Dan's state, repairs, and production


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Dan's state, repairs, and production

  1. 1. STATE OF THE QUALITY SYSTEM“A job is not worth doing unless it is worth doing well.” - Albert H. LuhrmanThe following describes how reliable the goods and services are that we provide, and how reliablywe provide them. More importantly, it details what exactly we are doing to continuously improveboth. This should decrease instruments sent to REPAIRS, lower PRODUCTION costs, andincrease VENDOR reliability.REPAIRS TABLE 1 – ALL CURRENTLY PRODUCED UNITSUNIT 12 MONTH AVG. % OF ALL AVG. UNITS % OF THIS % THIS MONTHLY PRODUCED RETURNED / INSTRUMENT INSTRUMENT PRODUCTION MONTH THIS RETURNED MANUFACTURED PERIOD OF ALL THAT ARE RETURNED RETURNED 313 1139 36 45 24 4.0 330 269 8 30 16 11.2 340 907 28 49 27 5.4 360 52 2 18 10 34.6 386 624 20 35 19 5.6 396 176 5 5 3 2.8 618 32 1 1 1 3.1Total 3199 100 184 100 5.8(A) PRODUCTION, RETURN, and WARRANTYInstrument Production was down a slight 2% in the last four months, yet the return percentagewas up 1.5%. 54% of repairs were covered under warranty (last period had 4% less covered bywarranty).(B) TuffTemp UNITS TABLE 2 – TUFFTEMP RETURNSUNIT 12 MONTH % OF ALL AVG. UNITS % THIS % THIS AVG. MONTHLY PRODUCED RETURNED / INSTRUMENT INSTRUMENT PRODUCTION MONTH RETURNED MANUFACTURED THIS OF ALL THAT ARE PERIOD RETURNED RETURNED 330 269 8 30 16 11.2 340 907 28 49 27 5.4 386 624 20 35 19 5.6 396 176 5 5 3 2.8The TuffTemp Line averaged 119 repairs per month, or 6.0% that are produced are returned - aslight increase of 1.6% from the TuffTemp return percentage of last period (again). Here’s why:330 - 10 per month average due to Corroded Boards (was 13 last period)340 - 16 per month average due to Corroded Boards (was 9 last period)386 - 32 per month average due to L11 (with 16 per month average due to “Bad Component”)396 - 3 per month average due to L11This period began noting difference between returns, and returns that were not working.
  2. 2. (C) SPECIFIC REPAIR ISSUESBurger King had complained of cable breaks on some of their probes. The returns due to cableproblems specifically from Burger King was reviewed and found to be statistically insignificant.Component L11 is the single biggest repair issue on the VersaTuff units. On average twenty386/396 units come back each month with this problem (2% that are made, come back with thisproblem). Component L11 is an inductor that goes out when the unit encounters a jolting shocksuch as being dropped onto a hard kitchen floor.(D) CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT for Repair SystemPlatinum cable redesign is in progress not economically possible because too little cable wouldbe ordered for Judd Wire to produce a run of new cable.Additional codes for the TuffTemp units have been added which have helped to denote difficultywith Component L11 on the VersaTuffs. Diagnosis and repair outlines specific to each instrumentcontinue being revised by Engineering.VENDOR PERFORMANCE“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” - Frank ZappaOn-time deliveries were 9 something… TABLE 4 – VENDOR ISSUESVendor Part Number and Problem(s) Date Corrective / Description Began Preventative Action(s)Axon Circuits PD5118 Untested Boards 4/2002 Shipped boards backDeMark PD0189-x Plastic too soft, 3/2002 Seeking new vendors All coiled cables pins coming out, burnt, wires coming outEastek PD1389-10 bad insert, 7/2001 No shipments with Type K Miniconn. wrong plates consistently all good inside partsNSM PD0250-34/41 Screw Boss too 2/2002 NSM to check openings 330/340 Housings wide to specific measurementStock PD2694-16 Wrong switch 8/2002 Sent back, got E-switchComponents replacements
  3. 3. PRODUCTION“Never confuse motion with action.” - Ben Franklin TABLE 3 – PRODUCTION SUCCESS DEPARTMENT AVERAGE PRODUCTION AVERAGE SUCCESS MONTHLY TREND SINCE MONTHLY TREND SINCE PRODUCTION LAST REPORT SUCCESS LAST REPORT (THIS 4 MOS.) (%) RATE (%) (%) PCB 3737 Up 2 70 Down 2 Instrument 3726 --- 97 --- Probe 11,724 Up 2 93 Up 4 Average N/A Up 2 90 Up 4The Success Rates are computed from work completed w/out reworks and rejects. The(A)verage Success Rates, (B)ig Issues, and (C)ontinuous Improvements for eachdepartment are summarized below.PCB(A) Average Monthly Production of PCBs is up slightly, success rate fairly steady. This is 4%below the annual success rate.(B) The biggest defects are still due to Solder Shorts and Solder Opens (20% of all boards madewere reworked due to this). 745 boards per month have solder short or solder open problemsduring build, and 3 more are returned each month with solder open. This will take an average of3 to 4 hours per month to repair.(C) A new solder screen printer machine (that will evenly disperse the solder layer) is scheduledfor purchase November 2002 (back from July of 2002). Engineering continues to work ondesigns with standard components and alternate manufacturers. Board design changes aremade when economically justifiable.INSTRUMENT LINE(A) In this reporting period, both production, and success rates, remained steady for instruments.(B) The largest problems in the instrument line were not exactly with the instrument line, but withthe instrument housings. The screw boss openings were too large, thus not allowing enoughsurface for the fasteners to bite.(C) Northern States Metals (the housings vendor) has specific dimensions now for the opening,and will inspect and hold that in the future.PROBE LINE(A) The production has increased by 2%, and the success rate has rose 4% percent.(B) Tubing pre-testing continues to pay off with less than 5% failure in sub-assemblies.(C) Engineering and Purchasing have smoothly transitioned to DeMark as the primary coiledcable vendor. The cables were having some problems with pins pushing in due to rubber thatwas too soft. The problem was rectified, and no consistent, substantial (over 5%) problems withthe Type K coiled cables have occurred.