebook plugin has been completed and made available to the public.

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YMCA Six Sigma DMADV Storyboard

  2. 2. DEFINE Who and Why• Why now? To coincide with social media drive launch of dissatisfaction of weight training alone.• Who is the customer? YMCA Metro Atlanta (specifically, marketing and fundraising arm).• What is the initial state? All fundraising means limited to off-line mailings and at YMCA.
  3. 3. DEFINE What• What are the deliverables? This is a Fundraising Project in nature. Therefore, the deliverable is increased dollar amount in fundraising compared to pre-social media centered fund-drives.• (An ancillary input for the deliverable will be a website plug in prototyped on the YMCA site that will allow individuals to make a profile then others to search and sponsor individuals.)
  4. 4. DEFINE When• What is the due date? This project will coincide with social media drive launch of dissatisfaction of weight training alone during first quarter, 2012.• Social media fundraising will continue beyond the initial prototype project, but will not be monitored as a part of this Six Sigma project.
  5. 5. MEASURE Metrics• Since fundraising’s main purpose is to increase funds, the primary metric is dollars raised via social media networking.• A secondary measure is number of persons donating.
  6. 6. MEASURE Notes some notes about group fundraising• The messaging of a group • In April 2007, group fundraising fundraising campaign and the list web sites generated $3 million in of perspective donors are ‘user generated’ donations through 8,602 campaigns. NOTE – This is in ONE• Offline equivalent to group MONTH ALONE, $3 million fundraising are child sponsorship dollars. and UNICEF Halloween boxes • To date, group fundraising is• Group fundraising goes by several responsible for $44 million dollars names in charitable giving. ▫ Person-to-person ▫ Network centric ▫ Collaborative • At last count, there were at least ▫ Peer-to-peer 19 services for implementing a ▫ Distributive group fundraising event or ▫ Grassroots strategy. ▫ Viral
  7. 7. MEASURE How• Dollar amount donated will be measured from back-end website database.• As well, number of donors (individual people) will be measured from back-end website database.• Each category will be measured in terms of percent to “successful” benchmark: $9,000 raised by 150 donors.
  8. 8. ANALYZE Benchmarks Benchmark Figures for Group Fundraising PlatformsBenchmark figures for group fundraising campaigns High Low BenchmarkAverage donation amount $55 $30 $43Average amount raised per campaign $3,230 $119 $692Average number of contributors 40 4 16Benchmark figures for “successful” group fundraising campaigns High Low BenchmarkAverage donation amount $149 $36 $57Average amount raised per campaign $11,393 $5,158 $9,018Average number of contributors 269 48 157
  9. 9. ANALYZE Specifics• Initial State = $0 dollars and 0 donors• Project developed by Dan Fullerton and programming team (internal to YMCA for progress data and external to YMCA for initial framework)• Resources are YMCA IT team and IT framework• Failure probability low as similar social fundraising websites already successful• Possible obstacle with donor records inaccessible for outside YMCA scrutiny
  10. 10. DESIGN Comparison
  11. 11. DESIGN OptionsFacebook Connections approach highest scoring option.
  12. 12. DESIGN DetailFunction / Functional Requirements Design Element DesignProcess RequirementsFind Donor Limited to persons (Facebook account) None (connections connected with individual are already part of on Facebook, or connected the account) with connectionsInform Must be able to interact Campaign Plug-in Trackback results ofDonor with Facebook features like to campaign (like/tell/…) initiator Place Donee Profile / Profile Module Database interface Searchable Donee ProfilesCapture Interface with Credit Card Campaign Plug-in SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0Donation accounting credit card “reader security page”Increase / “Pass to Likes” campaign Campaign Plug-in Access credit cardRepeat connections for matching Trackback to capture page forDonation donations likes/tell notifier database matching amount
  13. 13. DESIGN Detail
  14. 14. DESIGN Detail
  15. 15. DESIGN Detail
  16. 16. DESIGN Detail – Facebook Interface• Campaign success is usually closely associated to donors being sympathetic to the plight of the donee. The donation design structure utilizes this Facebook component that is built in as part of the friendship design.• Essentially, a plug-in that the donee initiates informs, and requests donations from those that are connected to him or her. The donation apparatus operates across that person’s friend network on Facebook, invisibly connecting to the donor record database at Atlanta Metro YMCA.
  17. 17. DESIGN Detail – Facebook Interface• Because it is already in Facebook, donors are offered the option of updating all of their connections too, wherein the plug-in would send, upon their approval, information to their connections, thus allowing an even wider network of “matching“ potential donors.
  18. 18. VERIFY Pilot• Pilot consists of 30-day program with Facebook plug in that tracks total number of donors and total amount donated to individual training program sponsorship (campaign).• Pilot begins upon first plug in download.
  19. 19. VERIFY Pilot Success• Dollar success is anything over $9001 (first $1 donation is dummy donation to test plug in ability to accept donations)• Number of donors success is anything over 151 donors (first donor is dummy donor to test plug in ability to accept donors)